Monday, February 9, 2015

Quick Update on Life!

It's been a while.....a long while since I blogged last! I feel like I have been going going going since December! Christmas was complete bust for us. We ALL had the flu that week. There was 5 vistis to patient first that week and a mad hunt for tamaflu for the kids. Christmas Eve was spent with a sick baby at the doctors and trying to get medicines straight with the pharmacy. I didn't even get home with dinner until 11:30pm. I didn't get to read Twas the Night Before Christmas, or have our anniversary champagne (Christmas Eve was 7 years married!). Cookies were thrown together while I was gone. We didn't really celebrate Christmas Day like I had wanted to, especially for the baby's first Christmas. We missed my family's Christmas and stayed in PJs pretty much the whole time. New Years I ended up with a sinus infection and two days later I am at the peditiricans with Emily for pink eye! Then last week I was home all week with Hailey and the stomach flu! We have had a rotten time this year! I feel like all the sickness has hit our house and we haven't gotten a break. Luckily no one else got the stomach bug! I am thankful for that!

And poor Emily has had one hell of a time with this band. She began it on January 23rd and has only worn it for the 23 hours one time. She wore it a weekend then was off for over a week. Put it back on last week and ended up having it off for another 5 days. This is day 2 back in it and we are still working up to a full day. She has been getting friction burns on her face really bad. They hurt me to look at them! Once that happens the band is off until it heals. Her doctors have been amazing and have been seeing her and calling to check on her, but again this has caused me to miss a lot of work with running her back and forth. The doctors office is an hour and a half up north! I will have to share more with that when I get my thoughts all straight!

I said good bye to my Jeep and traded it in for a used GMC Acadia Denali. I am loving it, but it was a hard change to make! I def can get used to all the options it has and space for the girls! Plus it's been nice not having to climb up into the Jeep or lift the girls into it. But I still miss my Jeep!

My house is a complete disaster. I have not been able to get a handle on it yet! I seriously need to buckle down because this is not okay and it drives me nuts! Yesterday's goal was to clean, but I spent most of the day getting my coupons organized and looking for stuff that I had misplaced. One of these being my target red card! GASP! Luckily I did find it, but rumaging did not help my mess at all. I am going to try to get some stuff done this week in the evenings! It's just so hard to find the time and not easy with a baby who doesn't like to be put down.

So this has pretty much been where I have been. I feel so disorganized! I have a new calander with nothing written down in it, yet so much I need to write down and do. My anxiety has been off the wall lately and I think it's been because we have been so disorganized and crazy. I think I really need a vacation some where! Like somewhere warm! With a fruity frozen drink! Yeah, I will have to keep dreaming about that!

Happy Monday and I hope you will be hearing from me much more soon!