Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying so what to......

My house is a disaster! We are moving so I finally have an excuse!

I am not all packed up, I will get it done just in time like I always do!

I HATE my online study group for my class, atleast I don't have to do the work alone!

I was late to EVERYTHING yesterday, I still got to each place safely!

I don't want to move anymore, it's just a change in scenery which may be just the thing I need!

I gained all  my weight back, I like to eat when I am stressed and boy am I stressed, I'll get back to dieting once we move, in the mean time yummy sweets will comfort me.

My walking cast sounds like a sqeaker toy when I walk, atleast it protects my foot that I shouldn't have been walking on since May, but atleast we have an answer now to my pain!

I am supposed to be working at the moment, I don't smoke so I am taking my blog break!

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  1. I love the blog break. I take those. As far ad the dieting thing. I had lost a lot of weight in preparation for my wedding but in the last 3 months I have stressed and ate and gained all of it back plus 3. Hang in there you will get back on track, I am attempting to.

    I am a new follower.

    1. Thank you so much! I got so excited when I saw my follower count had made it to 4! Wahoo! You made my day! (Can you tell I am new at this! haha)

      Thank you for your message! I worked soooo hard to lose 40 pounds last year and now I have gained it all plus 1 pound back in the matter of 6 months! Boooo! But it is nice to know that I am not alone! I wish you the best of luck at getting back on track. Once I get this move over, I really hope to! Go us!

  2. Awesome post and great link up! Love your so what's

    1. Thanks! You've taught me everything I know! haha

  3. hahahaha about the blog break! I always say I'm taking a smoke break and just go stand outside ;) I do though take a few coffee breaks for DD runs {so what!}