Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Things on Tuesdays!

1. It has been rainy for the past couple days, but I heard that maybe the sun will peak out today! I also heard we won't see the sun until Thursday so I am not sure which one to believe! All I know is that my poor neglected plants are probably loving all the water!
2. I finally finished my book for my case study and I got all 10 pages typed up last night. I was pretty proud of the final report. Hopefully my teacher will also think the same when she is grading me.
3. I have been feeling down this week. I just have so much on my mind and kind of a heavy heart about some things.
4. I have a Scentsy event this week on Thursday night. I am kind of excited and hopefully people show up. It's working with a real estate agency in one of the model house open houses. We shall see!
5. This weekend was busy, but turned out very well! The house is finally clean, including Hailey's room! Plus the company over the weekend provided a lot of laughs and good times! My parents even made their first trip all the way Egypt to visit me! Ps: I don't live in Egypt, but that's how people like to view the distance. :)
6. My birthday is coming! I can't help but get smile as I type that!
7. I have 2 weeks left of school and believe me it isn't going to be easy with the amount of final projects and the level of difficulty of them! I hopefully will manage my time so that nothing will be last minute! Haha wishful thinking!
8. My sink is clean! This doesn't seem like anything special to some, but the amount of weeks I made mention about the never ending dishes that were piled in my sink on this post and my So What! posts, it's a huge accomplishment!
9. All of Hailey's clothes are washed, well except for yesterdays outfit! Get this, they are even folded and put away! Again another minor thing, but a huge accomplishment for me!
10. I am hoping that I can take some deep breathes, relax and begin to feel better about things. I really hate dealing with this anxiety and I hate taking medication to deal with it on days like today. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Balancing out Hormones- Easier said than done!

So ovarian cysts are nothing new to me. I have gotten them since I was about 17 years old. They used to usually include a visit to the ER because of the pain and then they would find a cyst on my ovaries and send me home. If you have every had one, you know they can be extremely painful. They range in all different sizes. If they get big enough they will go in and remove them. Mine have always been smaller, but it still included the intense pains that go with them. For probably the past 3 years I have had them really bad, to the point that I have a constant pressure in my left pelvic area and then sometimes sharp pains out of no where. They can be sharp, sudden, and go away fast or they can linger which results in me laying in bed curled in a ball crying. After my "woman yearly exam" this year, my new doctor decided to do a thorough sonogram of my ovaries. The results were both ovaries have cysts and my left one is full of them and also has a good amount of scar tissue in it, which is why that side is much more painful. The recommendation was birth control to help regulate things a little bit better.

I had an appointment last week, and I brought up the that I wanted to start trying for a baby this fall. I told her that I was working on losing weight to make the pregnancy easier. She informed me that my hormones are very much imbalanced (which is a cause behind the chronic cysts) and if I want to have a baby she said that I would have to get my body ready for it beyond just losing weight. She said that there is a good chance I will struggle with getting pregnant since my hormones are imbalanced and she also said that if I don't prepare my body then the pregnancy was going to be very hard on my body and health. I kind of was taken back by the whole conversation and left the office feeling kind of lost. I have been trying to do everything right with planning another baby. I've been trying to get healthier. I am working on my debt so money won't be such a struggle one day. I will be out of school so I wont have the extra stress of that. Hopefully my other house will be sold by then and that will be a huge relief. I was really looking forward to this fall being a perfect time to start trying and planning. Now I felt as though I hit a huge bump in the road.

I have spent many sleepless nights reading about hormone imbalances and ways that you can help get them back to functioning correctly. I have been reading a lot of positive things about this book called "The Hormone Diet" which is a 2 week detox and a 4 week plan to help get everything back to functioning normal. I bought the book last night on my iPad and started reading it. I could relate to a lot of the symptoms that are talked about in the book. It's not really an exact diet plan, but more of a "you can eat this" and "you can't eat any of that" type plan, it's based off of clean eating and the mederteranian diet plan for health. I think the plan is called the glyca-med plan. Its a big book with lots of medical terms (good think I took anatomy!) but, I am going to continue reading it and give it a try! I have read a lot of reviews and there is a ton of positive things from people of all ages and with all different medical issues. So hopefully this will be what I need to help balance out these hormones.
Plus if it helps me drop a little weight in the process, I won't complain!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon at "L.A.I.D" for another round of "So What! Wednesday!"
This week I am saying SO WHAT to:
  • That I gained a little this week, it happens!

  • That I have eaten two cartons of tomatoes in two days. Mmmmm

  • That I spend a lot of time "shopping" online and adding stuff to my cart, but never buy anything. It's kind of like window shopping and wishful thinking in one!

  • That I don't get paid until Friday and as of Friday afternoon I will be broke again!

  • That we were told at work that before we interview another person for a job, that we will have some practice interviews to learn what we should and should not be doing. Apparently 3 out of 5 candidates for the boss position thought we were hostile. Ha!

  • That I have a really bad headache! I think after this post I am going to go downstairs and get a bagel and coffee. Maybe I'm hungry and then the caffeine will help! (Sounds like a great excuse to get a bagel and coffee to me!)

  • I realized Monday night that I hadn't talked to Kenny in almost 48 hours. We weren't mad at each other or anything! He went to bed at like 11pm on Saturday was up and out to work at 4am then didn't get home until 1:30am on Monday and then I was up and out at 5am for work and of course he was at work when I got home. I mean we always say goodbye to each other, but besides that neither of us had called one another and he just doesn't do the whole texting thing usually. As you can tell we are strong communicators! Ha!

  • I have a ton of cleaning to do! And last night I didn't do anything on my list! I will get to it when I am ready I guess!

Weighing in Wednesday-Week 16

This week's weight loss:
womp womp
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:

Thoughts for the week:

Like I have been telling Hailey lately each time she gets upset because she loses a game, you win some and you lose some. And I think that goes with weight loss too. I am not going to lie, I was almost in tears when I saw the gain, but it happens and now I just need to move forward.

Two things I think messed me up this week. One being that I haven't tracked since Friday. I haven't over indulged or anything like that, I just have been so stressed with school that everytime I am on the computer I am working on my schoolwork. Secondly, my monthly friend should be here either today or tomorrow, so some of this might be water weight.

This week I am going to track everything and move on from there. Hopefully next week I will be back on track with weight loss! It would be nice to get to 20lbs gone by my birthday, but thats going to be a long stretch.

Have a great week!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. I am super tired today. I got up when my alarm went off and just wasn't feeling to good. So I started getting ready then decided I was going to stay home. I climbed back in bed and closed my eyes, then I decided I needed to get up and go in today. So needless to say, I am at work.

2. Hailey scored her first goal this past Saturday! She was so excited and we couldn't have been more excited for her!

3. I have a problem with tomatoes. Like maybe an addiction or something! I always sit and eat a whole carton in one sitting! I just love them! Food Lion had them on sale for a really good price. Guess who stocked up on them?!? Mmmmmm tomatoes!

4. May is right around the corner and I am very excited! Might I mention it will be my birthday and also I will be graduating from college!

5. I made lemonade out of a one of those frozen Minute maid cans, well it was FoodLions brand so it was probably called like 60 Seconds Maid or something like that, anyways that was my first time doing that and it was delicious! I have been crazing some good tart lemonade!

6. I am not sure how I am going to do on my weigh in tomorrow. I haven't tracked the past few days. I am not sure what happened. It's not like I overate like crazy or anything, but I just forgot to write it all down. Hopefully it won't be a gain!

7. I did a MUCH NEEDED refrigerator clean out last night! I am pretty proud of myself!

8. After I did that I then washed all the dirty containers. In fact before I went to bed I emptied out the dishwasher, put all the containers away, then reloaded. Guess who has been having a clean sink these past few weeks, this chic!

9. Hailey has soccer at 10:30 on Saturday. Saturday is also Kenny's truck groups big spring bonfire meet at our house. He wont be able to go to soccer since he will have people getting there early. After soccer I was supposed to take her to my Mom's, which is an hour and a half away, and then I am supposed to hurry back home so I can help entertain. Well Hailey brought home a Birthday invitation for this Saturday and she really wants to go! So now we are going to do soccer at 10:30, go to Chris' birthday party a little late since it starts at 11:00. Then once we leave that head to my moms. It will be one busy morning for sure!

10. The Birthday party we are going to.......yeah that is one crazy mom! She has 6 children and she is doing all of their Birthday parties in one day at her house. Chris is the youngest and starts at 11am, then she has one starting at 1, 3, 5, 7, and her oldest party starts at 9pm. She said she expects that at times there will be over 100 people at her house while the parties are ending and one is beginning. Crazy! CRAZY!
Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WW: My Silly Girl!

So after I fixed her hair the other night so it would be nice for picture day, Hailey decided she wanted to practice having her picture taken. So here are some of her modeling shots from the other night.

She is so silly, I was laughing so hard at all her faces, believe me she would have had me there all night making faces and posing!
I love that little girl more than she will ever know!
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Weighing in Wednesday- Week 15

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

This week was an odd week and I really didn't expect to see a loss, but believe me I was HAPPY I did!

I am hoping that this week will go a little bit better stress wise and I will be able to stick to the plan better. I also didn't go to the gym last week, BUT I do have my clothes packed so I plan on going today, tomorrow, and Friday! That's one thing I really need to follow through with!

Have a great week!

PS: I need to think of something better to do for my weigh in post. I got tired of writing the same stuff over and over. Maybe I will just stick with writing some thoughts of the week!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. It rained really hard Friday and some how the the basement started flooding. After days of using a dehumidifier and a fan, the carpet in that area is still not dry. Kenny pulled it up to help it dry, but he said earlier that he thinks it's ruined and is going to remove that area. Boo!

2. My performance review for my job for the year is today! I am actually really nervous about it, especially after the way it went last year.

3. I woke up with an ear ache and a sore throat on one side. What is up with that? Maybe it's allergies?

4. I did my grocery shopping last night and I am so glad that's out of the way. That's one of my least favorite things to do! I am also excited about the pineapple I have waiting for me to cut! Yummmm!

5. Today is Spring picture day. I laid out Hailey's clothes so I know the outfit is okay, but I hope Kenny helped her with her hair. If she wants anything done with her hair, instead of it just down and straight, I have to do it at night so Kenny can have a guide while he straightens it up in the morning. He won't do anything with her hair in the mornings besides brush it if I don't!

6. Hailey really loved soccer this past weekend. The closer it got to the first practice/game the more nervous she seemed to get. I was so happy she got right out there and it pretty much came naturally. She even had the ball a couple times! The parents were pretty great too! We were all cheering for the kids. This was pretty much all of their first time playing soccer so they really liked having fans in the crowd! Note to self....bring chairs!

7. I woke up at 3 this morning and was not able to go back to sleep. Now I am starting to get very very sleepy. Luckily I have a huge iced coffee to chug!

8. My book finally came! I had no clue it was 500 pages! I need to get to reading ASAP!

9. We went to an Earth Day fair this past weekend. It was really nice outside and it was huge. It was cool walking around looking at everything and they had a ton of stuff for Hailey to do! She came home with a kite, a bird feeder she made, a couple different flowers that she planted. It was a lot of fun, it was free, and we did it as a family. It was a really nice day!

10. I'm hooked on that show Bates Motel. It is very odd and kind of confusing at times, but I can't help but want to watch more! I finally caught up last night while a marathon was on before the new episode. Such a weird show!

Soccer Started!

Practice dribbling

And the game begins!

End of the game huddle!

Snack time!

My little #8!

PS: It must of been exciting for both of us since I came right home, uploaded, and cropped the pictures to post! I still have Halloween and Fall pictures still not uploaded! :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letters!

Dear Spring, You are finally here and pretty much are acting like summer, which I am okay with! We have had most of the week full of warm weather, nice breezes and much sun! I love it! Dear Flowers, I am excited to see what is planted and is starting to pop up! We moved in at the end in the late summer/early fall and I can't remember what was planted already. It has been a nice surprise seeing all the spring flowers poping up around the yard! Dear Hailey, I am glad you loved your field trip yesterday! I have never seen a play so you are one above me! Dear Hubby, I am excited for your new schedule to start! It will be nice to see you an extra day! PS: I've already scheduled parent conferences so you can attend! Dear Soccer, Tomorrow is the big day! Please be nice to Hailey and let her have lots of fun and no injuries please! Dear Scentsy, You have some promising leads going on! Hopefully we can pick up the extra business! Dear Amazon Seller, I would really really realllllly like you to send my book. I have two weeks to read the entire thing and do a huge case study on it. It's pretty I can't graduate with out it! So hurry! Dear Self, Stop beating yourself up! You know in your heart that you mean well with everything you do. Keep your chin up and give yourself more credit. Dear Weekend, Thank you so much for finally getting here!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 14


This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
 Adding the extra exercise and also really tracking every bite. Once I track in the evenings I know if I can have a snack with Hailey before bed or if I should just hold off.
What didn't work for me:
 Still haven't been able to get into the habit of drinking enough water! I really need to work on that!

 A non scale victory for me this past week:
Only eating two cookies in the evening! My mom sent home a dozen cookies that her and Hailey baked. So each night we sit together with a glass of milk and we each get two cookies. Sometimes it's really hard to close that bag!

 My goals for this week:

Work out at least three times a week, budget my points better and use them on healthier foods, and drink water! Lots and LOTS of water! (I'll just keep this goal again!)

See you next week!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten Things On Tuesday!!!

1. I gardened is now Tuesday and my legs are still sore! Yesterday I waddled around while my butt, thighs, and calves ached as though I had done a really hard leg workout! I like feeling sore because it makes me feel like I worked out, but normally I aim for that feeling after the gym and not after a Sunday in the yard!
2. Soccer starts this Saturday and as of last night we are officially ready! I can't get over how cute and super tiny her little cleats and shin guards are! Now that she has the gear she is super excited!
3. I realized on the way to work today that I don't have much going on this weekend! I am kind of excited! Maybe I can get some more yard work done and work on the basement and cleaning!
4. I haven't been to curves this week and didn't pack forgot my clothes for today! That means I have a date there every night this week. If not I will be heading there early on Saturday morning before soccer! I made a 3 day a week commitment! I have to follow through!
5. My magic bullet blender bit the dust yesterday! The blade attachment broke! Luckily I have another whole set as back up! I was back to smoothie making this morning!
6. I am not sure how weigh in will go tomorrow! I have been tracking everything and haven't gone over my points. Plus my extra activity should hopefully of helped! But I guess we will see tomorrow! I didn't even peak today!
7. I have a vendor fair in my building tomorrow and I am setting up my Scentsy! Hopefully someone will send me good vibes on selling lots and lots of stuff! I dropped off some books at the bowling alley the other day on our way out! Hopefully somewhere a long the way I will get a party to host!
8. Hailey's kindergarten field trip is Thursday! They are going to a theater and watching My Secret Garden. They are supposed to dress up. It's a play and lunch! Hopefully she will be excited! I have been keeping the details a secret! I wanted her to get really excited when Mrs. Durham tells the class and explains it.
9. I had a friend delete me off of Facebook and Instagram because I did not get out of the car and give HIM a hug. To be honest, I didn't feel like getting out of the car at the busy WaWa parking lot, I offered the "through the window" hug, but he didn't want that. This is one of my good friends that I have talked to almost everyday for the past 2 years. I figured it would blow over, but we haven't talked in about 3 weeks and last week I got the boot from his social media. Oh well, I really don't have time for pettiness and this seems like a constant for this person. Sucks losing a friend over something silly!
10. My project for last night and tonight is "Create Front Door Wreath"! I am curious how it will turn out. I have been looking for a couple months for ideas and finally decided to go ahead and do something. I have it over half way done, I just need to finish some painting tonight. If it turns out good, then I will share. If not, maybe it will become a wreath for my bathroom door! Ha!
So these are my ten things this beautiful Tuesday! What are your 10 things you would like to share?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

So it's finally here! The moment we have all been waiting for...........SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

I have made mention about working on the flower beds and not knowing what to do! This is our first spring in this house and I really would like to make the yard look nice! Sunday is was supposed be 70 degrees and Sunday so I figured that would be a perfect time to start! I made a trip to Lowes on Saturday and picked up everything we needed!

Ever since we moved into the our old house, I have always wanted to plant flowers around the mailbox and make it look nice. The problem there was that our mailboxes were grouped together and Kenny said that was a no go in that are. Our mailbox at this house sits by it's self. Let me tell you about this mailbox a little. It was there when we moved in. It was nasty and had black all over it and rust. Even the post looked like it had mildew on it. I had planned on painting it, but after going out there yesterday and working for over an hour putting some scrubbing into action. I was able to get it looking brand new again! I also scrapped off all the nasty old letters and cut myself some new one! So no spray paint was needed! I also bought some little pavers at Lowes and made a little circle that kind of matches the one in the middle of the yard. I then planted and mulched a new little flower bed in the circle! I am sooooo excited and pleased with it. Not to mention proud of my hard work! Like I mentioned before, I am not a green thumb at all!

Now the next section I worked on was this odd little circlish things in the yard. It's kind of more an oval I guess. There didn't appear to be anything planted in it. And when I got digging there seemed to be about 4" of old mulch and then black plastic underneath. So I am thinking that someone just mulched over it and called it a day. For this one I picked perennials plants and flowers that will come back all year long. I also picked spring and summer bloomers so we will have flowers all summer long there. And in the middle I put some fountain grass which will bush out and become taller and more of a center piece! In order to garden this one, I had to first rake out a lot of old mulch. I then tried to straighten up some of the brick things that were out of place. Once I planted everything, then I mulched it again with some new fresh mulch! I can't wait to see it once things really start growing! And I am excited that all these will come back year after year! I will just have to freshen things up and trim the grass up!
So here is the before......

And here is the after!

Not only was it warm out, but it was sunny! My cheeks go a little touch of color on them and I have the start of a flip flop tan! Wahoo! Most this week is supposed to be beautiful and in the 70's and 80's! So I think it is official! Spring is here to stay!

My next project will be figuring out those crazy flower beds by the house! What a random mess! Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Truths About Me!

I was tagged by Sarah to share some self truths! I thought long and hard about something that people normally don't know about me! I am pretty much an open book and tell people everything at one point or another. I was able to come up with a couple things that maybe I mentioned!

Truth 1: I have never flown and I secretly am scared to fly. I am afraid the plane will crash. I know it's more likely for me to die in a car accident than in a plane crash, but something about falling from the sky scares me the most!

Truth 2: I stutter when I get nervous when I talk to someone. It's not really bad, and maybe they don't notice it, but I do! Especially if it's someone who intimidates me or a really cute guy! Ahhh!

Truth 3: I've never been to the West Coast, maybe this has to do with my first truth!

Truth 4: Bugs don't really bother me. I can deal with spiders and other bugs (I usually make hubby deal with them for me), but one thing I can NOT stand is roaches and crickets! Ahhhhh they give me cold chills! In fact I have them as I am typing this right now! And since moving to VA, I now have added a third thing to the list......SPIDER CRICKETS! and we have them in the house sometimes! They freak me out!

Truth 5: I'm allergic to mango, not to the point that my throat swells up or anything serious, but I get really itchy and get red bumps all ready. I have found that a lot of tropical stuff, like shaving creams and lotions, also have began bothering me. They normally say "fruit extract", but the itching makes me wonder if they have traces of mango in them.

Truth 6: My memory is like a sponge! I retain a lot of information without even knowing it. Something will come up and I will know the answer and have to remember how I had come up with that. I also know lyrics to songs with listening just once and I don't have to be really even listening to it. Ha! I amaze myself sometimes because other stuff I try so hard to remember goes in one ear and right out the other!

Truth 7: I really want another baby, but I am so scared of becoming a family of four. I don't know if it is because I am worried what people will say and how negative they will be, or that I am content with the way things are. My whole heart wants another one and for Hailey to have a sibling, but my head is constantly asking if we can afford it and if it is a good decision.

Truth 8: I spend a lot of time trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, yet it seems so far away from ever reaching because I need so much more schooling and honestly I don't know if I am smart enough to get into these graduate education courses.

So those are some of my self truths! Now I'm tagging  Heather, Kaley, and Mandy, and would love to learn something new about them!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wenesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon at "L.A.I.D" for another round of "So What! Wednesday!"
This week I am saying SO WHAT to:
  • The fact I can barely keep my eyes open sitting here this morning at work. I really want to be in my nice, warm, comfy bed. But I guess I will settle for this cold office and hard chair.
  • Hailey choose to go to Grammy's house an extra day instead of coming to work with me this morning. But do you blame her? Who wants to get up at 4:30am and sit in a stuffy building all day?!? Plus with not bringing her, I didn't have to drive to work, I got to ride the vanpool.
  • We have no food in the house and I had good intentions on stopping at Foodlion on my way home, but I left some coupons at home, so I am going to have to wait until tomorrow! I'm not paying full price when I could save an extra $2!
  • My dishes are FINALLY clean and all done! Now I am super anal about them! Plus is it silly to be so proud of an empty sink when that's how it is supposed to be anyway?!?
  • I was supposed to clean on my days off Monday and Tuesday, but instead I did nothing really. Now I am supposed to clean tonight and tomorrow.......we will see how well that goes!
  • I have a birthday party in a couple weeks and all the good gifts are taken! I mean come on, it's three weeks away! It's not like I waited last minute! Now I will get stuck buying the lame gifts this year haha.
  • Kenny asked if we had plans this weekend and before I could answer he said "to bad if we do, you guys want to come over on Saturday?" and he invited both brothers and their girl friends over. But believe me, he won't be the one helping clean anything. Luckily, besides a birthday party on Saturday morning that I knew he wasn't going to, we had nothing. Grrrr men!
  • Speaking of hubby, he FINALLY took down the Christmas lights yesterday. Now I don't have to see those stupid gutter clips every time I look at the house. Better late then never I guess! PS: I've mentioned it every weekend since Christmas!
I just realized I need a vacation NOW! Somewhere warm and sunny! These are the things I am saying "So What!" to, what are you saying it to this week?!

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 13

This week's weight loss:

Whomp whomp!
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
 What worked for me this week:
Well, as you can see it was a gain this week. So apparently nothing worked for me this time. I guess it could of been a bigger gain if I had of plain given up, but I didn't. I tracked every bite even when I was over my points.
What didn't work for me:
 The fact we went to two different BIG Easter meals and I had food and dessert at both! I let myself go Sunday!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
Getting back into working out. I have gone twice this week already and have my gym clothes packed for today. I am supposed to devote at least three days a week to working out so I am hoping I can do that, and maybe an extra day or two on top of that!

My goals for this week:

Work out at least three times a week, budget my points better and use them on healthier foods, and drink water! Lots and LOTS of water!

See you next week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ten things on Tuesday!

1. I have been off the past two days and can not express to you how much I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW!!! Think anyone will notice I'm not back?!?

2. I quit the YMCA, one because I only have a membership to get a discount on Hailey's after care. Basically the Y membership was the same price that I was saving on the aftercare, but basically I screwed myself with taxes because I couldn't claim the extra amount that I was still paying but putting towards the membership dues. And secondly it was 30 minutes away and I just never made time to get there. You figure that's an hour in just traveling would put us home after like 8pm on a school night.

3. I started Curves gym again. Now that my commute saves time, I can budget the 30 minutes for a curves routine and its on the way to pick up Hailey. I used to go before Hailey was born every single day, then when I had her and it didn't have a daycare I had to quit. I'm glad to be back! And no enrollment and its cheaper then the extra I was spending at the Y. I've been twice this week already!

4. I need to figure out what I'm going to plant in my yard! It's prime time for spring planting, or so I've been told!

5. Kenny FINALLY took down the Christmas lights today. He did it while I was at the gym. I noticed that those bright white gutter clips were missing as soon as I pulled in the drive way.

6. Hailey is gone for 3 whole nights and four days. She was supposed to go to work with me tomorrow but decided Grammy's house was cooler. Sheesh!

7. Hailey starts soccer on the 13th. I just heard from the coach tonight. She needs black shorts and black socks. Her shirt will be provided and will be light blue and she is a Colombian! I'm so excited for her!

8. I finally got a Bud Lime Margarita drink that filled my FB and Instagram feeds this weekend! It in the refrigerator getting nice and cold for tomorrow!

9. Tomorrow is weigh in and I feel like I gained. I have a feeling Ill be up most the night worrying about it! It is what it is, lets just say Easter was too yummy to resist.

10. Book club meeting is Sunday and I'm not even half way through. Sounds like I have some catching up to do!