Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Our Easter is almost over! We got in the spirit with dying eggs last night. The Easter bunny came late last night filling baskets and even leaving a special treat for Pixie and Rosie! Our day was spent with lots of family and lots of food! We made an appearance at three different family events. Needless to say it was very busy and we are all tired, but it was a great day!

Hope your Easter was just as great!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Letters!

Dear Self, You really need to stop worrying and stressing over things. You are giving yourself anxiety and keeping yourself awake at night. These things are out of your control so you just need to go with the flow. Easier said then done right?!
 Dear Hailey, I know you are super excited for Easter, I hope I.....I mean the Easter Bunny doesn't disappoint.
Dear Hubby, please please pleaseeeee take the trash and recycling to the dump! It's been weeks and those boxes are driving me nuts!
Dear Target, I am making my final attempt today to find the Furreal Pony for Hailey's Easter basket. Please have it! Last night you let me down once again!
Dear School, Why did you have to have so much work due this weekend? I mean, come on, can't you see it's a holiday weekend! A 10 page paper due tomorrow night and an exam due Sunday is not nice at all!
Dear People, There's a lot of things I am tired of, point blank, people suck even ones I thought were better than that.
Dear VA House, I hope to give you a good clean and work on the basement while I'm off on Tuesday. Please help me along! Maybe clean a little yourself! Wouldn't that be nice?!?
Dear MD House, I am coming to sign papers again for the bank today. Hopefully it will be smooth rolling from here. I want you gone! G.O.N.E! Please let this be a sign that we are heading in the right direction.
Dear Weekend, I have waited forever for you to get here, now please take your time!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am just ME!

You might be wondering who am I? Well that's a great question! Sometimes I ask myself the same thing! Well I will tell you exactly who I am!

I am just ME!

I have never really been that popular, but I have been friends with a lot of people. There is only a few true that I care about and everything in the world around us can change, but as long as I have them, then that's all that matters! They can fit in the palm of my hand, but that's all I really need!

My favorite color is pink! I love bright and loud colors! especially hot pinkmand lime green! Which is super funny since I hated pink until about 11th grade. My closet was completely black and navy blue. Mainly band shirts or skater type shirts.

I have always been on the girly side of things, but I have always had a wild side to me! I had/still have an electric guitar, that I had actually had gotten okay at playing.  A couple of my friends and I started a "rock band", but all we did was goof around and I don't think there was ever any plans of being anything good. I decided I wanted to ride bmx, but I am not very coordinated so that ended with a lot of falls and bruises! I have always been into cars and trucks! All throughout high school I never missed an import car show or a parking lot hang out! I have had my small share of lowered vehicles with performance work done to them. Iknow ALOT about them too! Probably more than some guys out there! I spend a lot of time on Jeep and car enthusiast forums!

I have always been into makeup and my hair! I literally have had it every color you could imagine! I used to do the bleach blond with bright red underneath, then I started doing black underneath. I have had red hair, auburn color hair, brown hair, and black hair! I have all color highlights, even pink! I get bored with it most of the time so I will do something out of the ordinary, but usually it goes back to blonde! My real hair color is really dark brown! Just check my roots in a couple weeks! And don't even get me started on the makeup! I have a ton and always have a huge wishlist of more! I love bright, dramatic, and shimmery!

I've always been in love with stars! I also love polka dots, bows, keys and lockets, and frog stuff! Plus pretty much anything cutesy. I am a huge tinker bell and hello kitty fan!

I can be a real mess at times! Like I said, coordination is not my friend! I have never been able to roller skate or ice skate! I tend to break bones A LOT! Especially when I try to do those last two things! I can be grouchy at times, but you hardly ever know it. I tend to smile even if I am upset. I believe in being nice to people and that a please and thank you go a long way! As I tell Hailey all the time, it's nice to be nice to people!

I am sensitive and care entirely way to much, but I think that makes me the kind of person I am! Sometimes I wish I could care less, but face it, I am who I am! I am a thinker and believe me if you get me thinking about the right thing I can twist it to pieces, especially when I lay in bed at night! I can cry a lot sometimes, but I just can't help it! I am very sympathetic and often times have way to much empathy that I literally hurt for people.

I try to stay positive and be realistic. This is something that is coming with age. I always tell myself that things will all work out! Because really what's the worse that can happen?! If it is not a terminal illness or something that is illegal, then I am sure it will all be okay no matter how it works out! I try to look at the good in things and in people. This isn't always easy, but there is a bright side to most things. You just got to stop and think about it.

I am gullible and can be naive, but again it is who I am! I can be silly but seriuos too! I believe in helping people. I will tell you my honest opinion, but in the nicest way possible. Honesty and loyalty matter to me.

I love jewelry, shoes, and purses, anything with sparkles, and smelling pretty, but I also love my lifted jeep, trail riding, and getting it muddy!

Music has always been a passion! I feel it speaks to me! Like the lyrics can really say a lot sometimes! I love country and some catchy pop songs! I also love heavy metal, screamo, and alternative rock! I might take a Taylor Swift CD out to put in a Five Finger Death Punch CD.

I love to sing LOUD! I love to dance, though I have no rhythm! I love to laugh!

I struggle with my self esteem, self confidence, and my body image. Always have and always will! I don't think I am pretty, and that's okay because I think that there is more then just looks to people.

I have always been boy crazy! A little too much at times! I love hockey, bmx, and motocross! Did I mention I really love hockey?!?

The only sport I have ever played has been field hockey. I even picked it back up last year until I had to take this year off to nurse two ruptured tendons. I love the way it feels being out on the field and how you literally think of nothing but what is going on. Talk about mind clearing!

I am disorganized and OCD at the same time! I don't have the best of the best and never needed that. I have what I like and that's all that matters. Name brands never really matter much to me! I don't follow designers. If I like it and can afford something I buy it. I have never been one to keep up with the Jones and I am far from ever being a Jones!

So this is it, this is me! I am a mix of pretty much everything, but it is plain and simple me!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon at "L.A.I.D" for another round of "So What! Wednesday!"
This week I am saying SO WHAT to:
  • To the fact that instead of cleaning last night, we went and picked out an Easter dress and got dinner! We also added haircuts to our night of fun! We were too tired when we got home, so we can just clean tonight.
  • The dishes are STILL not done! I said we will get to them tonightttt!
  • I am kind of overwhelmed with school work. One of the classes I am taking is my Capstone class for psychology to basically help wrap everything I learned and did into a portfolio and make sure I am ready to graduate practice what I have learned in real life. Peace of cake right? No way! It seems more demanding then any class I have taken yet and that is not a good sign! Especially when it's your last semester!
  • So what if the lady who cut my hair last night burned my neck.......I have my hair in a bob like normal and she decided to take electric clippers to "neaten up the lines". I have never had anyone do that before and I hope I never have anyone do that again because now I have a red raised line that goes all the way across the back of my neck and hurts......okay, so now that I am thinking about it, this isn't so much a "so what" more of a "what the hell!". Thank you $9 hair cut!
  • To the fact that soccer is supposed to start in early April and I have yet to hear ANYTHING! In fact, I was starting to wonder if they got her registration I dropped off in January. They sure didn't waste time cashing my check. When I sent a email about it last week, I was told I would hear something this Friday. It would be nice to be able to plan better, ya know?! It's not like they have to schedule games since this is more scrimmage and skills soccer for beginners! I guess I will wait until Friday to hear something! Urgh!
Okay I am going to limit myself to five today, but I am sure I can go on longer and longer!
What are you saying "SO WHAT!" to today?

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 12

It was another rocky week in my weight loss world, but here are my results.......
This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
Just tracking honestly. Friday I was so stressed from the day and then so relieved that I went on a little food binge! I was like screw weight watchers, let's eat! But by Sunday I decided that I needed to go back and track everything and that's what I did. I realized though I used my points on not so healthy stuff, I never went over my extra weekly points. By tracking that put me back on track for the rest of the week!
What didn't work for me:
 I never got around to drinking more water. I mean I drank a tiny bit more, but did not come near my goal I had set last week!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
This one is silly, but demonstrated willpower.

We ended up doing Chick-fil-a last night since we did some shoping. Well instead of those french fries, I got fruit. And let's just say I was eyeing Hailey's fries the whole time! Anyways I was proud of myself! It's easy to say you are going to do something then when you get to the cash register it's a whole different story!
My goals for this week:
I am drinking some water each day, but I really want to step that up where I am drinking at least 64 ounces. Water is so good to flush out your system. Now I just got to make it happen......this week since I failed this goal last week! Ha!

See you next week!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. I can not believe it is the last week in March! Where has the time gone?!?

2. That laundry pile from last week.......GONE! I washed it all. Now don't ask me where it is because I am not going telling you that it's still in the dryer and a load still in the basket! Ha!

3. Dishes, yup the same ones I have been working on for weeks, are ALMOST gone! I will finish them off tonight! Maybe between folding and putting away clothes!

4. I want to make a raised garden for some vegetables. Just a small one! I have been reading a lot about how to build the box. Then I realized that besides tomatoes, I have no clue what I would plant. I don't really eat peppers and other veggies that people normally plant! Now I need to figure that out!

5. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do with my front yard. Right now it looks bare and just dreary. Not to mention the past two heavy snows has wreaked havoc on the trees. Huge limbs and branches everywhere! That's going to take forever to clean that up! The only problem with figuring out what I want to do is that I am not a green thumb at all! I normally kill plants! And I have no clue what to plant and where to plant them! I want flowers and greenness, but have no idea where!

6. I stayed awake last night until 2am stressing over coupons. I decided I should subscribe to the paper again, so I spent an hour looking online for the best Washington Post deal. Unfortunately they were all the same!

7. There is something in the shower that makes me itch! Every time I take a shower I get red and blotchy and itch like crazy! I use different stuff each time though, so I haven't been able to figure out what exactly does it! Kenny swears it is because I have dry skin, but even after I lotioned up I was laying there trying not to scratch my arms and legs! Showers are supposed to make you feel clean, not itchy! I really think something I use has mango extract or something hidden in it!

8. Last Friday went way better then expected! I got out of having to pay my inspection ticket that morning, and then the tax lady helped me solve my huge problem with my taxes. Now we just owe a little and I no longer am searching for places to hide from the IRS! Things aren't totally better, but this was a huge relief for sure!

9. We took Hailey to the Circus with my cousins on Saturday. She seemed to have an okay time, but something seemed wrong with her. She said she was hungry, but I had made sure I had fed her before we went and my cousin gave her some gummy bears. I started thinking last night that maybe she was disappointed because I couldn't give her the whole experience. It has to be hard when everyone around you is eating cotton candy, peanuts, and popcorn. Also Jaime got two stuffed animal elephants which Hailey seemed really excited for. On our way back from the bathroom, her and I stopped and looked at all the souvenirs, but they were so expensive. Like only one under $25 and it was a plastic horse for $18. She didn't ask for anything even though I am sure she wanted something. I had already had to rush a ton of vinyl work out on Friday so I could have money for the tickets. And this paycheck was spent before it even hit my bank account! I feel bad that I couldn't do more for her. I hope she was happy with the circus experience, but I know as a child it must be hard seeing everyone else getting stuff and you leaving with nothing.

10. I have a baby shower on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday! Our first stop will be Kenny's family's house at 2pm and then over to my Grandmothers at 4pm. At some point between baby shower and leaving for our Easter celebrations, I need to bake a cake for my family's event. I also told Hailey that either Friday or Saturday we will dye Easter eggs. And I have a 10 page paper due on Saturday, on top of other school work. So it will be a busy weekend for sure. Luckily I decided to take some time off next week to spend time with Hailey while she is on spring break! I think it will be good for both of us!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It might not be what I pictured it, but it's my best!

Taurus horoscope for Mar 20, 2013
"If you are doing your best in a tough situation, there is no reason to feel bad or insecure. All you can do, after all, is your best. You can't do better! Right now, though, you may feel that your best isn't the best you have to offer. You've been under some stress, and you've probably been pressed for time, so naturally you may not be in tip-top shape. Still, Taurus, if you have given what you can, then there is no reason to feel bad about it."
I liked this horoscope. I actually like it A LOT. It kind was reassuring to me because I am always struggling wondering if I am giving my best at everything. My resolutions for this year was to be the best me that I can be and that included in all aspects; taking better care of myself, being a better mom, friend, and wife. I recently read a blog post about life being a juggling act and we are constantly dropping balls. If we focus more on one ball, that means the other balls fall to the floor. It's hard to be everything at once. It's actually exhausting!
Last night I was supposed to do dishes, the same dishes that were on Tuesday and Wednesday's post, instead I decided to take Hailey for free Italian Ice at Rita's after dinner. This meant leaving those dishes still piled up with the new ones added from dinner last night. But you know what, it was the first day of spring and I thought it was more important to do something special with Hailey. Maybe that didn't make me a better cleaner, but it did add some points to being a better mom.
Things are hectic and even more so then normal. We always seem on the run and if we aren't I am buried in my books doing homework and projects. So little things like a trip to Ritas and sitting together to eat ice means a lot to Hailey. It was just her and I sitting there laughing and talking. So I am trying my best! And though things around me are a mess (i.e. my house!), I am giving everything I got. I have learned that some things can wait. Those dishes will still be there tonight waiting for me. And that laundry will still be there. Life is very unexpected and that is why it is important to me to take those moments and to appreciate the small things. I know there is other things I should be doing, but instead maybe I want to sit on the swing and look at the sky with Hailey. These are all moments that I will never get back. So maybe my house isn't clean, but my little is happy which makes me happy!
So even if your best isn't what you pictured it, know that as long as you give your everything then you are doing the best you can! And just think I got all this from a silly little horoscope app on my phone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So What! Wednesdays

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon at "L.A.I.D" for another round of "So What! Wednesday!"
This week I am saying SO WHAT to:
  • The fact I have still yet to do a load of laundry that I have had piled on my bedroom floor for the last week!
  • The fact that I need to do the dishes still! I did do one load yesterday, so they are not overflowing on the counter, but they will be if I don't do a load tonight!
  • The fact that I woke up this morning to find the brand new gallon of milk I just bought on Monday night is almost gone. Hubby must of helped himself to one or two HUGE glasses of chocolate milk last night when he gets home!
  • And since we are on the subject of Kenny munching up all my food, let's not forget to add the fact that he ate almost all my darn Thin Mints! I only got 5 out of there! And to make matters worse he doesn't even like mint! He said he was bored......well don't eat my $4 box of cookies that actually had my name written all over it!!!!! Ughhhhh! And he thought it was funny I was getting bent out of shape over cookies!
  • I still haven't logged on to my new classes. Since it is my lunch break now, I must do that right after this!
  • I have been in meetings after meetings for the past three days. I got to work this morning and there was nothing on my calendar and now there is three things that have popped up in the last hour so I will be in meetings from 1pm to 3:30pm now. Oh well, it will make the day go by fast!
  • Still haven't drank any water, not even a sip, even though I made that my goal for this week just a couple hours ago! I guess I better get on that too!
  • And lastly.......I forgot my lunch once again!
So that is what I am saying a big fat SO WHAT to! How about you?!

WW: Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy first day of SPRING! Wahoo!

This past weekend we had some Easter Bunny fun at the mall!
She is getting so big!

My silly little rabbit!
Cousins with bunny ears! They are so cute together!
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Weighing in Wednesday- Week 11

I posted Monday about the week I have been having and the way I have been using food to cope with the extra stress and how I had completely ruined my week last week. I was scared to step on the scale today, but I figured I had to face the facts so that I could pick up the pieces and move on. So here it is.
This week's weight loss:
Yup, you read that right! I ended up losing 2 ounces! I have no freaking clue how, but I even stepped on the scale multiple times and that was the number I got! I will take it! 
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
I still started every day off with a smoothie. I also ate a lot of fruits and veggies with my meals.
What didn't work for me:
 Stress! Stress didn't work for me. I blew it big time! I didn't track any food. I ate HORRIBLE. I binged on food and was looking for the next thing to eat!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
I would say it was realizing what I was doing. I was using food as a way of coping and I think being aware that that was happening is a huge accomplishment. This is something that I will really need to work on.
My goals for this week:
I am drinking some water each day, but I really want to step that up where I am drinking at least 64 ounces. Water is so good to flush out your system. Now I just got to make it happen!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday

1. Man I did not want to get out of bed this morning! I mumbled and groaned from the time my alarm went off pretty much to the time I got to park and ride. In fact I am still kind of groaning about being here. Luckily NO ONE, seriously like not a soul, gets here in my division as early as I do, so therefore it's quiet and I don't have to say good morning to anyone. Can you say Tuesday Morning Groucho! Ha

2. I just updated my calendar and I feel like I have just been moving some of the tasks from week to week! I really need to get on top of them so I can highlight them off. It bothers me seeing so many things unhighlighted since that means it's stuff I need to do.

3. I started two new classes yesterday and didn't even log on to look at the syllabus. I think I am worried that with how stressed I am it's going to make it worse. Two and half classes left, that's all! I need to put  my big girl pants on and get them over with!

4. I need to go get plastic eggs and stuff to fill them with. Hailey's teacher is requesting everyone bring in 19 (one for each student) plastic eggs with stuff in them for there Easter egg hunt next week.

5. I really would like to do something special to send in to her class. Like a little goody bag for spring time. Something cute and crafty, but I don't know if I have the energy in me!

6. I stayed up until 2am working on those decals I mentioned on Friday so they could be delivered on Saturday. They turned out really good, but very time consuming. He said when he finishes with those, he will probably order a couple hundred of each. I hope he doesn't expect those over night as well! Sometimes being a "go getter" bites you in the butt! I am sure it will be fine! Bring on the big orders!

7. There was CATastrophe in my house this past weekend and it's awful. My cat got wax on her tail and we couldn't get it off. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get it off by basically ripping all the fur off the last 5" of her tail. So now she has a rat tail and the end she broke and she made a mess with. We cleaned it good and put a cone on her head and left her in the down stairs bathroom where she would be confined and able to rest with out the dog bothering her. It has her cat tree and liter box and all her stuff. Well she got the cone off and messed with her tail and it seriously looks like a murder scene down there. Kenny said the whole bathroom is going to need to be repainted and couldn't believe so much blood came from one cat. I won't go down there because I can't deal with blood like that. She has a the cone on again and it's tighter. I hope she just leaves it on so it can heal. In the mean time I have been so upset about it. Poor Rosie and her beautiful tail. :(

8. Friday I have court in the morning and an appointment with a income tax specialist in the afternoon. I am hoping that day turns out good. Court I just need my inspection ticket to be dropped so that will save me some moohlah that I really don't have to be donating to Spotsylvania County! And then I decided to consult with a tax specialist that my aunt and cousin recommended because we have some issues with our taxes this year and Turbotax has us owing a lot! I am hoping it's something I am not doing right or she can catch some kind of deductions that I didn't. Fingers crossed please! I need all the good luck and hope I can get for Friday!

9. Soccer starts in like two weeks and we still haven't been contacted. I have no idea when practice is or what she needs. I am getting a little frustrated by this since the deadline was in January for registration! Plus my calendar is filling up for April, so I really need to know when and where I need to be on Saturday mornings!

10. I was supposed to do dishes and laundry yesterday BUT instead I just made more laundry and dishes to do, on top of the other ones I had! Let's just say dishes have overflowed to the counter space and I could possibly be running out of that soon! Must do some tonight!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Barely Holding On

Ahhhhh! That describes in general how I feel right now! It has literally been one thing after another the past couple months and most of the issues are causing/adding to financial issues. Lets just say we are pretty much treading water and trying not to drown.

Then to add extra stress, there have been some things going on at work. I've been very unhappy and feel that I am being treated very unfairly. Plus outside of work, issues that have come up in the past couple weeks with  friends and family have made things even more complicated.

But to make matters even worse and the main topic of this blog, I have been stress eating A LOT! What the hell?!? I have been working so hard for the past ten weeks, and this week I let everything get the best of me. From fast food, to sweets, to soda, I have been eating like there isn't tomorrow. The worse part is the way I feel after I done this! I wish I could be one of those people who ran to clear their heads or deal with stress! Instead I use food as a source of comfort. I am sitting here after indulging in some cookies and milk and my stomach is aching. I feel stressed, guilty, disappointed and ashamed.

I feel like my life is full of stuff I can't control right now, but one thing I can control is the how I am treating my body. Hopefully I can get my act together because I have worked so hard to lose the weight I have these past 10 weeks to just give in and ruin my progress. I'm scared to think that Wednesday is weigh in and I will see the damage done with all the stress and eating I have dealt with this week.

To be honest, I feel like I am barely holding on right now,and I really need to get a grip on things! Hopefully this week will offer some promise of light at the end of this very long tunnel.


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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fab Fridays!

The Everyday Joys
Today I am linking up with Laura to talk about all the fab things going on! To say the least, this has been one craptastic week for me. I mean one thing after another has gone wrong! Which makes it even more important that I take time to focus on the fab things that I do have going on!
  • Tomorrow Hailey and I are meeting my cousin and her little girl to go see the Easter Bunny at the mall! Both of the girls will be excited to not only see EB, but also to see each other! This is something that's very important to me since our move. I want to make sure they still grow up close with each other, no matter how far apart they are! I very much value the relationships I have with my cousins on my mom's side while we were growing up and now that we have gotten older.
  • Signs of SPRING are popping up everywhere! I am starting to see little flowers that are starting to peak there way through at the house. This is even more awesome because this is our first Spring in the house and I have no clue what is planted or even if there was anything planted!
PS: What are these? 
  • I added a new client (fingers crossed) to my little side business making vinyl decals! This is a pretty big deal since it is a division of one of the big dealerships in the area. It took me a couple hours last night playing with the design and we finally got that all worked out and now I have my first trial order! I am hopping to get them done tonight so I can drop them by tomorrow when we head to Waldorf!
  • Hailey has talked NONSTOP about setting up a new leprechaun trap! I took her to a little class through the local Parks and Rec last year and they created leprechaun traps and told them exactly how to catch them! Last year he got into the trap, but was able to get his way out! He did leave her a little note and some gold nuggets for a good try. This year she knows she will catch him! So we will work on that tomorrow!
  • That soccer is beginning soon! I am still waiting for a schedule, but I am excited to see how she does playing on a team! Her first team sport!
  • Circus is next week! We go every year with my cousin, even before we both had kids! The last couple years Hailey has gone and this year Jaime might be joining us! I have always loved going and it is one thing I have looked forward too every March!
So that's what is fab in my life, what do you have going on in yours?!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weighing In Wednesday- Week 10

Since I couldn't update last week since we had no power from the snow storm I will let you know that week 9 I lost .4lbs! Yup, just four ounces, but hey! It's better than a gain!
This week's weight loss:
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
The fact I was home last Wednesday through Friday and wasn't tempted by fast food at work and also that I have been packing my lunch every day this week. Mmmmm just finished munching on my left over taco salad. 
What didn't work for me:
 I didn't drink very much water this go around which is important!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
Eating a lot more fruit and vegetables! Especially fresh pineapple and clementines! Wahoo thank you foodlion sale on Cuties!
My goals for this week:
Drink waterrrrrr! Lots and lots of water! Also make sure I am taking my daytime blood pressure pill because it's a diuretic. The whole deal with my kidneys makes me produce an extra hormone that makes you hold onto salt. So usually by the end of the day my feet and ankles hurt and are swollen. If I took the pill like I was supposed to during the day and drank the water, it would help flush everything out! Hmmmm sounds easy, now why can't I remember to do that!

Hoping for another awesome week! See you next Wednesday

WW: Cousins Just Have So Much Fun!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Jaime turns 2!

Saturday was the party for my cousin's little girl! It's so hard to believe she is two! She is super sweet and so smart! She completely idolizes Hailey and I love the way her face lights up when she sees her! I love watching the two of them interact, it makes me excited to think about Hailey being a big sister one day!

I took a lot of pictures at the party! And get this......they are already uploaded and edited! Yes! You read that right! I am actually on top of something! I wanted to be able to get them over to my cousin and the rest of the family since I was the only one taking pictures!

So here are some of my favorite!

This is the Birthday girl! She is so hard to catch! She is ALWAYS on the go!

Of course she had her big cousin helping her with what she couldn't open!

This was her special gift from Hailey! It was her favorite book when she was in Pre K! We even wrote a note on the inside of the cover!

She thought it was so funny everyone was singing to her! She kept laughing!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday

1. I can't believe my baby cousin turns 2 this Thursday!I'm excited for the Jaime's Birthday party on Saturday! The theme is Minnie Mouse!

2. We are supposed to have a good amount of snow. Depending on where I look, we should see anywhere from 5-10 inches. My county is kind of split in the middle on the totals.

3. Hailey's procedure is on Thursday at 7:45am. I am wondering what will happen with this snow!

4. I went over my darn WW points again this week. Oh well, at least it wasn't toooooo bad!

5. In fact, I ate so much Saturday when a friend came over, that I had to sit and watch Kenny and Hailey eat spaghetti dinner that I cooked because I was all out of points! But it's worth it and I wasn't actually hungry anyways.

6. I have been trying to figure out ways to drum up my Scentsy business now that the new stuff came out March 1st. I have two people possibly interested in parties and they are outside of my friendship circle. Fingers crossed about that!

7. This is the last week of classes for two of my courses. These past 8 weeks have flown. I have one I just started and then two more start in two weeks.

8. I registered to graduate in May! I did two years worth of work in a year and a half! Wahoo!

9. Since we are on the subject of classes, I am going to be sad that I have no more classes. I like learning and writing and all the good stuff. I will be happy not paying for it though. But I will miss it! Grad school applications were due February 15th, and after much thought, I decided that I need to take a break and focus on my family and save the money for at least a year. I didn't want to jump right into an intense 4 year program not knowing what the future holds.

10. I can't wait to go home today! This morning flew by with a ton of work and now this afternoon is seriously creeping. The first thing I am going to do is plop across my bed, take a deep breath, and stare at the ceiling and enjoy the silence. I give it 5 minutes before Hailey is at my door asking about dinner. But I will take those 5 minutes of relaxation and peace!