Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts!

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Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
We got snow the other day, not as much as they said, but enough to close school and work and make the yard look very pretty!
It was so cold this morning that the Jeep didn't want to start! I mean it is living outside with icicles hanging off of me in 5 degree weather, I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to start either!
I got in the car this morning after letting it run for about 10 minutes and the little yellow engine light was on. I googled and this could mean a million things. I think there should be some degrees that it would come it should maybe be green when it's something minor like a gas cap is loose, or maybe yellow when it's okay to drive on but you should really look into it, and maybe a red one if you shouldn't drive on it. Because this glowing little light didn't tell me much when I was getting ready to drive 25 minutes at 5am in the morning on backroads with no shoulders to pull off if that little light meant something important.
I saw this this morning and it made me laugh. Happy Feet doesn't look so happy anymore!
Next Thursday I have my first appointment with the high risk OB in the afternoon and was told it would be about 3 hours long and now I have my appointment with the regular OB in the morning on the same day. The baby will be getting a lot of attention on Thursday!
Speaking of OBs, mine is on maternity leave. Last time I met with someone else who was filling in and this time I am meeting with a midwife. What's the difference? I really don't know much about midwives except that all of my "natural" and "wants a home birth" friends all have midwives. So will this appointment be different then normal?
Yesterday afternoon after I signed off from working at home, Hailey and I went outside to walk around in the snow and get the mail. Every year that I buy snow boots and suits we never get any snow, but the years I don't we always have snow. And let's just say after 45 minutes with our wool socks and rainboots, they were clearly not cutting it.
I read an entire book yesterday, a whole 302 pages! I woke up early and saw there were books for .99 for the Nook and of course I found one that I could not put down. I read all evening and night long! It's the same college love stories like I always seem to read, you know the one with the good girl who is just ordinary and the bad boy who is gorgeous with all the girls falling all over him, and he falls in love with her. Yup those sappy stories, but there are always some good twists in the story. At like midnight last night I found that there is a second part of the story with the guy's POV. I so spent another dollar to download that and already had the first chapter done before I finally made myself go to bed. I like reading! Keeps my mind off of my own life!
Work is going to be a nightmare for the next few weeks. It will take all I have to keep my cool during this time. A LOT of work needs to be done and A LOT of meetings are taking place and I am dealing with A LOT of not so smart people.
Hmmm what's for lunch? And what should I make for dinner? Oh and I wonder where I can get a big bag of strawberry twizzlers?! #hungrygirlproblems


  1. Good luck at the high risk OB! I saw one with my 2nd (he was actually just my doctor I didn't se anyone else) and they are fabulous. Maybe the most comforting people ever!

  2. Yikes. As a former Mainer, I remember those days when the car wouldn't start in the dead of winter.

  3. What is this book you speak of?? I must read.