Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Letters!

Today I am linking up with Ashley for some Friday's Letters
Dear Weather, How could I not start off with talking to you? I mean it was snowy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was almost 70 and then this morning it was like a blizzard out! What are you doing up there?!?
Dear Hailey, Thinking about you makes me smile. You have no idea how proud I am of you and how amazed you make me. You are beginning to read and I love that we read together. You work so hard and I can tell!
Dear House In MD, I have stressed over you for so long. I wish you would sell already so I can move on with my life. You received a cash offer yesterday, but it was for $50,000 less then asking price, let's just hope that the bank takes it, and then you can get flipped and  look oh so pretty! You were my home for over 5 years. We outgrew you, but it didn't mean that we didn't love you. You will make some happy couple starting out so very happy!
Dear Flu, Thank you for leaving, I am much better now!
Dear Hubby, How can someone make me so ANGRY at times! Grrrrr! But today is a new day and I love you!
Dear Weekend, Wahoo! You are finally here! I have been waiting for you since last Sunday night! Let's go by slow!
Dear Self, Just breathe and relax! Let it go! It will be okay!
What do you want to write to this Friday?


  1. So glad your flu is better! Sucks so much to be a sick Mama (and employee, and student!)! And I laughed when I read your letter to your Hubby. Sounds like I could have written it. lol

  2. Haha about Kenny! I feel the same sometimes