Monday, June 25, 2012

Let there be color!

One thing I hate about my house now its that all the walls are white. That's what Kenny likes. Ive never had color growing up either!

But this time.......


Below is a picture, now remember its coming from my cell phone, but here is an idea.
12 gallons total! But here's an even cooler was all half price! There was a hardware store going out of business and they have a paint section! It worked out perfect!

New Home Coming Soon!

So I figured while I had a second, I would tell you a little about my new home, or maybe I should start with the fact that we are getting a new home!

It's funny how things work out. The first weekend out we went and looked at this house. It was actually the first house we went too. It was perfect, but we weren't sure about the location. It was a flipped house. So a company bought it as a foreclosure in April and "flipped" it and put it back on the market. It was quickly snatched up and had a contract on it within days of being listed.

So I have mentioned about our issues of being outbid, so we continued our house hunting. What we got qualified for isn't the biggest budget out there, so we are limited on what we can look at. While looking at the listing one night, this house popped back on there. Apparently the contract fell through three weeks later. Kenny was very interested in it and thought we should take another look. We went that Saturday and looked at the house again, along with four other houses. There is just something about this house we really liked! Maybe it's the fact that its further out, so it's quieter. Our neighborhood we are currently in, isn't the best for peacefulness and quiet. Between the constant burnouts at all times of the night, the crazy parties almost every night, and the fireworks being set off pretty regularly now, it's not peaceful at all!

We decided to put an offer on it. They wanted $10,000 more then we were preapproved for, so we offered them what we could. I am a "if it's meant to be, then it will be" type a person. To our surprise they hadn't had any offers on the house that weekend and they accepted our offer. We did the home inspection last Saturday and everything turned out great. We have to fix a shower head, but no big deal. So we officially have a contract and we are scheduled to settle on July 16th!

This house is about three times the size on my house now. It has three bathrooms and three bedrooms. The bedrooms aren't much bigger then what we have now, but I must add that it will be sooooooo NICE to have more then one bathroom! It's a split foyer and the basement is finished into a family room. It also has a two car garage attached to the house. It is located on 4 acres which is a mix between grass and trees. It also has a big deck off the dining room. It has new carpet and hardwood floors, the kitchen has been remodeled with new appliances, and the windows have been replaced. There is a few minor fixes that need to be done, but nothing major.

There are a couple tiny negatives about the house.  For starters it is on a very bumpy dirt road that is not maintained by the county. Kenny said that we will have to get some recycled asphalt and just go out there and fill the holes one weekend. It also is a bit further away from everything then I like, but it's no further then where I am now from everything. I think in the long run having the space and land will be worth the distance. Privacy and peace and quiet is something to appreciate!

The best part about this whole thing is that we will be saving about $500 (and over a grand come what our mortgage would be upped to in 2017) on just our mortgage monthly for something with more space for us to grow in!

So besides those tiny two concerns, I am so excited! It's scary! And like I said in a past post, it's very bittersweet. I hate to leave everyone and everything I know, but I am still just around the corner! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. I am supposed to be packing some stuff, but I don't have one thing in a box yet. I have about 40 boxes ready, I just haven't mentally gotten there. Somewhere I read said that the first and best spot to start is with the pictures on the wall. They said once those are gone, you lose the comfort feeling of "home" and it's a little easier to continue with the packing. Plus, it's not like we "use" them on a daily basis!

So are you ready for a sneak peak?!? I have some other pictures, but this will be a starter!



Living Room

Dining Room

Family room (basement)

And here is where Kenny will be living (he has picked out all the colors he wants and everything he wants to do. He said this is his space, he doesn't care what I do with the whole house, but this is one place I have no say so in. haha)

Monday, June 11, 2012


So I got good news........

Saturday we put an offer on a house and today we got word that they accepted the offer! Wahoo! That's great news considering we offered them $10,000 less then what they were asking for. We now have to have the home inspection done by next Monday, and then we can get everything rolling!

So that leads to me stressing......

I am excited about moving and think this will be a great fresh start to my life. It has been up and down for the past year or more. Things are finally starting to look up and I think this will be a great move for not only me, but my family. The only bad part now is the actual moving!

I am sad to be moving away from the only place I have really ever known. My friends are here and my family are here! I moved away to Baltimore without even looking back, but this time its different. This time it is hard. Maybe its because I am older and wiser now or maybe it's because I have a child and this is the only place she knows. The good part about the move is that we are doing it now before she goes into Kindergarten so that she won't have to move away mid year or leave friends she has gone to school years with. Hopefully this new area will be where she will grow up and she will be able to go to school with all her friends like I did. I graduated with kids who I have gone to Pre-K and up with. My best friends husband is one of them in fact!

I am sad about leaving my Mom, my Aunt and Jaime. I know I will still see them, but its different. I am not used to change. I don't see my Mom very often as it is, but I just feel sad knowing she won't be just 20 minutes down the road. And Hailey wasn't going to be able to go to my aunt's any more once she started school full day anyways. There would be no one to get her off the bus, so she would have to go to an after school program. And then there are my friends. I am sad about leaving Heather. I know I will still see her and our kids will still grow up together and attend all the Birthday parties and fun events, but I just feel sad about the whole thing. She expressed her feelings about me moving and how our friendship would change and I have reassured her over and over that it won't, which I honestly believe that it won't, it will just take a little more planning to get together and she will be stuck with me a little longer when she does get to see me! I know it will be okay, but then again I am just sad......

I like being able to know where I am going and I like being able to wave to people while driving and bumping into people I know when I am at the store. All that is going to change. I am not going to know anyone but Meagan and David over there and me being a social butterfly, I like to have friends! Where do I meet people?!?

Let me now put it out there that where I am moving is only an hour and a half away from Waldorf, if that. When I express how I feel to people they think I am moving hours away! I am not that far away! I drive further to work each day then it will take me to get to my family and friends. In fact I drive 2+ hours once a week one way to play field hockey. So I know I am not disapearing! And I know I will still see people! It's just hard the thought of moving. I am not a big person when it comes to change so this is a huge change to me!

I guess you can say its bittersweet! I am so happy, but so sad at the same time!

And then the thought of moving.......geeze! Where would I even begin?!? The good thing about this is that it will allow me to go through my stuff. To get rid of stuff! There is a lot to be gone though and so this is a good time to work on getting rid of stuff.

I know everything will work out, but it's just the fear of change! I know I will still see my family and I know (despite what she thinks :) ) I won't lose my best friend. I am just an hop and a skip and a tiny toll bridge away. It's not that far and everything will be okay! I just need to take a couple deep breaths and focus on the postive things! It will all be okay!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wenesday!

Pixie is such a big fluffy mess! But how could I deny leaving this picture out!

Silly Dog!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Pre K Grad!

So today was the day! My baby girl graduated from Pre K. The funny thing is they still have two days left of school, but that's beside the point!  I took her Saturday to JC Penny's and let her pick out a dress, matching bracelet and necklace set, and hair bows! Lucky for me it was all under $20! That's my kind of shopping right there! I also sat with her last night and painted and decorated each nail and her toe nails to match her dress.

The ceremony was at school this morning at 9:45. Hailey had really been looking forward to it and had been working on a song that they were going to be singing. They came in and sang the song. Then the teachers played a slide show of pictures from the whole school year. It cracked me up listening to the kids getting so excited when they saw themselves. After that they did the awards. Hailey received a gold medal for having her Dent Dolphin Reader done for each month! She was very excited about that! Then the teachers handed out special candy awards to all the students. Each child got their own special candy bar and award. Hailey's got an award for having the best quality in a friend. That really made me smile! That's a great award to receive!

Next came the graduation folders. Inside was a certificate, a book from the teachers, a summer packet of work we should work on, and then a preparing for Kindergarten packet to work on also over the summer. It was a really nice folder and I am glad they included the work packets so I could continue to work with Hailey this summer! After that it was over and we could take the kids home.

We left school and got a happy meal! Then I gave her a special surprise of a graduation balloon and her own bouquet of pink glittery flowers. I also gave her a graduation card with a $10 Build A Bear gift card that I had gotten months back. Hailey has been BEGGING me to go to Build A Bear, so she was super excited to get it!

After eating I received a phone call from the dentist saying they had a cancellation and that they could get Hailey in. Hailey has been waiting since January to get work done on her mouth. She has a total of 8 cavities and some are very severe. She will need 3 crowns on her teeth and the rest are fillings. The soonest they could get me in was the end of June and July. I had to make an emergency appointment in April because her mouth was becoming very painful when she ate, so we have been on an emergency appointment list for cancellations. I have always been at work when they called, so this worked out great. The appointment went well. They crowned a tooth and filled another one. She still has more work to go, but they split it up into appointments. It took about an hour, but by the time they were done Hailey was over the whole thing. She cried hysterically for two hours because she said her mouth hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and laid her in bed with me and we watched My Little Pony. Luckily she fell asleep and woke up much happier.

We had slept for 2 hours, so at this point it was 6pm. We got in the car and rushed to a farm for some strawberry picking before they closed. That was a lot of fun and we got lots of berries. I couldn't wait to put them in my new Tupperware container! After that we ran to the  mall to do Build A Bear. Hailey picked out a horse and a hat to go on the horse. Luckily I came prepared with a coupon! So we ended up with a horse, a hat for the horse, and a beach towel and bear tee shirt for free! Can't beat that!

After that we went and had dinner at Mimi's cafe. I figured it was a quiet place with lots of choices. She really wants to go to Japanese Steak House, but that will have to wait until I can save up a little money! This little girl has expensive taste!

So besides for the 3 hours of not so fun time today, Hailey seemed to have a very good day! She was so happy when she went to sleep with her new horse! I love when I can tell she is super excited about stuff! I am so proud of her and how far she has come this past year! I can see a huge difference! She is so smart and so sweet. She may be a pain in my butt sometimes with her little attitudes, but she truly is a good little girl! There is nothing I would change about her! She amazes me every day and reminds me how lucky I am to have her in my life! I can't believe she is growing up, but she will ALWAYS be my little baby girl!

Now for some pictures! (Yup, a blog post, uploading pictures, and using Tupperware all in the same day! Heather should be so proud of me!)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Horoscope for the day!

Taurus Jun 3 2012
You may have a lot on your plate now, Taurus. You may have a lot to do, and a lot to worry about, and a lot to plan for. But you also have a lot to be grateful for and an awful lot to smile about. That's an important thing to remember when things get hectic or when you get frustrated. The bottom line is that although you may be under some stress right now, it's important to keep things in perspective. If you do, you will breeze through the day much easier, and your positive attitude will ensure that you wind up with even more to smile about.