Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. It's Tuesday and I really wish it was at least Wednesday already! I am just so tired and it's getting harder and harder for me to wake up, roll (usually two attempts) out of bed and get going. This baby is draining me of the little bit of energy I had!!!!
2. I spent my lunch break looking at college saving plans/ grow up plans / investment plans for the girls. I am not going to push or force them to pursue college, but definitely support them in any choice they make. If they choose college then I want some money to be there, but if not then I still want them to be able to get that money and use towards something else like a down payment on a house or car. I get confused reading through all the different options, requirements, and fees. I printed out a couple different things and requested information in the mail.........then I remembered that I barely have enough money to pay bills each week and this is before a baby who will require diapers and formula comes along. So I guess that will be a no go for now! At least I can tell them I looked into it when they were little!
3. Kenny told me a little girl came up to him the other day while he was picking Hailey up from aftercare and asked how old I was and said that Hailey had told them it was my birthday and I turned 27. Kenny said that was how old I was and the little girl responded with "wow". I just laughed and wondered what the "wow" was for. Yesterday I went to pick Hailey up and the same little girl came up to me and said "Mrs. Gass, Hailey told us all that you just turned 27". And I said "yup, I turned 27 last week." and again she responded with "wow" and so I asked "is that old?" and she responded with "no it's young, my Mom's birthday was last Friday and she turned 47 and she said Hailey must have said the wrong number when she told us how old you were". Ha! Young mommy for the win!
4. I got my free Starbucks drink for my birthday today. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Venti Mocha Frappachino. Wrong! It tasted like shit! Free is suppose to taste amazing! What happen?!?
5. I got $150 for my birthday and may have spent all but like $13 of it so far! Ebates got me with their special 15% cashback offer on Sephora. This is an unheard of deal! So I bought a good amount of things from there that I have been eyeing forever (like the Origin's charcoal mask and Origin's citrus energizing facial moisturizer!). Urban Decay conned me into making a purchase off their site because I got a free eyeliner of my choice as my birthday gift! That's a $20 savings and their 24/7 eyeliner is my favorite! I have never actually had a full sized one either. I have always had travel sized ones that I use down until they are about an inch big and can not be sharpened anymore. And finally Victoria Secret had a special deal on shipping so I got some new underwear shipped to me for free! I have been in desperate need of new panties and so this was my perfect chance! On the good news is I will be getting back $12.75 from my ebates purchases and $1.28 on my cashback Visa! Woot!
6. I did get a $50 Amazon giftcard that I am saving! Not sure exactly what I am going to want with that yet! Hmmmm decisions decisions, but since this is my last bit of money I think I am going to sit on it for right now!
7. My birthday was so/so. I worked the entire day, but the night was nice with Kenny and Hailey. I was pretty bummed that I had worked and it just didn't feel like my Birthday. We did go out to dinner and Kenny did take Hailey shopping so that was nice! Hailey was kind of in a grumpy mood though and snapped at me several times. I came home to a bill the insurance didn't pay on and a collections notice for something else so that was a bummer. So my birthday kind of stunk overall. BUT that changed on Friday when I was surprised with a snapchat of three of my best friends outside my house! They drove all the way over to see me and celebrate with me! I had no clue! The husbands (minus one) and kids were with them, they came with pizza, balloons, gifts and cake! It was a huge surprise and I cried when I saw the picture of them outside of my house! It really meant a lot to me that they organized this and did it! It was a very nice surprise and def helped make my 27th Birthday pretty awesome!
8. I swear every time I open the mail I have some crazy bill or a collections notice for something the insurance hasn't paid. I wish they would figure out how to bill around here and stop billing our local BlueCross BlueShield and use the one I actually have! I can't help it that we work in DC and have CareFirst instead of Anthem! I also don't understand why I give them my insurance cards to make copies of?! I mean come on! I am sick and tired of making phone calls to the insurance company and then to these doctors! Ugh! Every week I make at least 4 calls to somewhere to get things straightened! It really irks me!
9. I mentioned back in November and then again in April about University of Maryland messing up my account and sending me to collections for money that was paid to them! Well my collections account is still open, I am still in the offset program for $835.00, and I am still dealing with that. I sent an email today to any department that I could think of saying that it had to be corrected ASAP because I will be seeking legal help to clear my name. It was a long nasty email, but I am sorry this is effecting my credit and my background checks for federal jobs! This is ridiculous and I am tired of playing games. It should have never happened and then should have been resolved in November when all the documentation had been provided. It should have never gotten to this point that I was sent to state collections and it should have been resolved back in April when I was told it would be taken care of! I did get a phone call within an hour and they are currently "working on it" and will keep me posted. About damn time!
Ps: I don't have money for said "legal help", but they don't need to know that! ;-)
10. Emily was such a lazy butt this past Friday at the doctors. First off she is so far down there they couldn't even see her face while doing the sonogram but they could check all her organs and everything they needed to. Secondly she had one hand on her face and the other was straight back and she was holding onto her foot. Crazy girl! And lastly she failed her NST because the whole purpose is to watch how her heart rate reacts to her movements, but girlfriend didn't want to move for the entire 30 minutes we were hooked up. They used a buzzer twice on her which made her jump, but she fell right back to sleep. They said that they would let this fail slide this one time and next time to eat beforehand, bring a snack, and hope it wakes her up because if not we will spend the day in the hospital being monitored. Believe me I do not want to deal with anymore doctors or bills! So that better not be the case!!!!!

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  1. I love the name Emily. I don't blame you for sending out a mean e-mail. When it comes to your lively hood, credit score and finances you can't be put on the back burner. Go get um. Ebates gets me every time.... probably why I never have spending money. I chuckled at the 27/47 story... kids are so cute. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!