Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One Month Old Emily!

Since I am late with most things recently, I am now just getting around to taking 1 month old pictures of Miss Emily! So technically they are 6 week and 6 day old pictures, but hey I got to start somewhere!


(Not impressed by Mommy making the bunny kiss her!)


10 Things on Tuesday!

I have to hurry up with this since it's already after midnight! But shhhh don't tell anyone!

1. It's hard to believe tomorrow Emily will be 7 weeks old! I'm still not over how fast the pregnancy went so this is nuts to me!

2. Speaking of time flying by, I took Emily's 1 month pictures and hope to have a post tomorrow for you! So come back on Wednesday!

3. I went to my postpartum appointment today! I took my OB a card with a handwritten note and $5 gift card for starbucks! After keeping her on call for 3 days plus a 4:45 am wake up call to deliver me, she deserves a cup of coffee from me! Plus I truly appreciate how caring and nice she was all pregnancy.

4. It's time to think about birth control and since I can't have hormones with my heart, she recommends the paragaurd IUD. I called the insurance company and they pay for it to be put in and removed, but not the $500 device. Since its just a copper T, I asked if we could just shove a penny up there since it's also copper. That was a negative! Ha!

5. Went to target today and left with NOTHING!

6. Went to BJs afterwards and stocked up on a good amount of stuff and between club coupons and manufactured coupons,  I saved $40. In fact with the way I paired lysol coupons they PAID me $4 to buy a 6 pack of lysol toilet cleaner! And paid $.99 for a 4 box pack of caprice suns! Woot woot!

7. Tax free weekend in VA starts Friday so I def need to get to target to school supply shop!

8. I can not believe August starts on Friday! Where did July go?!

9. Hailey's birthday is on the 16th and I am so behind this year! I need to figure out our family party and the small one I do with her friends. I'm thinking build a bear? Or Michaels for a craft?

10. Less then 2 weeks until I return to work, but we won't talk about that because I'll spend the rest of the night crying! Ekkkk I already cried in the OB office about it. Ps: she decided after that to up my anxiety meds ha!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 things on Tuesday!

It's that time again! It's Tuesdayyyyyyy!

1. I'm going to try to get back into blogging regular. There's so much to share with Emily and Hailey! Plus it's good to get my thoughts out! I'll need that more than ever as I approach my 8 week mark and returning to work! I can't believe Emily will be 5 weeks tomorrow already!

2. My Ergobaby carrier that I won off ebay finally came today! I couldn't wait to put it on and get Emily in it! A friend of mine let me borrow the Moby wrap and it's come in handy so hopefully Emily will love this one too!

3. Yesterday was a picnic with Hailey's first grade teacher at one of the manors on the battle fields. It was pretty neat and I took a lot of pictures to post with my big girl camera!

4. I want a vacation at the beach sooooo bad! We haven't gone anywhere in 4 years and that last one was the trip to FL to attend my grandmother's funeral. Seeing everyone's beach and pool pictures has gotten me so bummed, but we can't afford anything this year, that's for sure!

5. We NEVER went on vacation when I was little. In fact the first time I saw a beach was when I was 18 for a weekend and the first week long vacation I had was when Hailey was 1. It might not happen this year, but I hope the girls will have many memories of vacations growing up!

6. I am addicted to Papa John's bread sticks and garlic butter!

7. My Fitness Pal diary does not like the breadsticks as much as me! Ekkkkk way too many calories!

8. I have been tracking all my calories using MFP. I'm so proud of myself! And yes I am patting myself on the back!

9. I spent over 5 hours applying for a job in the county government. I am praying that I get it! Not only is it in social services, which is an interest of mine, but it's close to home! It's a pay cut and basically will just barely cover my bills, but it would save me so much time and my sanity!

10. I wish so many things were different, but I truly have been trying to stay positive. It's not always the easiest and tonight is one of those nights!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

And Then There Were Two (Birth Story Part 2)

Okay so where were we?!
Once we were moved to the new room, I could finally get food and rest! All I could think about though was Hailey coming to meet her sister! This is something I had dreamed about before I was even pregnant! I wanted to make sure she was the first one to meet her. Being that she was an hour and a half away at my Mom's,  I knew we would have to wait for a bit. It was okay though because I had nurses coming in and out checking on us and we were waiting for Emily's temperature to adjust so she could have her first bath!
The morning quickly passed as we napped and got ready for Hailey to come! When my mom called and said they were almost there, I got so nervous. I seriously had been waiting for this special moment for years. Before coming to the hospital,  I had taken Hailey to the store to pick something special for her to give Emily and I had spent hours trying to pick out the perfect gift for Emily to give Hailey.
I couldn't wait for the knock at my door knowing it was Hailey! When it finally came it was all I could do to not yell out of excitement "come meet your little sister"! She came right over and looked at her and smiled. I told her she could touch her and she felt her little hands and touched her little ears. Hailey doesn't get overly excited about things and being an excitable person, it drives me nuts!  But I could tell she was excited to finally be meeting Emily. I asked her if she wanted to hold her, and she climbed up in my bed so we could put a pillow in her lap to help support her and readily put her arms out. I put a sleeping Emily in her arms and she starred down at her. It honestly melted my heart! I asked if she wanted to give Emily her present and handed it to her. Of course Emily didn't even bat an eye. Then I told her Emily had something for her and gave her the box with her big sister bracelet which she immediately wanted on! It was a prefect moment for sure! She fed her and held her for at least an hour while she just starred at her. It was prefect!
It was Emily's time to go get her first bath and while she was gone, Hailey paced back and forth wondering where she was and what was taking so long. Emily was gone about 45 minutes and came back fresh and clean! They said she wasn't happy during the bath, but loved having her hair washed! After some more cuddling, it was finally time for Hailey and my Mom to head home. They said their good byes and my Mom promised Hailey to bring her back the next day.
That evening Emily was pretty content and when the pediatrician and nurse came in, they informed us that we could leave the next morning instead of having to wait until that Friday. We were both doing great and since I wasn't a first time mom, we didn't have to stay the extra time.
That night went pretty well. She woke up several times to eat and to be changed. The nurse came in and took her for a bit to run some tests and to allow us to get some rest. She was only gone for a little over an hour, but when she got back we were both awake and waiting for her.
They informed us that her bilirubin levels were high and would need to be rechecked in the afternoon but we could still go home most likely. We had a couple visitors and my Mom and Hailey came back in the afternoon. They took Emily and ran some more labs. At 4:30 the pediatrician came in and said her levels had increased most likely due to some bruising on her head from being the wrong way when we started pushing, but that I was being released and needed to call and make her an appointment with her pediatrician for the next day. I immediately called and got an appointment the next morning.
To be honest, I was a little disappointed that we were being released so soon. I liked people taking care of me and having someone checking in on me. I remembered how hard that was when I left the hospital with Hailey and went back to the real world. I had very little help from Kenny and things were very stressful. That was one of the huge reasons that I wanted the house to be prefect when we came home. I was scared to go through that again and cried the entire time we were being discharged. It made it harder when people were asking if I was okay, and I couldn't tell them what was wrong.  I knew it was best because we could take Hailey home and she could go to school on her last day of school and I felt bad for the way I felt, but face it, I was sore and exhausted and hormonal so I was allowed to have my moment.
We left that evening and headed home! It actually wasn't that bad, except for coming home to a house without a working air conditioner (Two days later we had a temporary fix). Once home things fell into place easier than I thought. I watched as Hailey sat on the floor reading books to Emily and talking to her. We cooked dinner and then got ready for Hailey's last day of school and for bed. I will admit, it was nice to sleep in my own bed and Emily did awesome that night!
As for Emily's bilirubin levels, we were sent back to the hospital to get labs done and found out they had increased that Friday. We were sent back to the labs on Saturday and finally got the call Sunday morning that they had gone down a point so we no longer had to worry as long as she continued to eat well and that the yellowing would go away shortly (which it did)!
So there we have it! A completed birth story! But it's not over until I share all the pictures from that day!
Baby Hair!
 Big sister holding her for the very first time!

 Daddy and his girls!

 Holy hot mess! Mommy and her girls!
 Feeding baby sister!
 Gift Hailey picked out for Emily!
 Big sister bracelet from Emily!


 Just couldn't take her eyes off of her!

 Going home outfit!

Welcome home!