Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!


1. I am finally getting my pictures from October posted! I have a Trick or Treating post to do and then I am all caught up! I am glad I have been taking more pictures to share!

2. I got my hair done Friday, which it's been over a year since I had any color professionally done on it. I have been just box dying it myself every couple months. I was really hesitant about spending the money, but I contacted an old friend from school who does it out of her house. She gave me a deal for a color, cut, and highlight that I could not pass down! Plus when we got there she cut Hailey's hair and waxed my eye brows on top of my hair all for under $100! I am so happy with the outcome! It was a nice confidence booster since I have been feeling so down on myself lately.

3. This month I have failed miserably with losing weight. I have been tracking every day and though my decisions aren't always the healthiest I feel like I really pick and choose! I think I am up 5lbs this month which blows my mind. I truly didn't expect that and am not looking forward to Thursday's weigh in!

4. I am planning a second baby shower. This one is more of a last minute one. This friend is due in January and has been waiting around for her mom to do something, but that woman dropped the ball. I contacted her and she said she has nothing planned. The mommy to be said she didn't need anything, but come on it's her first child, she needs the full shebang! I am happy to be a part of it!

5. I need to come up with a way to make money. I have some ideas, but I haven't really acted on any of them yet. I need to put some stock in my etsy store.....which is currently empty.

6. Someone at work brought me a new sea money starter kit to use with my little castle tank! I have the water purifying right now and am so excited for 9am tomorrow morning to drop the little egg packet in there! It's funny how people can have the weirdest things in common! She said she was glad to share with someone who enjoys them as much as her!

7. I went out walking at lunch today. It was nice out, but not as nice as yesterday. I am baffled that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. How can it be 70 degrees one day and then snowing two days later!

8. I cooked my little family our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday. I am glad I got a chance to do it! It was complete with an oven roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, rolls, and gravy. And besides for the stuffing mix, it was all made from scratch! It has made for some yummy left overs. Plus I love that we get to use my special Fall plates. I call them the "nice" china and they only come out for special holiday occasions.

9. The baby has been sick the past few days. She has a stuffy nose and has been having diarrhea throughout the days. Her little hinney is so red and burnt. I feel so bad for her. The sitter told me that she threw up after her bottle this afternoon. My poor baby Fuzzhead! I have been holding off giving her cereal at night until her stomach settled, but I read that maybe that would help give her something to weigh everything down. I am going to try that tonight and hope that helps her feel a little better!

10. I am pretty excited that Thanksgiving is Thursday, but I am just not ready for the whole Christmas and holidays to be in full force! Ahhhhh!

Pumpkin Carving!

So now that I have shared our pumpkin patch stories, it's time to show what we did with these things! This year Hailey was able to do her own pumpkin! Of course I did Emily's and decided on the most perfect design for her. Hailey spent probably an hour or more cleaning out her pumpkin. She decided that she wanted a puppy so I printed off a puppy head and helped her with getting hers taped on and showing her how to use the poking tool to make the design. I ended up doing all of that for her, but girlfriend did awesome when it came to carving! There was a tiny melt down when the ear collapsed but Kenny was able to fix that. Kenny worked on his the entire time and free handed his design which came out pretty awesome. When I finally got around to starting my pumpkin I was exhausted and ready to quit, but I went ahead and did it, which of course I was glad about! I was happy that we were able to do it this year since we missed last years! And Hailey and I were super excited about the results!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hailey's 7 Year Old Photos!

So last night I was cleaning and came across the CD with Hailey's pictures from her 7 year old photo shoot! Back in August, we got up one cloudy morning and met a friend of ours who does photography. I said I wanted more country type scene since Hailey is all about horses and the cow girl lifestyle. She suggested one of the old battlefields that are local. There are some historic barns and big weeping willows right around there. We got the girls up and dressed early that morning and met the photographer at 9am in the morning. It had rained the night before and was overcast, but she assured me that it would be perfect for pictures! I am pretty happy with the turn out, she gave me a total of 51 on a disc and a photo album with 24 printed out, plus I have all the copyrights to them. She did our holiday pictures this past Saturday so I can't wait to see how those turn out!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch!

I had mentioned that the girls got their pumpkins at the pumpkin patch in early October. The weekend of Halloween we decided that Kenny and I should also have some pumpkins. Last year I was so tired and sick with being pregnant, plus tight on money with the furlough, that we got just one pumpkin from walmart and didn't even carve it. This year I wanted to put a little more effort to it. We had hoped to hit another pumpkin patch in the area, but after looking at ticket costs, it would cost $50 just to get in without even buying a pumpkin. We opted out of that one.

I had noticed a lot of signs for different patches in the area. On my way home that Saturday I passed a plain wooden sign that just said "Pumpkins" and had an arrow and said what times they were open Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was another day with beautiful weather so that afternoon we headed on out to see this patch. I couldn't even find it on the map, we just knew what road it was on.

When we finally got to another sign, it was actually someones house and driveway. Kenny was hesitant about stopping, but once we pulled around back we saw several other cars. It was a decent sized patch that a family owned. The pumpkins were HUGE! They were also still on the vines so we were given a pair of clipped and a wheel barrel and told to have fun! We walked around for a good hour looking at these pumpkins. Neither Kenny or I had ever seen any this large! We were having such a hard time deciding on just one! After looking all over we ended up with a 27lb pumpkin for me and a 39lb pumpkin for Kenny! They were huge!

I am glad we decided to stop. We all agreed we would be going back there! There was a fair amount of people there while we were and a ton of pumpkins all over! Before we left the owners gave the girls the cutest little baby pumpkins! Seeing how excited both of them got about the little pumpkins made this trip so much better!

Okay maybe Emily wasn't as happy with this picture as I wanted. This is the best out of like 7!

Emily just wanted to eat hers!