Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weighing In Wednesday (except it's Thursday) Week 8

So I was off work yesterday and had to wait until today to weigh in and this is what I saw.......
This week's weight loss:
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
The weekend was a little rough food wise for me, but I made sure I really paid attention to what I ate on Monday and Tuesday to ensure I was back on track
What didn't work for me:
My monthly friend is on it's way so I want to eat and eat and eat and eat some more!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
I got a bag of gummy bears on Monday. And because of the reason above I wanted to devour them ALL! As I am munching them down I figured out the points for them. Well, they were 4 points per serving and I was running out of points for the day eating them all. I counted the ones I had left and I had exactly one serving left. So despite the fact I wanted them then and now, I scooped them up and put them back in the bag and away. That is so hard to do when you really want something!
My goals for this week:
Really focus on drinking my water and my fruits and vegetable intake. I would like to be able to have more of the healthy choices checked off on my online tracker!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Tale of the Lost Tooth

Hailey had a traumatic experience this weekend. My poor tootsie roll!

Her 2nd front tooth has been loss for a couple weeks, but she for the most part has been leaving it alone and not really wiggling it. I dropped her off at my Mom's house so I could go to a book club meeting. While I was leaving that, I received a very upset phone call from my little! Through the tears she was able to tell me that she lost her tooth and swallowed it! Oh no! I quickly told her that was okay and calmed her down. I think she was most upset because she had nothing for the tooth fairy! So my Mom and I told her that she could write the tooth fairy a note and tell her what happened. I told her lots of little kids swallow their tooth and I am sure she would like the note instead of a digested tooth. So by the time I got off the phone with her, she was much calmer!
My mom made a little card for her that's shaped like a tooth. When we got home, we decided what to write to the tooth fairy and she got busy getting it done! Then she even drew the tooth fairy a picture!
Before bedtime, she got a little upset again because her new fear was that the tooth fairy didn't know how to read. I told her that she reads lots of maps so she knows where to get to the children so I am sure she can read! I haven't talked to her today, but rumor has it that she left $3 and not just the $1 that she got the last time! I guess she was feeling a little generous!

Photo: Another tooth gone! My poor tootsie accidentally swallowed it! She was so upset! :(
One missing and the new one next to it pushing through!
"Please take this tooth instead of the real one. I swallowed it bu accident. Love, Hailey Gass"
Sometimes being a Mom/Tooth Fairy is hard work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
I'm linking up with the lovely momma Shannon over at "Life After I Dew" for another round of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What to......

  • The fact I had all these plans of what I was going to do on my day off Monday, but instead I decided to nap, I mean think in my bed all day. Okay, it was napping, but this momma needed some sleep!
  • The fact I was so excited about being invited into a book club and really got into the book in the beginning, but now its the last week and Sunday is the meeting and I still have 20 chapter's left! Guess who will be reading everynight before bed!
  • I am secretly sad that Hailey's Humphrey book is coming to an end. I love reading our nightly stories of the little hamster's daily adventures!
  • I sneaked on the scale yesterday to see "how bad I was doing". I figured I had gained a good 4 pounds or more. But to my surprise I had lost weight so I made every effort to eat good yesterday and small portions and then I happily went down this morning knowing I was way down, just to see I had gained a pound since yesterday! See that's what happens when you sneak a peak on the wrong day!
  • I forgot that Hailey's Hoops for Heart fundraiser is due tomorrow, so via text and some phone calls yesterday I raised her $95. Not to shabby considering it was in only a couple hours!
  • I had my first every massage this past Saturday! Number one the lady talked THE WHOLE TIME. Number two, she made several comments about my weight and how I "need to get control of it while your young". And then continued to tell me about different diet pills I could try. and Last but not least, she hurt me so bad that I felt as though I had been in a car accident for the next two days. I am not sure what kind of massage that was, but it was NOT relaxing.

So there you have it! Six things to say a big fat SO WHAT to for this week!

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Three years

I can't help but cry when I see this picture.
I can't believe it's been three years yesterday since you left us!
Though life has carried on, there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you!
It's kind of funny, I was talking to my Mom about this yesterday, but I was always so afraid that all my memories of my Uncle Dave would be replaced with the ones I saw every day for two years as I watched him get sicker with cancer. By the time he left us, he didn't even resemble the man I had known all my life. But, as time has gone on my memories of all the pain and sadness of the disease, have slowly returned to all the good times we shared and the Dave I want to remember. My Mom response was "that's how time heals". Even though it doesn't make the pain go away, it makes it more bearable. There never will be a time when I pull up in their driveway and that I don't look to the giant front window, where Dave would be standing there with baby Hailey making her little hand wave and saying "Hi Momma!!!" when I would come home from work most days! He called her his "Sunshine" and though just a tiny baby and toddler, she helped keep his spirits high throughout the whole sickness. I will make sure she never forgets him.

Here or there, you will always be my favorite Uncle Dave!

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Weighing In Wednesday: Week 7

Last week if you remember, I wasn't at work and couldn't weigh in on my normal scale I do every week. I did have a doctors appointment and I saw I was up 2lbs which to be honest was expected since that week I had to be on a liquid diet and then had all the nasty prep stuff to clean out my system so I had lost 4.9lbs in one week. So this week is a new week and..........
It's Wednesday again! As soon as 8am rolled around I was at the Nurse's Station waiting to use the scale! So drum roll please!!!!!
This week's weight loss:
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
Tracking EVERYTHING! Even after I knew I had gone over my points, I continued to track. I think knowing that I wasn't actually that far over made me realize I needed to continue to do good instead of just saying "I'll just start again Wednesday!"
What didn't work for me:
Valentine's day, Valentine's treats, Birthday celebrations!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
I think it is that I tracked everything even though I was over and in the red. I never threw in the towel!
My goals for this week:
Stay on track and under my points. Last week was full of celebration and stress and I let's face it, when I am happy I eat, and when I am sad I eat. So making sure I keep control of my emotions will help!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day!

I always get excited for any type of little holiday! Especially one where you can do cutesy stuff for the one's you love! I normally try to take off for Valentine's day due to the fact that Kenny works nights and our schedules don't overlap unless I am off. This year I was not able to take off because I was in charge of a huge special event at work (which turned out amazing, if I do say so myself!). Anyways, I since I couldn't be off, I planned a couple surprises!

First thing was that Hailey and I went to Krispy Kreme donuts and bought a dozen donuts for breakfast. We had to do this the night before! She loved going in and watching the donuts being made! I set the table with plates and cups and put the box out and a little sign that said "For my two Valentines!". So breakfast was set!

Then I stayed up until 12:30 am waiting for Kenny to come home. I had his stuff sitting on his pillow and left the lights on so he could see it when he came in! I sat up with him while he opened the card, a little stuff animal tiger that sings a song about Reese cups, and then I got him two pairs of jeans. So we talked for a bit and then I went to sleep since I had to be up in a couple hours.

After work, I went and picked Hailey up. I let her choose where she wanted to go for dinner and then we went and ate. We got home and she gave me the card she had made for me and I gave her the presents I had for her. Then we cuddled while looking at all her valentine's from her classmates and then it was bed time!

When we came home, I had a special surprise from Kenny which was a bamboo plant shaped in a heart in a red vase! It was such a nice surprise, and those are literally the only plants I can take care of without killing them! He also paid for my spa retreat for Meagan's birthday. It included a massage and a facial!

Though we couldn't spend much time together, Valentine's day was great with both my Valentines!

Here are the valentine's Hailey and I made for her class!

My bamboo!

And my Hailey Valentine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon at "L.A.I.D" for another round of So What Wednesday!

This week I am saying SO WHAT! to:

  • If my scale is a piece of crap and gives me different numbers each time I step on! I mean literally, you can put it in one spot, make sure it is completely level, and step on and get a number, step off and let it clear itself, and step right back on and get a 5lb difference! I seriously want to throw it across the room!

  • I have to wait until tomorrow to do my Weighing In Wednesday since I am not at work today and don't have a scale I can trust!

  • Lately I have been obsessing over money and losing weight. I am hoping that all this worrying will mean that one day I will be rich and skinny! Sounds good to me!

  • I decided to be crafty and make Hailey's Valentine's this year. For starters, it took forever to cut, trace, emboss, glue, tie, and stamp those bad boys together! Then I was sitting with her Monday night as we were working on them and noticed the note said they were due in yesterday! No chance of that happening! Luckily I emailed the teacher and it was fine. They came out cute, so I guess all the hard work was worth it! (But believe me, a box of them from the store would of been so much easier!

  • I still haven't made it to the gym because....well....umm....yup, I have no excuse, but SO WHAT! :)
I think this is therapeutic! See you next week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Be Right Horoscope!

Taurus Feb 11 2013

Slowly, Taurus - little by little - you should begin to feel better and better. Even if you've had a frustrating month so far, you will find that the pressure eases up, and that things start going your way without much of an effort. Allow yourself to relax as this happens. Don't be apprehensive, and don't allow yourself to wonder if this is just a tease, or if this is the calm before the storm. It's understandable that you might feel that way, but there's no reason to worry. Things really are looking up.

There has been a lot on my mind that I've been worrying about lately and I was beginning to think February was just not going to be my month. Hopefully today's horoscope is right and things will start turning out differently!  At least its some thing to hope for! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fab Fridays! Celebrating the Good!

The Everyday Joys
I will be honest, I have been in a crummy mood for most of this week, just really anxious and letting people get to me. It has taken everything to be nice and not let it show! So I am welcoming this link up to think of all the fabulous things going on, and hopefully boost my mood! I mean, it's Friday what's better then that!
I think it is fabulous that Hailey has been in school for over 100 days and I was able to go in a help out a couple hours during her 100th day! She was so excited about the 100th day! They made a 100th day snack with 100 items in it, a special 100th day hat with 100 stamps! They made fruit loop necklaces with 100 pieces on them! It was a lot of fun helping the kids make all the stuff. I wish I could volunteer more often in her classroom!
I think it fabulous Valentine's day is next week! Kenny and I aren't doing anything special for it or anything. In fact we both will work, so we won't even see each other. But I am excited to spend it with Hailey. I got her a couple cute little things and I thought I might take her out to get something to eat. I also know she will have a party at school so I am sure she will be really excited about that!
I think it is fabulous that her school is doing "One School Community, One Book". Everyone in the school was issued a brand new book called "The World According to Humphrey". Each night we are assigned a chapter to read. And when I say "we", that means everyone in the school. The janitors, the lady's in the cafeteria, the bus drivers, the whole school community all reads a chapter a night (well they are supposed to). Then the kids do stuff during the day with the stuff they read the night before. They are also having trivia, so the class who wins daily gets a visit from "Humphrey" for the day. Humphrey is a Zhu Zhu pet, which Hailey has a ton of, BUT every night she talks about how badly she wants Humphrey to come to class. It's a really cute book and a great idea!
I think it's fabulous that I don't have much going on this weekend! Hailey and I are going to work on her Valentines. I drew something up on the computer to cut out and got all the card stock a couple weeks ago. I have just been waiting for the time to cut and glue everything all together. I hope it turns out as good as I see it in my head! And I told myself I wouldn't spend more then $5 on Valentines, so after buying the paper, I had just enough money to buy Valentine's bubbles from Michael's Craft Store that I am going to attach some way!
I think it's fabulous that I am so excited for next weekend! Friday we are having a couple's dinner with some awesome friends! We are even getting fancy with the whole meal! And NO KIDS! Wahoo! Then Saturday I am celebrating my bestie's Birthday with a spa treatment! And then Sunday is Disney on Ice with my other bestie and her little girl! I can't wait for Hailey to find out where we are going! I hope she is excited as I am! So one more weekend then my exciting weekend will finally be here!
Well, I think that's a great start to thinking about some fabulous things going on! And you know what, I have a smile on my face now, so it worked! I am in a much better mood at the moment!
You should try it! What's going on that's Fab to you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WW: Classy Kitty

So I bought the cat a pretty pink fuzzy bed and instead of laying in that, she likes to hang out in an empty Bud Light box. Silly cat!
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Weighing In Wednesday- Week 5

It's Wednesday again! As soon as 8am rolled around I was at the Nurse's Station waiting to use the scale! So drum roll please!!!!!
This week's weight loss:
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
To be honest I had a medical procedure done at the hospital yesterday so I am sure that's where most my weight loss came from. Monday I had to be on a clear liquid diet and do a complete system flush (if you know what I mean!) so by yesterday I was completely empty of everything! But what worked for me was tracking. I tried to eat salad most days at lunch and measured out my sides when eating dinner.
What didn't work for me:
I never made it to the gym! So that didn't work for me!
A non scale victory for me this past week:
A couple weeks ago I had some lab results come back and it said I was deficient in Vitamin D. I was prescribed a huge dose that I take weekly. To be honest, I can feel a difference! I mean I am still tired, but I have way more energy then I have had in a while. I actually was up by 9:30 both days this past weekend and didn't take any naps! I also do a few more things around the house in the evenings where before it took everything to watch the clock tick to bed time! So feeling more energized is a non scale victory for me!
My goals for this week:
Let's try this gym goal one more time! There is no liquid diets or horrible preps this week. It's just a plain normal week! So there is no excuse this time! My goal is to make it to the gym at least once this week!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fab Fridays!

The Everyday Joys
Today I am linking up with Laura at for Fab Fridays.
I am new to this link up so I thought it would be fun to give it ago and talk about the fab and positive stuff that has gone on today, this week, or even recently!
First off, I forgot that the new Scentsy book came out for consultants to view until I saw that Laura talking about it! Ahhhhh I am so excited for the next stuff and to share! I put warmers in most my rooms, but I think I might have to make a couple of them sample warmers for my book parties kit! I can't wait to smell some of the stuff! I like that Scentsy still makes me excited even after two years of selling it!
I think its fab that I am half way done with my homework that is due on Sunday! This may not sound like something special, but if you know me, you know that I am the biggest procrastinator and normally don't do the work until I am rushing on Sunday nights! This is week 3 of the classes and I have had everything done and turned in each week before 9pm. This is huge, well at least for me!
I think it's fab that I have been doing some stuff around the house. Maybe some minor stuff like sorting through bags of clothes, but hey it's something! I took two big bags to Goodwill and made two trips to Once Upon a Child with some things to sell.
I think it's fab that I have been using my calendar and that I can see how big of difference it makes with stress. If I don't write stuff down, then I constantly think about it. I forget to do it or I lose it. So by writing it down, I have slowly checked off my list!
I think it's fab that in two weekends I have a full weekend of fun stuff! Ahhhhh I get so excited! There's a couple's dinner night, a spa day with a bestie for her Birthday, and then Disney on Ice! I am making it a surprise for Hailey, so it's killing me knowing how she will react! I can't wait! It's my first time seeing that also!
So what fab things do you want to celebrate?!

Friday Letters!

Today I am linking up with Ashley for some Friday's Letters
Dear Weather, How could I not start off with talking to you? I mean it was snowy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was almost 70 and then this morning it was like a blizzard out! What are you doing up there?!?
Dear Hailey, Thinking about you makes me smile. You have no idea how proud I am of you and how amazed you make me. You are beginning to read and I love that we read together. You work so hard and I can tell!
Dear House In MD, I have stressed over you for so long. I wish you would sell already so I can move on with my life. You received a cash offer yesterday, but it was for $50,000 less then asking price, let's just hope that the bank takes it, and then you can get flipped and  look oh so pretty! You were my home for over 5 years. We outgrew you, but it didn't mean that we didn't love you. You will make some happy couple starting out so very happy!
Dear Flu, Thank you for leaving, I am much better now!
Dear Hubby, How can someone make me so ANGRY at times! Grrrrr! But today is a new day and I love you!
Dear Weekend, Wahoo! You are finally here! I have been waiting for you since last Sunday night! Let's go by slow!
Dear Self, Just breathe and relax! Let it go! It will be okay!
What do you want to write to this Friday?