Thursday, May 30, 2013

Patience as a Parent

I have always believed that patience is a virtue. I am extremely patient with people and situations. I mean come on, over 4 hours commuting a day in the city and a busy highway, I must have a lot of patience! I have always believed that good things come to those who wait!

But having patience as a parent........that's a huge battle of it's own!

Believe me, I try my hardest and bite my tongue, but sometimes there is days where I have no patience with Hailey. She has always been pretty independent. She likes to do things on her own, in her own way, and on her own time. She has no problem rushing me and crying because I am not fast enough to jump up and get her a drink. But do you want to meet the slowest child when it comes to doing things you want to her to do, then meet Hailey! You constantly have to push her a long. When it comes to getting dressed, getting ready for the shower, coming when you call her, or the nightly nightmare of brushing her teeth, she is super slow and does not want to be rushed!

Even though I get infuriated with her from time to time, I have to remind myself that she is only 5 years old and is still learning. For example the other night she was practicing reading a book that she had to take to read in front of the class. I read the book once to her, then sat as she read it another 10 or so times practicing. The child could not remember the word "it". And "it" was on every page! Even the 10th time reading "Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear" she was still struggling with "it". By the end, I just wanted to scream "IT"!!!!!! But I tried my hardest to maintain my cool, because I know she is still learning. Then at the very last page on the last time through, she couldn't figure out the name "Biscuit". Seriously, I was dying inside as she whined and moaned about figuring out this word, another word that was literally on every page and that she had read fine the whole entire time. I swear if I had to hear that book one more time, I was going to throw it out the window! Ahhhhhh! The whole process was driving me nuts. But you know, even though I was screaming inside, I was very calmly talking to her and helping her a long on the outside. Because she is just five years old, and just starting out with reading.

I wish I could display more patience more often. There are times I scream and yell at her, you know at the moments she is pushing all my buttons or continues to do something I specifically said not to! Sometimes I can get angry and mean. And though she doesn't seem to let it phase her much, I still end up feeling bad about it!

So why is it so hard to be patient with others, but not your own children? This is something that I need to work on! I don't want to be the scary mean mommy! I want to be the calm mommy who my child knows she can always come to. Hopefully it is something I can work on!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
  • Today is dragging by! Yesterday felt like this week was going to fly by, but I guess that decided to not happen anymore.
  • Settlement was scheduled for this Friday for the other house. They kind of just called to let me know when to show up. Umm sure I guess I can schedule a day off in a moments notice. Grrrrr
  • I always bounce my legs. And with my ankle still screwed up, I am worried I am doing more damage to it. I honestly have no clue I am doing it until it really starts to hurt or someone yells at me to stop. I have been working so hard on breaking that habit!
  • I have been waiting for a day that I could run by and grab my lab slip from the doctors office. Of course they are closed on Saturdays and close at 5pm on weekdays. So I have had it sitting there since April. I was specifically told to come by the office front desk and they would have it for me. I finally got a chance to go Friday and they couldn't find it. And then I was told to go to the other building and their lab would write it up for me. So all along I could of gone to their lab for the order which is open 6 days a week and extended hours. Needless to say, my vitamin D is crazy low again and he refilled my prescription I have been with out since the beginning of April. Thanks Doc!
  • I bough little single serving packs of Sour Patch kids. But I bring four of them with me to lunch. I mean there is only 5 stupid little kids in each one! What a tease!
  • I wrote my brother a happy Birthday text message and left him a card and gift card. Do you think I would hear anything back or a simple thanks to my text. Nope. And after I got off the phone with my Mom and told her how I felt, I got a text like an hour later, "thanks". But she said she never said anything to him about it. It's just funny how I sent the text at 5:30am and the return text comes at 11:30pm after I had spoken to her. Hmmmmm
  • It makes me really sad the issues my brother and I have. I have tried really hard to put them behind us and to reconnect with him, but he would rather be an ass to me all the time. What ever!
  • I have to drive the van home again today. I do drive a big lifted Jeep, but I still get nervous driving a huge passenger van. If I wreak the Jeep, I am out of luck on a way to work. If I wreak the van, 13 people are out of luck.

WW: Weekend Recap

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This weekend was pretty mellow. We didn't have a lot of big plans or anything, but we did get in a lot of family time! Here were a couple shots from this weekend!

Photo: <3
PS: Don't mind the crazy hair, we had the windows down!


Weighing in Wednesday- Week 20

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

So it's week 20! If I had of been keeping up with my weigh loss in the beginning this is when I would be celebrating my 20lbs gone (since I seemed to lose a pound a week). Unfortunately things don't always go as planned and we all hit bumps in the road. One thing I am proud of is that I tracked every day! I for the most part stayed in my point values also. I am pleased with that part and although I was hoping to see more weight off, 6 ounces gone is 6 ounces I am no longer carrying with me! Hopefully I am on my way to good things!

See you next week!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. Last Tuesday I was super prepared for this post, and this week I had no clue what I was going to write about!
2. I got way to used to sleeping in late and staying up at night. This morning was rough! I had no problem getting up, it was when we were on the road it really started to hit me how tired I actually was.
3. I have been having headaches pretty bad again. You know those kinds where your glasses literally feel as though they are pinching your nose. Just taking them off is a huge relief, except for the part where I am blind as a bat and can't see anything. I am assuming they are either one of two things, one- my blood pressure is up again or two- they go along with my allergies.
4. I was a good girl and packed my breakfast and lunch today! No spending money on high priced city food for me today! I mean really, even the McDonald's in the mall is more expensive!
5. I had to pay my personal property tax bill which was $435. Yikes! So now I won't have enough to make the car payment so that will be a couple days past due. Are you happy state of VA?! You got my money for a vehicle now I can't even make a payment on! Yup, I am pretty sure they don't care.
6. I have heard there are a ton of places to pick strawberries by the new house. So I put a post out on the mommy forum for some recommendations. Hopefully we can include that in our weekend plans! Some how I always go at the end of the season and get the left overs. Lucky for us they are still just as yummy! I mean who knew there was only a window of time to pick strawberries!
7. The old house is supposed to go to settlement on Friday. I am kind of irritated at the whole thing. After my realtor found out she isn't getting paid for sale, she hasn't stayed in contact with. Until she called me a couple weeks ago to tell me she was going on a cruise and probably wouldn't be at settlement, I had no clue the offer had been accepted by the bank. I asked her to please send me the information which she said she would, yet I never saw it. Today the other realtor called to tell me where to be for settlement. I mean, it would have been nice to be informed we were this close. I am just going to bite my tongue since it is so close to being over with. I will say that I won't put ink on any pages until I get the paperwork I need from the bank. Fingers crossed it all goes smooth.
8. I have been doing pretty good on Weight Watchers this week and have tracked every bite! I peaked on the scale this morning and was disappointed to see that it hadn't moved. I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow at least a little bit lighter!
9. I cried like three times this weekend (ha! every day when it was time to get dressed) because I seriously have no clothes to wear since it's getting warmer. You think I am joking, but I have only a handful of winter clothes that fit and now it's getting to warm. I got rid of all the clothes that were too big for me last summer, but here I am back up in weight and now those clothes don't fit that I do have. I don't have money to buy anything new nor do I want to. So if you see me in sweatshirts all summer long, you will know why.
10. I did 5 loads of laundry and two loads of dishes! I was pretty proud of myself!
So what 10 things do you want to share this Tuesday?

Night Thinking!

It's funny how my brain decides to wake up and think nonstop as soon as the lights go out at night....

So here I am Sunday night around midnight. I am exhausted, barely able to climb in bed and get the covers over me. I plug my cell phone in and reach to turn out the lights. I roll on my left side and close my eyes. This is my sleep position and just as I am about to drift away to dream land, the light bulb in my head turns on and it is now time to think.

Here was my thought process at that moment:

1. I need to wash clothes tomorrow that are in the laundry room since they all got wet in the flood.
2. Most of them can come right out of the dryer and put into bags for donations.
3. The last time I donated clothes, I donated a sweatshirt my grandparents gave me when I was in elementary school. It was a anniversary Disney one.
4. I shouldn't have donated that, I should of held on to it. It was special. ::panic starts to set in::
5. I wonder where it went and if I can get it back!
6. I wish I had of taken better care of it since it was something that someone I loved thought enough about me to bring it back to me.
7. Kind of like the necklace my aunt and uncle gave me for my graduation when I was 18 that I lost.
8. I just don't understand how I could of lost it. ::eyes are wide open, and tears are starting to form::
9. I took it for granted and now my uncle is gone and I will never get a gift like that from them again.
10. Why did I have to lose it? I should of taken better care of it.
11. I miss Dave, why did he have to leave us so soon. It's not the same and TeeTee hasn't been the same since he died.
12. I miss TeeTee. I wish she was still watching Hailey.
13. I wish we weren't so far away and I got to see everyone more.
14. I AM HOMESICK ::cue hysterical crying now::

And now it's 1am, I am crying, my head is pounding, my heart is skipping beats, I can't breath from anxiety, and my husband thinks I am a nutcase, especially when I tried to explain how this all came from thinking about doing laundry the next day.

I have been trying to work really hard on my thoughts, but this one got away from me. I have been really analyzing the stuff I worry and think about. First I ask if this is something that I should be worrying about right now. Then the follow up on that is if it is something I have any control over. And from there I either decide to let it go or break it down further. This has been working for me most nights, but as you can see, some nights my thoughts quickly get away from me.

Do you also think at night? And are you the same as me, does your thoughts jump all around?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

The week of May 6th was Teacher Appreciation week! Hailey has an AMAZING teacher! After looking on Pinterst I decided to do something small for each day of the week, you know something useful for her class. Then Friday I wanted to so something a little more special for her.

So this is what we did for the week!

Monday: Some nice new pens

Tuesday: Glue sticks

Wednesday- Highlighters

Thursday- #2 Pencils (This was my least favorite. Maybe it was the tag I made, but I wish I had of done something else)

Friday- This was the one I was most excited for. I made one for the teacher and one for the part time teacher assistant (or paraeducator). The tags for the teacher said "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge" and the para's said "Thank you for being a great "ade" for your class". Inside I put Crystal Light Lemonade packets in each.

What I was even more proud of was how much I spent all week making these things. I got all the supplies from Target and the cups from AC Moore. The cups are those nice reusable ones. Target wanted $9 a piece for them. I checked at AC Moore and found them for $1.99 each, then I had a coupon so I got them for $1.50 each. The Crystal Light lemonade was $1.00 for 10 sticks, which I split in the cups. So Friday's gift came to $4. Then the pens were the most expensive at $2.99. So my grand total for the week was $10.32. Not to shabby!

PS: Hailey said the teacher loved her cup and has bringing it every day with iced tea! That makes Hailey very happy!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So What Wendesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
  • These stupid allergies or cold.....not sure which one it is! Finally after 3 days my sore ears and itchy throat are starting to go away!
  • Two weeks ago I came home to water in my basement and last night I came home to a lizard ripped a part in the foyer thanks to the cat! Bad Rosie! What happened to coming home to relaxation and quiet?! Or even better dinner on the table! A girl can dream right!

  • Last Thursday I came home after a long day at work. Baked some chicken in the oven, peeled potatoes and made homemade mashed potatoes, made some gravy, cooked some corn. Had it all done and ready for the family dinner and Kenny said I "clearly made dinner just for me" since he didn't want chicken and refused to eat it. So instead he opened a can of Pepsi and sat in the living room watching TV while Hailey and I ate dinner. Cue argument NOW!

  • The above turned into a huge argument over dinners. He is home on Thursday's now so I have to make him dinner, Thursday through Saturday. The problem with this is he doesn't like anything! He said he is tired of tacos and spaghetti. BUT he doesn't like chicken, doesn't like pork, doesn't like beef unless it's ground beef, doesn't eat vegetables, won't eat rice unless it's fried from the Japanese Steak House. Oh doesn't eat fish! Ummmm sooooo what am I supposed to fix?!?

  • I have so much work I need to do here, but I felt that hanging back up all my pictures should be priority. I mean, who can work if their cubical isn't exactly right!

  • I didn't lose weight this week, but I did fix the scale! Wahoo! Hailey is back to 40lbs and not 110!

  • I am supposed to be bringing my lunch every day, but this is the third day "I forgot it" when I actually never packed it. But I have been making coffee every morning and bringing muffins for breakfast!

Speaking of lunch, that sounds good right about now! Time for you to share what you are saying "so what" to this week!


Weighing in Wednesday- Week 19

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

I stayed exactly the same! Hmmm! I am having a hard time with continuing to track. I haven't just thrown it out the door, but I start the week out good and write everything down, but then I just stop! Hopefully this is something I can focus on this week. I know I can do it if I really set my mind to it!

See you next week!

WW: Soccer Season is Over!

Soccer is officially over! It was a fun 6 weeks and Hailey has found something she really likes! Hopefully we can fit it into our work schedules this Fall and she can continue on! Saturday was the last game and then we headed to Chick-fil-a for the end of the season celebration and trophies! Great job this season Columbia Team!

And now for a photo dump!


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. I look forward to doing my 10 things on Tuesday post! Sometimes I actually lay in bed on Monday night thinking about what I am going to write!
2. I feel weird not having school projects and deadlines hanging over my head. Without thinking about it, I automatically begin to go to schools site when I get online. When I realize what I am doing I am often left with the thought of "oh great what am I supposed to do next". Usually I just head to pinterest. Ha!
3. I have two books that I am reading. One was March's book club book that I'm about 70% done with and the other is April/May's book which I am like 30 pages in. Well last night I read something about Emily Griffin's new book and how good it was. So I immediately went to Barnes and Knobles website and now I am currently reading three books.
4. I have always saved up all my credit card points for something amazing. But in reality I feel cheated when I think I spent how many thousands of dollars to get something that was like $30 in store. So last year I used all my points to get Barnes and Knobles gift cards! I actually got $80 worth! When I look at all the books I have downloaded, I am so happy I used them on something like that rather than a starbucks gift card or mini charcoal grill haha.
5. There is only 11 days of schools left for my little after today and 4 of those are half days! I can't believe how fast the year has been!
6. I have been wondering if Hailey was going to have a graduation from Kindergarten. I know most schools don't do that now. I received a flyer for a Pizza End of the Year Celebration, but figured it would just be a lunch thing. But Hailey clues me in last night that they have been making graduation hats and working on a song! Now I am super excited!
7. I have spent a lot of time looking for new jobs lately. I mean if work is constantly telling us that we should look for different jobs, then I guess I should take the hint. I mean my job is stable, but as far as growth potential is there is none. We carry heavy work loads and no chance of promotion in the future. I mean I am content now, but it would be nice to know that I have something to work for one day. Morale is awful here that's for sure!
8. I used a website idea to help me create a spreadsheet to make a budget. Once I added all my bills and how much I would allow for different things like groceries, personal items, and things like eating out, I had a larger monthly total than I bring home. According to that website I should have a couple hundred dollars left to put in savings and have for incidentals. Opps!
9. We have no plans for this long weekend coming up. I told Kenny we are going to have a family cleaning day. He did not seem thrilled and like usual he probably won't take part in it. I have been in a thorough spring cleaning mood. Well, I haven't actually done anything, but I like the idea!
10. I have really been struggling the past couple days. Maybe it's because of my monthly friend will be making it's visit, but I have been super emotional. I have just been feeling alone, like I have no one really to relate to. I guess the tension here at work and the fact I feel so far away from Hailey if she needs me is really getting to me. Not to mention the hours of time I spend in traffic even with the vanpool. I understand every one's life is different, but I can't help but feel slightly envious when most Mom's I know are stay at home moms. I know that's not all it's cracked up to be and most of them want to pull their hair out some days, but when I think of having another baby and the time I will spend away from that child, it breaks my heart. I already don't have a normal family structure with Kenny working nights. Plus I am gone from the house over 12 hours a day. I just have been feeling really lonely when I think about all of it and everything I feel like I miss out on. Kenny flat out told me last night that I have spent so much money to get a degree that it would be stupid and ridiculous to consider me staying home. Plus he flat out said he isn't willing to give up anything to help make it happen. But it's not like I said I was giving up on a career or goals and never working again. I just would like to know that I don't have to miss out on everything like I feel like I am now, especially with the thought of a second child......... Insert sad face here!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, the Place You'll Go!

I have always loved Dr. Seuss, but it wasn't until these past few weeks that I realized how inspirational he was and how much the little things he said in his books meant.
I have been trying to figure out things to do for Hailey since she will be graduating into the big world of 1st grade in a couple weeks. First grade sounds so much different than kindergarten. Right now she is just in kindergarten and she is the baby of the school, but next year seems so grown. A first grader! Ahhhhh it makes my heart skip a beat. I can't believe my tiny baby will be in first grade.
I feel like this is a huge milestone and something special. I have thought of all sorts of different things I could do for her so that she remembers this day. I have finally come up with an idea. I want to order her "Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr. Suess. I have read about it given to grads for the for all different levels, but I want to give it to her for this special day of graduating kindergarten.
I mean such great quotes and words of widom! I am going to get the hardback book and write a letter to her to attach on the back of the front cover. I want her to know how smart she is and all that is in front of her and ahead of her. Eveything she can do, be, and dream about! I can't wait for her to open it and to explain what it is and what it means. Hopefully it is something she will treasure forever.
It's so hard for me to believe in just two short weeks school will be out, and my baby girl will be no longer a little kindergartner, but offically a first grader!
Oh, the places she'll go!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
The fact I already knew some of the things I was going to write about at 4:30 this morning! It started out as one of those days!
My scale is broken, I know I went a little over board with the sweets and drinks this past week, BUT you can not tell me I gained 53lbs extra. After beating it against the floor and shaking it, I am hoping it just needs a new battery.
My husband would rather sleep in the recliner watching infomercials with his iPad on his lap then sleep with me. It seems like I tell him goodbye more times out there then not. I mean I know he gets home at 1:30am, but that still gives him 3 hours to make it in the bed with me!
Now after complaining about the above topic, I will admit that I secretly enjoyed turning the light on and getting dressed in the bedroom instead of in the dark!
Hailey was Ms. Cranky Pants last night! First she cried because I didn't get the chips that she wanted from the grocery store. When I tried to make it better by saying I got the ice cream she liked, she bust into tears again because last week she wanted dessert and Kenny told her it was too late and she had to brush her teeth. She has had dessert 3 nights since that incident and she was still upset!
I am craving a large fountain cherry coke..........BAD.......
Welp I guess that's enough for today! What are you saying "so what!" to this week?

Weighing In Wednesday-Week 18

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

Did you notice last week I didn't post anything?!? Nope didn't think so! I decided since it was my Birthday and such a rough start to the week, to just skip last weeks weigh in. So with all the food I have been consuming, soda, and celebration cakes and cupcakes, there is no wonder that I gained 1.2lbs. But I look at it this way, I had fun! I didn't deprive myself and basically I had a cheat week. But now I am back and focused and that's all that matters! I decided while counting points is really good, I also want to incorporate the My Fitness Pal also. So pretty much double track at this point! Maybe it will help me use my points a little bit wiser since I will be tracking the calories too!

See you next week!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday

1. Today is my first day back to work since last it Friday yet?!
2. Hailey took her final teacher gifts from Friday to school today! Hope they liked them!
3. I made my own Mother's day card this year! I was impressed with myself! I even put some pretty pearls on it!
4. It feels weird not having school projects and deadlines hanging over my head. I am still waiting for my final grades to make sure I passed my last two classes. I think tomorrow is when grades have to be submitted.
5. The house is starting to smell musty while we are still trying to get all the water out. We have almost all the carpet pulled out and fans and dehumidifiers running. I will love to see that electric bill.
6. Whenever I feel like I get one step ahead when it comes to money, then a an additional bill comes in. I owe $70 for the insurance policy on the old house, not to mention like $600 in medical bills. One bill I have been paying since this time last year. I am down to $90 on it, but that might be another 2 or 3 payments on that. I figure as long as they all get something then they won't turn me into collections.
7. I had a very scary ghost dream the other night and it really freaked me out. I was screaming in my dreaming but it was coming out as a "shhhhhhing" sound really loudly in real life. I woke up to Kenny very yelling "well I don't know what you are doing over there!" haha ummmm hello! Can't you tell I was screaming! That dream really freaked me out!
8. I got a sunless tanner wash for my Birthday. Hot off the market at QVC. Let's just say I did it last night and it was a complete fail! I look like I have some odd skin disease. Thank goodness I didn't use it on my face. And the smell is so sweet and strong and that is ALL I can smell. I am sure the people in my van pool loved that this  morning. I almost turned around half way there because I was scared I stunk. Needless to say, 100% satisfaction or your money back, is going to be taken up on this deal!
9. At lunch I went pretend shopping at I filled my basket full of Dr. Scholl and Banana Tropic products I really wanted. It ended up coming to $34 so I closed out the window. Haha the joys of being old, when shopping for foot products and sunscreen become what you do in your downtime!
10. It's time to hang up my jersey! The Capitals got creamed lost last night which means our season is over. And believe me, EVERYONE at work has stopped by to say something about it today. Next year we will be better than ever!
And what 10 things would you like to share today?!

My Weekend in a Nutshell!

So my last post left off on Wednesday, and talked about my lovely Birthday flood! It a crazy day and I was just emotionally and physically exhausted. Meagan came over and decorated the house for my Birthday and then made me dinner and a cake which was really nice! I got to spend the evening with her, Hailey, and Kenny since he was off working on the basement. That helped cheer me up a bit!

Thursday and Friday, I took off from work which was nice! We took the cat to vet on Thursday then Kenny and I walked around the mall for a bit. We didn't buy one thing! Impressive, I know! Then we went and had lunch together which was nice just spending time together. When we picked Hailey up from school she was looking really rough. She said she just didn't feel good and had a nasty cough. Poor thing! We just hung around the house for the evening, nothing special.

Friday, Hailey woke up sick still so she stayed home. I got up and got ready to head over to Maryland where I went and visited with Heather. It was nice to catch up, laugh, and just sit outside in the nice weather for a while! After that I ran to my mom's house to give tickets for my graduation and Mother's day gifts, then headed to my Aunt's to do the same. I got home kind of late Friday evening, but just in time to catch the Caps game!

Saturday we skipped soccer since it had been raining all week so it was super wet and Hailey just still wasn't feeling good. We got ready and headed out of the house at 11:30am for my graduation. I had to be there by 2pm to start lining up! It was hectic and was a long time standing in lines. Graduation started at 4pm and lasted until 6:30pm. It was also very LONNNNG, but was very exciting when my name was called and I could finally move my tassel! After that we headed for a "surprise" and ended up at my grandmother's house with all my family for a surprise party! Dinner and cake was amazing plus I enjoyed laughing with my cousins! We didn't get home until after midnight so it was a very long day! I was very impressed with how well Hailey did after feeling so crumby all day.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I slept in! I actually did a lot of sleeping during the day. We stayed in PJs and just hung around the house. If I was not sleeping, I was working on my final project that was due at midnight! Isn't it funny that I still had a ton of work due on the12th, when I graduated on the 11th? It still all had to be done because I don't get my diploma until July after the completion on these final classes.

My little still wasn't feeling good Sunday evening and was still coughing and running a low grade fever. I decided to keep her home and took off of work on Monday. I was able to get her a doctors appointment yesterday at a new pediatrician and they ended up diagnosing it as Croup. She was prescribed a steroid for the next three days. I could tell a huge difference from yesterday morning to the afternoon when we were at the doctors. I think it's running it's course, but she said this should nip it the rest of the way in the butt.

So that was it! My whole weekend! Not to shabby, if I can say so myself! A Birthday, Graduation, and Mother's day all in one! Kenny informed me yesterday that my weekend was over and he could go back to being mean to me. Ha!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away NOW!!!!

Today is my Birthday! Woot woot! But the only thing I can think about is what I came home to discover last night. We have had rain since Monday and some really bad storms came through before I got home and dumped buckets of water on us! When I pulled into my driveway there was literally a stream running through the yard! After getting soaked getting out of the car we ran inside and that's when all the fun began ::sarcasm::

About a month ago the garage had gotten water in and the carpet by the basement door got really wet. It took about 3 weeks of fans and dehumidifiers to finally salvage it. As we walked in the door, which our house is a split foyer, Hailey went to the last step to the basement and touched the carpet and said "oh no it's wet again". I immediately dropped my stuff by the door and checked it and sure enough is was saturated. As soon as I stepped down on it the water came out from under the carpet and went over top my toes in my flip flops. I opened the garage door and there was at least an inch of water in the garage. I called Kenny which was a very unpleasant phone call and after telling him what I was seeing he decided he needed to leave work. After getting off the phone with him I went back into the basement to see how much of the carpet was wet. I got to the entrance of the laundry room and there was about 4" of muddy water on the floor of the laundry room. PANIC! Then I walked further into the big living room in the basement and the water was just soaking through the carpet. EVERY inch of carpet was wet. Outside the glass sliding doors was about a foot of more muddy water.

I called my friend's husband who came to help. I quickly got my rain boots on so I could down in the basement and see what needed to be done. When he got here we started bucketing out the water outside the glass door. The neighbor behind us also came over and started to help. Kenny made home about two hours after I had called him and we all started trying to get the water to stop coming in. We were able to dump buckets upon buckets of water to get the water level lower then the door. The yard was flooded and so Kenny started digging in the drain fields. We ended up with three big shop vacs trying to suck up the water from the garage and the basement, but it literally was just getting more and more wet. Kenny pulled up part of the carpet by the stairs and water started rushing onto the floor and out into the garage. David and Kenny started pulling boxes out of the crawl space underneath the steps to find where the majority of the water was coming in. Under the steps is a concrete slab with a huge crack in it. So there is a crack in the foundation of the house. All the water in my flooded yard was literally being sucked into the house the more we vacuumed. Needless to say at that point there was nothing more we could do until it stops raining and the yard pretty much drains because it's just going to keep coming in.

From the time I got home, until about 2 am this morning, when we finally got to bed, I cried. It was like once the tears started I couldn't make them stop. I woke up this morning after 2.5 hours of sleep to get ready for work. My eyes were almost swollen shut from crying so much and I am beyond exhausted. Our basement was used for storage for all the boxes I haven't unpacked and most of Hailey's toys were down there. We have some furniture down there and the computer and printers. Pretty much anything touching the carpet is wet. All the stuff in the bottom boxes has water in them. We need to bring everything up and out of the basement upstairs so that all the carpet can be torn up in the entire basement. Not to mention the foundation is going to have to be fixed. We are looking at a few thousand dollars to fix that and redo the flooring. Not to mention all the stuff that is ruined in the basement and garage.

Believe me I know that it could have been way worse. I know that people have lost EVERYTHING due to major flooding from storms. I know that these were only inches of water when others have had several feet of water in their house. But I can't help but want to cry every time I think of the basement. It's overwhelming and going to require money we don't have. We don't have flood insurance since we don't live in a flood zone, so insurance isn't going to be able to help us. The whole situation sucks all around. Plus the whole thing of bringing all those boxes upstairs and then figuring out what is now trashed due to the water damage.

This was supposed to be an exciting day and an exciting week! I have been looking forward to it so much! But now it's just a lot of chaos and stress.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. Holy smokes am I tired today! I have to keep putting effort into staying awake at work! I'm looking forward to my commute home so I can get my nap on!
2. So today is my Birthday eve! My last day of 25! Wahhhhhh! But I am still super excited for tomorrow!
3. I am finally on my lunch break and am catching up on last nights issue of Teen Mom 2. I think Kailyn is a true nutcase and soooooo rude!
4. I submitted my Psychology Portfolio that I needed to graduate! 63 pages and over 25,000 words! It's crazy seeing everything coming together, especially after all the stress, tears, and hardwork I put into these past few years of school! I can't believe graduation is on Saturday and is finally here!
5. This week is Teacher Appreciation week! I love Hailey's teacher and think she has been amazing for Hailey, especially with how hard of time Hailey had adjusting to all the new in her life. I have planned something small, mostly school supplies, with a note each day for Hailey to take in (thank you pinterest!!!)! Friday I have something a little more special planed and can't wait to share the pictures!
6. I volunteered to make a desert for Teacher Appreciation events that the PTA is doing each day. I wrote the lady and told her I would contribute a desert and she asked me to also contribute a box of K Cups. Ughhhh that was not part of my plan! Of course I didn't feel like I could say "no" so Kenny will be delivering brownies and KCups to school tomorrow for me! Note to self- make brownies tonight and tell Kenny about his task tomorrow!
7. Soccer is almost over and I am going to miss it! These 6 weeks have flown by! I am pretty sure Hailey wants to do it in the fall now for a long season, so we will see!
8. Work has been CRAZY lately! I am actually 2 weeks behind in one of my really important tasks I am suppose to keep up with, but between meetings and constant urgent things I need to be doing, it's just not getting done. I would have liked to take off tomorrow, but I have 4 meetings and a webinar that I have to babysit at 3pm. Hope they won't mind that I WILL be on leave come Thursday and Friday! I need some R&R!
9. I am kind of sad I won't see Kenny tomorrow, but Meagan is coming over to cook me dinner so I am looking forward to spending my evening with her and Hailey!
10. I have managed to still have the house clean, well all the rooms that I cleaned like two weeks ago, and might I add the sink is still empty! I feel I deserve some kind of award for that progress!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Friday!

The Everyday Joys
At the moment I really irked about something, so I thought it might be good to use my lunch break to blog about some fabulous stuff that is going on and coming up!
Another later soccer game tomorrow which means I get to sleep in! I am running on fumes at the moment and am really excited to sleep in a tad bit. Wouldn't you think that anything past 4:30am would be sleeping in for me? Nope! I like to sleep until 9ish on the weekend!
Have I mentioned my birthday is next week?!? It's nothing special and nothing special going on, but I am still excited about it! I always love birthdays!
I am excited for Mother's day. I assuming we are going to go to my Grandmother's like normal to visit, but it's so wishy washy right now. Anyways, I usually try to take flowers to my Mom, aunt, cousin, and grandmother. I usually just buy one thing of carnations and split them up between everyone. This year I decided to plan it a little better and go get little cheap glass vases from AC Moore, so when I split them up I can just put them in the small vase and tie a ribbon around them. Pretty them up a bit! I wish I could snatch my baby cousin up for a couple hours and do something special for my cousin. I might have to plan a small, non messy, craft when I get there for her to do! You know something small and special from a sweet two year old!
I am counting down the days until I graduate! I am slowly checking off the remaining things on my list. Really now all I have is my final projects! I have taken full time classes, even through the summer for the past 3 years. I am finally ready to admit I need a break. This last semester has me burned out! A whole summer with no projects and homework! Sounds perfect to me!
I am going to do some crafting this weekend! I found some cheap little ideas for teacher's appreciation gifts next week! I picked something small for each day of the week! I have some coupons so I am going out tonight to get the stuff so I can work on it this weekend! I found all the ideas on pinterest, so I am excited to do them myself! Hailey's teacher is AMAZING and was so good with her while she had such a hard time adjusting! I am also making brownies to for Wednesday's event for the PTA. They have something planned for a lunch for the whole staff each day of next week.
Hailey got picked to eat with the principal today! She has been talking about this for weeks and how badly she wanted it to be her that was picked. They collected tickets for doing good things in the month of April. They all went into a drawing and two kids were picked from each kindergarten class. So she will be enjoying a pizza party today!
I am going to an Origami Owl party on Sunday! I am really looking forward to seeing everything in person! I always hear about it and have seen it online, but I have been told it's way better in person! I won't be able to get anything, but I'm excited to just look. Plus I'm excited to see the hostess of the party as well! ;)
I'm excited for the weekend. It's been a very long week to say the least! Besides for an origami owl party and soccer, I have nothing else planned. For the most part the house is clean so I won't be constantly thinking about that, so this weekend I am going to just take time to breath and relax!
I feel much better now and have a smile on my face thinking of all the fabulous things going on!
What fabulous things would you like to share?!?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
  • The fact that I have been over an hour late the past two mornings to work. There have been really bad accidents on our major highway, including some fatalities. Compared to what these people have been through, there is no complaints on my end!
  • I am so not ready for my Scentsy event tomorrow night! I just hope it's a good turnout!
  • I check my bills and credit card balances daily. I guess I am just hoping that one day they will magically disappear? Each day I huff at the outcomes! I guess there is nothing quick about a three year plan!
  • I was so tired that I declared early bed time last night! I was in bed by 8:30.......and didn't fall asleep until after midnight! Ugh!
  • The closer I get to graduating and my finals being completed the more nervous anxiety I have! I don't know if it's because I'm just nervous, or that its nervous excitement. I really can't tell.
  • My birthday is in one week! It's no big deal.....hehe I just lied! I can't help but be super excited!
  • If I don't write my thoughts in my calender, than I think about everything I have to do or should be doing obsessively! I don't think I have ever committed so much energy to a calender in all my life! Thank you May Books!
  • I ate another carton of tomatoes last night with my dinner. I just can't help myself with those little tiny tomatoes.
  • I ran into the grocery store for JUST lunchables yesterday and ended up spending $20! Did I mention on my way out of the lunchable aisle I decided last night would be a perfect night for a glass of wine!
  • That this is my third post today. I can't help it, Wednesday's and Friday's have link ups that I like and I can't choose just one!

WW: Six Yeas Ago Today!

Six years ago today was one of the scariest days of my life. I was in a pretty bad car accident, but to make matters even worse, I was 6 months pregnant with Hailey. My little girl who was always moving and kicking the whole time she was in my stomach, stopped for hours making me fear the worse. Luckily as soon as the monitors were hooked up they found her safe and sound with a strong heart beat. We stayed in the hospital for four days to be monitored, but besides for some broken ribs, a broken wrist, broken toe, and a lot of bruising and nasty cut from the seat belt, nothing serious was wrong with either of us. We were very lucky that day!

My seat belt got me from being tossed around so much in the accident. Anywhere the seat belt was on my body was black and blue with nasty bruises, including all across my pregnant belly. It was kind of freaky, but I would rather have this than be thrown out the car or worse!

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Weighing in Wednesday- Week 17

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

This week could have been a lot better, but I was glad to see even a small weight loss. Hopefully that means I am moving in the right direction! I didn't track most of the week and I picked some really crap food to eat. I couldn't help it, Kenny had people over for a bonfire and a cookout! I also did drink a couple of regular sodas and some Bud Light Strawberitas! So this week is a new week and hopefully the results will be better this time next week! My main goal is to really get back to tracking every bite that I put in my mouth. Tisk Tisk, I don't know why I have been having issues with that lately!

Have a great week!