Monday, October 3, 2016

Dusting things off a bit

Hey! Remember me?! I used to blog here! It's funny how many posts that I create in my head all. the. time! I think to myself "that would be an awesome blog post" and sometimes I think out what I am going to say. Then I get here and see how long it's been since I last blogged. Blogging was something exciting to me, a place where I could call my own. I feel sad that I let it go away! I honestly contemplated starting a new blog, but I like this blog. I like my pictures, I like my set up, I like my past posts! So I figured, what the hey!, I will just stick with my old dusty blog. I think it's time I pick this back up! It's therapeutic and sometimes I need to just write! I thought about getting a journal and writing with a pen (I know! Weird right!), but I have carpal tunnel really bad and sometimes I can't even hold a pen in my hands! So here I am. I am back. I am taking this space back and picking up where I left off! I decided I need to focus on taking better care of me, physically and mentally!

So what is different since I have last blogged. Wellllll.....

Hailey: She is 9 now and in the fourth grade! That totally freaks me out!!! She is still taking gymnastics and has gotten really good at it. She hopes to go to the Olympics one day, which no offense, she's not ANY where near that level, but I am happy she is confident in her abilities! I on the other hand, have never done a cartwheel, so whatever girl friend does is way better then any skill her momma has! It has been awesome to see her blossom in gymnastics. I was highly impressed at the end of season show this summer! Hailey is also a Girl Scout! We started last Fall as a Brownie and we bridged on over to a Junior at the end of Spring! Her troop consists of 3 girls, so it's small, but it has been a good experience for her and I enjoy all the events we go to and things we have learned! I think it is important to give back to the community. I think this generation growing up now is a very entitled generation, so anything I can do to show her about hard work and that not everyone has it as easy as most kids do, is important to me. She also spends a lot of time reading, playing legos, and watching Netflix or minecraft on her ipod (we need to work on that last one!).

Emily: She is now 2 and is a wild child. She is a mess. She is the sweetest baby and is always making us laugh and is just the cutest, but girlfriend is BAD. I always get that there are no such thing as a bad baby, but spend sometime with Emily! I watch her eyes as she walks around looking for things to get into! She goes to daycare and is loving it! We had a hard time transitioning from the toddlers into the Twos room, but now she is super happy there! She has learned so much! She is my late bloomer! She's off the charts tiny for her age, but she is a feisty one! She also had the doctors concerned over the delay in motor skills, but she has definitely caught up with that! The pediatrician had referred us to get some interventional therapy services for her, but we decided to hold off for a month and see what she did. Well the day she turned 17 months, she literally stood up at daycare and walked over and grabbed a block. Everyone was so shocked!!! Like she walked over there like she had been doing it all the her life! Now she runs and hops everywhere! And we have even dabbled with the potty! She is extremely interested and goes when you sit her on it! Let's seeeee... what else about Emily....she likes to stay busy and is always on the go! She also is uniquely OCD and likes to clean and wipe everything. We literally have to hide the wipes because she goes through them cleaning everything!!

Me: I still work at the same place and make the same time-consuming commute. I don't really do much other then work and take care of my girls. Ha! I am pretty boring to be honest!

Welp! That's enough updating for me right now! Hopefully I will keep coming back and really start using my blog for myself!

But let me leave you with a newer picture of the girls!!!