Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. So I never uploaded those pictures, so I don't have any updates to post! Darnit Nicole! Get with the program, but on the bright side my camera bag has been found and I now found my cord to upload pictures! I am going to write this down in my planner and make it a priority!

2. I have a job interview tomorrow for a temporary position in my office. It also may have a temporary promotion with it too, if I qualify for that grade level of course. Weather I get the promotion or not, I still would love the job and a change in job tasks. It may be a great way to open skills so that I can venture out and eventually move up one of these days!

3. Because of the interview I had to move Emily's adjustment appointment to Friday. The bad thing about this is that the only day they are local to me is on Wednesdays, which means Friday they are in Annandale and I now have to drive 2 hours north. I also had to take an early appointment so I will be dealing with rush hour like I do every day! Not fun, not fun at all!

4. The weather is warming up and I am excited! I have taken advantage of walking a couple times in the past couple weeks during my lunch break!

5. My fitbit is making me sad! The darn thing is having so many issues with it staying charged. I guess I will just have to make a point to charge it daily now. I hate that I get all these extra steps, but have no numbers to prove I am doing it. I am a visual person so if there is no actual numbers (fitbit or polar fitness watch) then it didn't happen in my mind! Kind of like the "no pictures means it didn't happen" theory!

6. Sometimes I feel like such a shitty Mom. I can't offer much to my kids in the means of sports and having opportunities. Hailey asked me if we could go to the book fair after school today and of course they will be closed by the time I get home. I can't ever make any of the after school events. I can't volunteer in her class. I want to offer her to cheer come the fall, but I can't promise I can get her to the practices or games on time. More times then not, she is late to gymnastics by 5 minutes. She never gets in bed on time. We don't eat dinner until late. I get home at 6 and just don't have enough time in a day to get everything done. When I finally got around to looking at her homework last night she had done it wrong and was already in bed. I just put it back in her folder. No point in upsetting her first thing in the morning. Hailey was talking about girl scouts, and of course when I looked into it our local group meets at 6pm at her school, which there is no way I can get her back in time. It just makes me so sad.

7. I have been slacking on my water intake this week, but I am happy to report that I made it through week 1 of beta! Holly smokes it's a lot more exhausting then the alpha. I remember when I started that I felt like I was going to die. Now I look back and think how much easier it seemed. Maybe it's just because I am not used to it!

8. I didn't log on My Fitness Pal on Sunday and lost my awesome streak! Wahhhhh! I was so disappointed when I noticed it had reset this morning!

9. I need to get my taxes completed this week. I got a message saying turbo tax was increasing their price on March 19th, so I need to get it done by then. I am almost done, just need to add two more pieces into it.

10. Thank god we don't owe taxes this year. I told Kenny that with the little bit we are getting back, I want to get a new front door, you know one with a screen that we can open and let some air in. Ha! Everyone else gets to plan trips and do awesome thing with their lump sum, and we have enough to pay towards some medical bills and afford a couple hundred on a door. It's just the way it always works out though, but I am truly thankful we don't owe!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday!

Look at me! I am writing a blog post! It's been some time, but I so badly want to get back into making this a regular thing! I have so much to share and no clue how it's already the middle of March!

1. I really keep thinking that tomorrow will be Thursday. That's kind of disappointing in a way! Well only because I want the work week to be over with so it can be Friday again!

2. Friday was girls night and we saw the movie the Duff. It was super cute and although it broke my heart at times and I cried like 5 times, it had a nice ending. I also felt so much better when I realized the hot guy in it was allowed to be hot because he was 26! Sheesh I would have felt bad if he was really like only 17 or 18, oh the joys of getting older!

3. I applied for a temporary 90 day job with a raise in my office. I am pretty nervous about it. I have really good chances and I feel I am deserving of this position since I have done most of these duties from time to time providing backup, but I am just not sure if I will get it.

4. I went to the doctor and had my medicines switched up. It's def been a hard adjustment and I feel she gave me the wrong dose. My anxiety has been off the hook and I feel like I can burst into tears. I am hoping this will all go away as I become used to them again. It's the same thing I was on before I was pregnant.

5. I have not been getting enough sleep the past couple days. I truly don't know where time goes! It's like once I get the girls in bed it's midnight and I am rushing to get myself in bed and back up at 4:30am. I get a lot of comments about how much I sleep on days off or weekends, but with a baby who wakes up at 7am on my days off and 4 hours of sleep each night during the week, I need those naps during the weekend when I can get them! I need sleeppppppppp! Like right now!

6. I started T25 Beta week 1 AGAIN this week! This is going on my 3rd week of week 1 because I have missed days the past 2 weeks. I am hoping to make this the forreal deal and get the entire week in so I continue on like I want to! It def is a step up and is much harder!

7. I watched the Best of Me this past weekend! I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about it. I had read the book so I was excited! I liked the movie overall, but I was not in love at all. It was way different then the book and that made me sad. Why did they change so much?! It was like a completely different story!

8. One movie I watched that I didn't read the book was Gone Girl! Wow! Crazyyyyyyy movie!

9. I hope I have energy when I get home to do something around the house, and get my workout done of course! I was pretty productive this past Sunday and it is kind of starting to come together, but so much more needs to be done! There is hope that I will one day have a clean house in my near future!

10. I have tickets for Hailey and I to go Cinderella with some friends this Sunday! I am super excited and she knows I have a surprise for her and keeps asking me about it! I hope she will be excited! I know I am!