Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hailey goes to Kindergarten!

So before I start, I have pictures that still need to be uploaded of Hailey's first day! So hopefully that will come in a post tonight! (PS: Yes I also remember that I am supposed to upload Birthday pictures too!)

So let's rewind to last Monday August 20th.

Monday was open house. We had to be there at 9am. This was a whole school event so they split it up by last names, so we were in the first session. This is the day we went to meet Hailey's teacher and drop off all her supplies. She was super excited and proudly carried her bag of school stuff into the school. We found the classroom and both her and I were very excited to see it was decorated with frogs! Yay, another frog lover! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Durham. She's a middle aged/ slightly older lady, but she seemed very nice. There was about ten other kids in the room. We got to peak around and Hailey was told to find her cubby box to put her supplies in and then go find here seat. At her table there was special surprise of a new froggie pencil and a mini thing of M&Ms. My surprise was her daily folder with some stuff to fill out and read. I honestly love reading all the stuff and filling it out. We then headed out and looked around at some of the displays in the cafeteria. Then headed out.

Tuesday morning I woke Hailey up at 7:10am to get ready. She quickly ate her breakfast and then got dressed. She didn't want me to do her hair, but I told her that I hardly ever get the chance to be off when she goes to school, so I wanted to do it for her. She can wear her hair down for the rest of the school year since Kenny doesn't like doing hair (guys! sheesh!). So she decided on two pig tails! So then I packed her hello kitty lunch box and her hello kitty book bag. Then of course I wanted to take pictures! Lot's of pictures! Then we headed out to the bus! The bus came at 8:20 and Hailey excitedly got on and waved to both Kenny and I from the window! I couldn't wait to hear about her day!

So since I was off all week, I scheduled as many appointments as I could! I had an appointment in Waldorf, so after she left I headed off to that. Then I went to spend some time with Heather and catch each other up on our lives! I left there around 4. I decide that since Hailey will be int he YMCA aftercare at the school each day, I would let her go even though I was home. I didn't want to confuse the whole bus ride home thing with her while I was off. So it was easier to just have her go for like an hour and pick her up each day like she will do the rest of the year. Now I am driving, jamming to the music on the way home, and my cell phone rings. It's a 540 area code which I knew was a Virginia one in the area we live in. So I answered and it was the lady in the front office from Hailey's school. It is now 4:20pm and she introduces herself and then tells me that Hailey's name is on the roster for the YMCA aftercare program, and then she goes on and asks if this is correct. This is not a good sign! So I confirm that is where she should be, then she was like "well we put her on her bus to go home".................. this wouldn't be a huge problem IF I WAS HOME! So I tell her that I am not there, that I am still over an hour away and Hailey is supposed to be dropped off at the afternoon stop at 4:02. So where is she?!? So the lady said she would "try to locate her" and that she didn't think that the driver would let her off if no one was there and asked if I could have a neighbor check just to be sure.....I guess this wouldn't be an issue, but we don't know any neighbors! So I tell her that, and she tells me that she would try to get ahold of transportation and try to locate the bus and see if she had been dropped off. Now is when I start to panic. My nice drive made a 180 fast, now the music is silenced and I am speeding to try to get home faster. So about 15 minutes go by and I get a phone call back. The lady is now relieved and tells me that the driver didn't let Hailey off and is finishing up her route and would be bringing her back to school. The whole time my heart was aching thinking of poor Hailey crying on the bus, scared that I had left her or forgotten her.

So I finally get to school and pick her up and she was perfectly fine! She didn't even seemed phased at all by it. She was excited to tell me about her day! She had a good day, decided she wasn't going to be shy and she made new friends! She said she cried a few times because she wanted me, but she had had a really good day! I was glad to hear that!

Wednesday- We got up, got ready, she got on the bus, then around 5:30 I went and picked her up. Apparently she had a harder day and cried almost the whole time in aftercare. Again she told me that it was because she missed me and wanted me.

Thursday- Same thing as yesterday but she cried when she was getting on the bus, but the big change was when I get to pick her up at aftercare she was crying. Apparently she cried the whole day and the whole time in aftercare. Again she told me that she just really wanted me and needed me. This is unusual because Hailey is 100% a daddy's girl! I am usually pushed to the side. So we go home and talk about the day. Her whole tone is different and she asks if she has to go back to school anymore. I asked her if anyone was mean to her and she said no. I asked her if the teacher yells or is mean, and she said she liked the teacher a lot and she is really nice. I just don't get it. Then I go to grab her daily folder and there is a note from the teacher in there. She said Hailey had a very rough day and cried the whole day because she wanted her mommy. She took her out of the class and walked her around the halls a bit, then went to the nurse to get some ice water. The teacher said she allowed her to sit in her lap and gave her lots of hugs and it seemed to help a little. My poor tootsie roll! Then when bedtime came, it got way worse. Hailey is the type of kid who once you put her in bed and turn the light off, she doesn't cry, yell or come out of her room. Occasionally I hear her singing in there, but she almost always goes right to sleep. This time she was hysterical. She came and sat with me and begged me not to send her to school anymore. She literally sobbed herself to sleep as I rocked her, something that hadn't happened since she was like 2.

Friday- At 6:30am I was awoken by a tiny visitor. It was Hailey, and she was crying and climbing into my bed. Again something that never happens! She was begging me, and I mean BEGGING me not to send her to school. She just wanted to stay home with me today and that she needs me so bad. It was heart wrenching. Of course I told her she had to go. She cried while we were getting ready. She cried while she was getting on the bus, and again when I picked her up from aftercare she had been crying. The YMCA teacher said that today was better, that she hadn't cried in class, but she cried as soon as she got to the YMCA room. I had promised I would pick her up at 4:30 this time so she was on the playground when I got there. She was excited to see me and excited for the weekend.

As for the weekend I didn't hear anything out of her until 6am Sunday morning when she again was climbing in my bed begging me not to send her to school on Monday. She doesn't understand why she can't just stay with me and I explained that I had to work and had taken off just the first week of school. Sunday night she cried herself asleep again.......

Monday I went back to work. It broke my heart thinking of her being so upset and knowing I was not even close to her. Kenny doesn't have the patience or empathy when dealing with her when she is upset so that worried me even more. I called him later in the morning and he said she had cried while she was getting on the bus. I was so anxious on the drive home to pick her up. She was playing with the other kids when I got there.  The teacher said she had cried some when she first got in there, but pulled herself together and had been playing. It was an improvement, BUT the teacher said she had cried the whole bus ride and ALL day again. She said the same thing that it was because she really wanted me.

Later that evening at dinner, she asked me why I couldn't stay at home like one of her friend's mom. She said she wanted me to get her off the bus every day and to have dinner waiting for her when she got home. I told her that it just couldn't work that way. Again that wrenched my heart. I wish more then anything I could be there when she got home. I wish I could get her on the bus every morning. It is just something that is out of the question, we could never make it work on just one income.

So this brings me to yesterday. I thought about her the whole day and the 2 hour ride home seemed to take forever while I thought about her. So I went in there to sign her out and prepare for the worse and the YMCA teacher told me that she had had a good day! Mrs. Durham said there was no tears in class and she hadn't cried in aftercare! I was ecstatic! My whole mood changed!!! And last night was immediately declared a Bruster's ice cream night!

So I hope that this will be the start of a much happier experience for Hailey! Kindergarten is supposed to be fun!!! I have never had problems with letting her go. Everyone kept asking me if I was okay Tuesday morning, and I was perfectly fine. Maybe it's because I have always worked, even when she was a tiny baby. So I was used to her going places. But once I saw home upset she was about school and the fact she was crying all day, then it became hard. There is nothing worse then watching your child leave while she is crying and then finding out she had cried all day! I love that she needs me and wants me, but it makes me feel horrible at the same time. I just really wanted her to love it and to be so excited, not begging me to never send her back. But again, hopefully that is all behind us now and this will be a turn for some much happier times!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty......


Yup, I stole this picture from Heather!  That one little gray kitty (no, not that one! The other one on the right!) will be coming home with us soon! Can't wait to take Rosie home and introduce her to the family! Yay!!!!!

PS: I have always wanted a kitty! I don't know who is more excited, Hailey or me!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Girl!

So my little tootsie roll turned 5 yesterday! Where has the time gone?!?

Her Birthday party was last weekend, and I do have pictures from that, but they are on my camera with a dead battery! And guess who still is living out of boxes?!? Yup that would be me, and I have no clue in which box my charger would be! So as soon as I find it, I'll post the pictures!

So Hailey's birthday went something like this.........

We have been in between houses the past two weeks, but I decided to stay in the new house Wednesday night so Hailey could sleep in her own bed and not the blow up mattress. She was super excited when she went to bed Wednesday, and I could not help myself at midnight from waking her up and being the first one to tell her Happy Birthday! She very drowsily said "Thanks Mommy, good night now" and closed her eyes and she was out!

She woke up bright and early yesterday! She couldn't wait to open her presents. It's amazing how expensive things are, I really didn't get her too much, but boy did it add up in price! I bought her three new outfits for school, some new underwear and socks (boring), a set of earrings, a necklace with a little silver horse charm (thank you clearance!), a cute pair of fuzzy slippers, two leappad games, a clay art kit, some paint, paint brushes, and a note pad, and a pair of brown cow girl boots! Let me tell you about these boots! I debated on taking them back since I had spent a little more then I had wanted too, but I am so glad I didn't! She is in love with these boots! They look really cute with jeans, so I think I could clearly justify keeping them!

And here was her big present......She got a 20" horse! She was in love! And it came with all the stuff for grooming and feeding it!

Our Generation 20" Morgan Horse With Accessories

So after presents, I let her play while I worked on some homework. I then got her dressed in one of her new tops and of course those cow girl boots! Then we went to the YMCA and got her registered for aftercare (still need to take the immunization records and birth certificates, but I am one step closer!).
Then we rushed home to pick up Kenny and we headed off to her Birthday surprise!

Well, we ended up getting stuck in major traffic, so we were 30 minutes late, but she was still excited and was able to get a 40 minute riding lesson in!

She got to go out and catch the pony with the instructor, then she helped lead it to the barn. She helped brush it and clean its hooves off. Jessica, the instructor, did an amazing job teaching her what to do and telling her some amazing facts. Then it was time to put on a vest and helmet and hit the trail! She got to learn to ride bareback for now. Jessica said it allows the children to learn more about balance when they are bareback. They can feel when they are sliding and can correct themselves easier. So then we went on a long walk. Jessica taught Hailey about the proper way to point her heels to the ground and toes to the sky. She told Hailey she looked like a pro and was impressed with Hailey's balance. Then even worked on some galloping! Hailey was very excited! She got to take Misty back and give her a cookie. Then the lesson was over! I am sad that we were late, but I am glad we were able to go and Hailey still seemed very happy! Well worth $20 (thank you livingsocial!)!

So after that, we ran by my Mom's so she could have a Birthday huge then we headed home for dinner. Hailey had one special request......Japanese Steak House!
We went to one by our new house and it was very good! Dinner was delicious and we had a whole table to our self! Then after we had finished, the waitress came out with a piece of cheese cake for Hailey with a candle, and two small bowls of sorbet for Kenny and I! It was a nice surprise, considering we had only told the cook about it being Hailey's birthday!

Then we headed home! Unfortunately, I had a ton of homework due. I had a 10 page paper, powerpoint project, and exam all due at midnight that I had not had a chance to start! It took the whole rest of the night working on that. I was able to listen to Hailey playing though in the other room. She was teaching her baby doll all the things she had learned about horses and grooming today. I was able to peek my head in and get a quick picture of that!

So all and all, she had an amazing day! She was very happy all day long and seemed very happy with everything we had done the whole day! I am so glad I was able to take off the day and could spend it with her! I still can't over the fact that she is already 5 and will be starting Kindergarten next Tuesday! I guess I got to face it, my little baby is turning into a big girl!

So here are some picture!

PS: Thank you droid for being there to capture these pictures while my camera is dead! I would have been so sad without you!

Monday, August 13, 2012

30 Things (15)

Best of Both Worlds

15. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Hmmm. If I could be any animal, I would be a squirrel. Wouldn't it be fun to hand out in the trees all day, just enjoying the wind blowing through your fur?!?

But! I would be a smart squirrel. I would cross the streets while looking both ways.

And I would make sure I had the fluffiest and bushiest tail around. All the squirrel guys would love me!

Okay......back to reality

30 Things (13 & 14)

Best of Both Worlds

13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

1. I wear my heart on my sleve.

2. I can never say "no", even though I don't or can't do it.

3. I am very emotional.

4. I have bad anxiety and being in social situations name me very nervous.

5. I let people get away with things when I deserve so much more.

14. Describe 5 strengths you have.

1. Despite my lack of organization, I am very dependable.

2. I am a perfectionist and work hard at everything I do.

3. I am very empathetic and can see things the way people see them, even if my opinion is different.

4. I can bite my tougne, because some things aren't worth fighting for.

5. I have a lot of patience. I have learned over the years that this is a good quality and is a hard one to find in many people. Patience is a virtue.

30 Things (11)

Best of Both Worlds

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

So I had to come back to this one while I gave it some here we go....

1. Sniffing and not blowing your nose. I don't mean a few times, but if I have to listen to you do it for like an hour, thats not cool!

2. Being a noisey chewer when eating.

3. Chewing with your mouth open!

4. Gum chewers who smack! AHHHHH some people should not chew gum!

5. Hypocrites- yup the ones that find faults in others, but are doing the same exact thing.

6. Cockiness- Yeah I know you are great, but seriously the more you talk yourself and your things up, the more I don't care. I find this a lot in my guy friends.

7. Kenny leaving his empty and half full soda cans around. I understand it every now and then, leaving on before bed time and then throwing it away in the morning, but his cans that form walls are unacceptable! :)

8. People who change the conversation around on them. Everyone likes to vent, but when you constantly are saying "well you think that's bad, listen to what happened to ME" then theres an issue.

9. Long toenails. You don't have to go get pedicures or anything, but at least keep your toenails trimmed. Only dogs are supposed to click when they walk.

10. People who don't say thank you when you hold the door for them. I mean if it's a friend or something, then whatever, but if you purposely went out of your way to hold a door open for someone and they don't even acknowledge it, that bugs me. I don't work here as a door holder! Thank you goes a long way!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

SoOoOo Excited!!!

So we are now officially one week from Hailey's 5th Birthday! I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast! Wahhhhhhh!

Hailey has been really into horses these past few months. She has always loved horses, but even more so the past few months. She is even having a cowgirl themed Birthday party this Saturday!

I have been tossing around some ideas of what to get her lately. I am sooooo far behind this year with the move and school and just being so caught up in everything right now. Well I found the perfect gift!

Drum roll please...........


It is made especially for the tiny ones, ages 3-6. It is completely individual. Hailey will get to learn riding techniques, grooming techniques, how to stay safe around horses, and help with feeding, and in the stalls!

I hope she LOVES it! I am sooooo excited to tell her about it. I think I might make a type of certificate thing and let her open it!

And even better was a living social deal so I got it half price! Yay!

Here is a sneak peak at her Birthday stuff!

Her invites!

Pink Cowgirl 18" Foil BalloonPink Cowgirl 19" Pull-String Horseshoe Pinata

Some of her party supplies!

Cowgirl Hat with Pink Trim

And I even got her a little hat to go with it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

30 Things (12)

Best of Both Worlds

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

4:15am Alarm goes off and I become instantly grumpy, do my hair, get dressed

4:30am I am hurry to pack my lunch and get out the doork, begin journey to work

4:40am stop at McDonalds for a large $1 coffee

4:43am Continue the drive to work

Between 6:00-6:30 Get to work, park in the garage, drag my bookbag to my desk and begin checking email

6:30am Begin working, depending on the days I have meetings throughout sometimes starting as early as 8:30am

8:00am Eat a bowl of ceral at my desk

9:30am Go to panera with Toni and grab an iced coffee

9:35 Back to work

Between 11:30am-1:00 pm Take an hour lunch involving sitting at my desk surfing the net and catching up on my blog.

Between 2:45pm-4pm Leave work and prepare to sit in lots of traffic

Between 4:30pm-6:00pm Pick Hailey up

Between 6:30pm-7:30pm I arrive at home and let the dog out

Between 7:30pm- 9pm I make dinner, clean up dinner, give Hailey a bath, get her in bed

Between 9pm-11pm- I get everything ready for work, do homework, do side jobs if I have them

Between 11pm-12am- Finish anything else I can think of, take a shower, and crawl into bed

12:15am Kenny arrives home and wants to talk.

4:15 am- The damn alarm clock goes off and I am instantly grumpy again! :)

PS: I need to come back to #11!

Friday, August 3, 2012

30 Things (10)

Best of Both Worlds

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Hmmmm I can't think of one most embarassing moment, and hopefully I never will have to!

But don't get me wrong, there has been plenty of times that I have spilt something, broke something, dropped a whole bunch of something, fallen, and plenty of times that I have laughed so hard that I have peed my pants (as a child, teenager, and an adult!).

30 Things (9)

Best of Both Worlds

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how. (In no particular order)

1. My parents, because they have taught me all the values that I have today.

2. My Uncle who taught me never to stop fighting.

3. Kevin, he taught me I was too smart to do dumb things.

4. Hailey, she taught me what it is like to love something more then anything in the world.

5. Heather, who showed me how you can't change your past, but you can make a better future.

6. Meagan, who showed me what it was like be so much more then a best friend, but a sister.

7. Kenny, who has showed me......hmmmm I know he has influenced me some how haha.

8. Stacy- who has showed me that even when you lose the biggest piece of your heart, you must pick up the pieces and keep going.

9. Caitlin, who has showed me what strengeth and courage is while she is battling cancer at the age of 23.

10. Toni, who has showes me daily what it is like to be a both the Mother and Father to her three children and never to give up even though things never go as planned.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week Recap!

So since I have a few extra minutes left on my lunch break, I will do a quick week recap! It's been a nutso week!

I finally got Hailey registered for school on last Monday at her new school! I then found out that there was a meet-and-greet session the following day for kindergartners and their parents. So the next day I took Hailey into work with me for a half day, then we went to the session. The kids went and heard a story and got a snack with the teachers, while the parents were left to get a run through on everything we needed to know and all the rules! Then we left that and rushed back to LaPlata so that Hailey could get her hair cut. She had an appointment with my Mom. It was my Mom's treat for Hailey going back to school. Then Hailey left with my Mom while I went to the doctors about my foot! Welp the MRI results were back and I have split tears in two major tendons in my ankle, the peroneus brevis and peroneus longus. This is not a good thing, but it is reassuring that I finally have an answer since I have been in crazy pain since May. So now I am in a walking air cast for 4-8 weeks with possible surgery if it doesn't correct.

So needless to say that after Tuesday I was exhausted and went home and went to sleep while Hailey spent the night at my Mom's. Wednesday was another nightmarish day! Long day at work then on top of it, I spent forever arguing with my insurance company and CVS and my doctors over getting my medicine! I got home late, had homework and ended up passing out. Then Thursday I teleworked. I had a lot to get done then I needed to run by the doctors to pick up medicine samples since my insurance denied the request (don't get me started!) and then I spent the evening just relaxing. Friday was packing day, I was off work and we had A LOT to pack. The plan was to pack as much as we could (since I was supposed to be packing each night, but you saw how that went) so that everything could be moved on Saturday. We literally packed from 9am until 3am nonstop! I took a small break to make dinner and do an exam while the Olympics started, but after that we went right back to packing.

SATURDAY aka Moving Day.........

Saturday was moving day. And despite the amount we packed, we still had a lot of stuff. Kenny had a 14ft trailer hooked to his truck, my best friend's husband brought a truck and a trailer, and then Kenny's dad had his dump truck. So we had a game plan of taking all the big furniture. So after that was loaded up, they decided they had more room in the trucks, and then the disaster started! It became a rush to pack all the kitchen and all the places that were left. I mean Kenny and his dad was grabbing boxes and literally throwing everything into them. Stuff was getting thrown away, I was trying to pack and go through it, I couldn't keep track of anything, and I just had a complete meltdown! Especially after seeing my brand new feather duster thrown into the trash! Now I have huge boxes of stuff that I have no clue whats in it. I am not sure what all got thrown away, we ended up being rushed so we only got certain things packed, I have no clue where things are. It was so upsetting! So then we drive an hour and a half to the house and start unloading. It was super hard with  my foot hurt and Meagan was suppose to help originally but she had to have surgery on her hand and wasn't able to do much at all. Again, everything was moving so fast and I was overwhelmed so stuff just got put everywhere. We finished up late on Saturday, with just enough time for me to find somewhere with free wifi so I could finish my homework by midnight.

Sunday we were awaken early by Comcast setting up everything. Then I got my butt in gear and did some running around getting stuff we needed. The day blew past us and I ended up getting home from Walmart at 11pm, again just enough time to do homework and get in bed before I had to be up by 4am.

This week I have been stressed, overwhelmed, and just an anxious mess! I have so much to do and soooo much on my mind. I haven't be able to unpack any boxes. I am getting used to this long commute. I have a huge sign job to do by Saturday for a charity event for a friend. I also have a customer order to do. I have Scentsy to sort and give to the hostess. Not to mention lots of homework, plus I don't know where everything is so I am officially out of work clothes from the one bag I unpacked. So needless to say, I can't wait for a break this weekend! I think I might make Sunday a possible swim day!

30 Things (8)

Best of Both Worlds

8. What are 5 passions you have?
I have never really thought of this before. I actually just had to look up the meaning of "passions" to get a better understanding. So let me give this a try.....

1. Being around people- I love love LOVE to be around people. I am sociable and I like to have a good time. I do better one on one with people, but I still just like to be with my friends or my family or with Hailey. But, don't get me wrong I also like silence and to just relax at time too.

2. Field hockey- I played it all through high school. It's the only sport I  have ever played. I picked it back up last fall playing for an adult league. I traveled almost 2 hours each way to play every Sunday by myself all Fall outdoor season. Then this past winter I recruited a friend for indoor so that was alot fun. I also began playing goalie which was something I had always wanted to do. My mind is always thinking and worrying about something EXCEPT when I am in goal. The only thing I focus on is watching the game and the ball in front of me. It is a total stress reliever and I am surprisingly aggressive at the sport.

3. School- I wouldn't say I love going to school, but I love working towards something I REALLY want! It is something that has never been given to me. I don't qualify for financial aid, even though I don't have the money to pay for it. I just push to make ends meet each semester. I take full courses, not because I want to, but because I want to push myself. I have never taken a semester off in fear that I wouldn't be able to get back in the flow. It has been super intense with work and Hailey and just life, but it is something I want to prove to myself and to show Hailey that you can do anything you put your mind to. I knew my family didn't have money to send me to college growing up so it was never on my mind. It wasn't until I was 19 and decided that I wanted something more out of life that I decided to pack up and head to college. I couldn't go to a nice school because it wasn't affordable. Instead I went to a community college, lived in a crappy apartment in a bad area and worked full time making nothing just so I could pay my part of the bills. I have never had support. Even though my family is proud of me, they didn't care if I went or didn't. No one in my family is a college graduate. My husband would actually prefer if I didn't go because of the money issue and knowing that I am just adding to my personal credit card debt. For two years it was required so that I could keep my job at work as a student position in the government. Once I got my associates, I was able to convert to full time permanent position. Now I am pushing myself for my bachelors, doubling classes so that I can graduate and the only question I get from all my family is "When are you going to stop? You have a job now so what's the point?" The point is that it means something to me. So through the sleepless nights, the crushing deadlines, the credit card debt, the many tears, the crazy stress and anxiety, I do it because it means something to me!

4. My daughter- She is my passion. It is amazing when I stop and think about it and realize that I MADE HER! I made this tiny human being in my own body! I taught her everything she knows. I nurtured her before she was even born and as an infant and as a growing toddler. She may drive me nuts at time, but I remind myself that I wouldn't know how to live if anything would ever happen to her. So I just let her talk while I am trying to do homework or when I have had a long day, because I never want to look back and regret the fact that I didn't listen when I had the chance. She is my baby! I look at her and think how beautiful she is. And even though she is a lot like her father, she is so much like me too! She is amazing to me and so smart! I want nothing but the best for her and to be there by her side everywhere she goes.

5. Life- This is something that I take for granite while I am always rushing around. But sometimes I remind myself to just take a minute to think about everything. There is nothing like driving down the road in the beginning of fall and seeing the beautiful colors of the trees. The rain may be a bummer sometimes, but to see the flowers perk up after the rain or the grass become greener. To just lay in the sun and soak up the rays and to just breathe. The breeze that blows through your hair while you take a walk. These are all pieces of life. Amazing things that normally just past you by. Watching Hailey as she dances around her room like a ballerina and seeing how carefree she is. Seeing things grow and change. Taking notice in how much life has changed year by year. I have come to the conclusion that if I don't stop and look closely a life, then it very well could just pass me by. Things really don't matter, because you can't take them with you. It's the moments that we life for. The memories that we make and the smiles that we create. So for me, life is a passion that I don't want to take for granite anymore.

30 Things (7)

Best of Both Worlds

7. What is your dream job, and why?

Hmmmmm. Think think think.......

I think my dream job would be a psychologist working with eating disorder patients or as a school psychologist. I really want to help people. I have a lot of patience and empathy. I am a good communicator and like to help people see the best in situations. I feel I have experienced certain situations for a reason. Even though I struggle and have never been really able to fix myself, that I would be able to help and fix others.