Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh April!

It's the end of April and you may have noticed I haven't blogged much lately! Believe me April had some really trying times and I am hoping that May will go a lot smoother.

The baby is doing good and getting big. She's stubborn and hates being monitored. As soon as they find her heart beat she pushed it away. She doesn't stay still in sonogram sessions which take almost an hour since they are trying to measure her. When we last looked she was 3.2lbs and was looking great growth wise! 8 weeks ago she was breached, 4 weeks ago she was head down, and a couple days ago she was breached again. I go tomorrow to see her and do another scan on her so I am interested to see where she is! I have a feeling based on the amount of pain and pressure I had yesterday that she turned herself back around or is laying sideways. Girl friend better get head down because she is losing room to be able to turn! It amazes me that she will be here in less then 7 weeks! Where has the time gone?!? I asked my OB if I could just keep her in there for another year when I was more ready, had more leave saved up, and could have everything figured out for her. The answer was that she didn't think it was a good idea because she would end up crawling out and be talking by that time! Ha! At least she humored me!

This past Thursday I had a good OB visit. Everything looked good and my BP was looking great. I was told to come back in 2 weeks and make my appointment up front like normal. There was already someone standing there making an appointment so we had to wait just a second. That's when it hit me, I got extremely dizzy and fuzzy feeling. I told Kenny that I was dizzy and he was like "oh" just kind of brushed it off and the next thing I remember is sitting on the floor with him in my face, a nurse at my side, and them shoving water at me asking if I was okay. He said my eyes stayed open the entire time and my chin slumped down and then I started leaning sideways when he grabbed me and got me to the floor. When that happens everything goes black and all I can hear is stuff in a very far distance. It takes me a minute for my vision to come back and then my hearing comes back and is very staticed like. This was the same thing that happened to me back in February. I knew I wasn't dehydrated because it was only 10am and I had already drank 40 ounces of water. I had eaten and didn't have any blood work or anything. I could hear them on the phone giving my information over to the hospital and I was handed copies of my charts and sent on my way to labor and delivery.

The first thing they did was check out the baby and put her on the monitors. She was happy and healthy and apparently sleeping because she had stayed pretty still. After about an hour I was sent down to the ER to be checked out. I knew I was having pretty bad palpitations, which is something pretty common for me, but my heart was racing and my chest was tight. I was hooked up to the monitors and an IV right away. They also said my oxygen was very low so I was put on oxygen. I stayed there for about 3 hours with people coming in and checking on me and running little tests and taking blood. They decided to discharge me back to L&D to watch the baby for a little longer. While I was signing the papers I could see the nurse watching my heart rhythms and emergency tech stepped in and said there was a problem. My heart seems to palpitate every 5-7 beats which is irritating, but I am kind of used to it, but then at completely random times I go into "Bi-Gemini" which is skipping every other beat. So my heart can't keep up and it's effecting the blood flow and oxygen which causing your body to basically shut down and that's when I pass out. I was told I could not go home anymore and I was being admitted.

I wasn't moved to a room until 10:30pm. We hadn't eaten all day. We were exhausted and irritated from just sitting in triage all day. When they moved me, Kenny went out and got us our phone chargers and some food. He also let the dog out and grabbed stuff from the house. As frustrated as he was at the situation, he was pretty awesome! That night was the worse sleep ever! I had people checking on my vitals all night. I had a NST on the baby at 4am and then blood work right after. Breakfast came at 5:30am and the newspaper guy was there at 6am. Then I had an echo on my heart done at 7am which took forever. Not to mention vitals every other hour and the doctors who came in and out all throughout the night! Ahhhhh! Believe me I was grumpy! I also knew how much we had to do that weekend with a wedding and my baby shower at my house this weekend. I spent all day there waiting to be released so we could go to Kohls and get clothes for the wedding. 2pm came and went, then 4pm, then 6pm, and then there was a sono on the baby and another NST. Then 8pm and FINALLY AT 9PM they decided that I could go home and be treated out patient with a heart monitor. So at 10:30 on Friday night I was finally set free! And just in time to make it to Kohls before they closed at 11!

I was originally supposed to have a monitor on for 5 days, but after reviewing my records she wants it on for 10 days. It's a pain in my butt, but maybe they will figure out what's wrong and how to treat it. They have to be careful with medicines to control it with me being pregnant so that's why they really want to look into where the skipped beats are coming from. Luckily everything is okay for the most part with me and pretty perfect with Emily! And really that is all that matters! So that's just a sneak peak of my April! I have a lot more to share, so stay tuned!

WW: My Baby is Growing Up!

So back in October I posted this:

Well yesterday the spring pictures came home from the begining of April.......
I feel she looks so much older in just those 6 months!
Here are the rest of the little backgrounds the online image lets you play with. I got to pick 6 in the photo package we had!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WW: The Time We Went to the Circus!

For the past maybe 8 years, I have gone to the circus with my cousins. This was even before we had kids! It was something we just enjoyed doing together every March. Last year I declared that it would be our last time going since the ticket prices have gotten so high over the years and it was hard on us buying 3 full priced tickets. So this year my cousin messaged me asking what we were doing on March 22nd, and asked if we would be interested in joining them to the circus, her treat! I accepted and we had a really nice time! The girls loved it and we all had a blast! It was just an overall good experience. I know Hailey was a little disappointed that we couldn't get food, snacks, and or souvenirs there, but everything is always so expensive there so we didn't even look this time. I told her it was about the show and not about buying stuff. I also made sure we ate at home before we left the house to avoid being hungry while we were there. And afterwards we all went out to dinner together! She did get lucky and was given a hat off some cotton candy that one of my cousins had bought. So both the girls got cute clown hats! It was just a really great day with family!
I did get a chance to snap some pictures on my cell phone! So here they are!



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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!


1. I am highly bugged by multiple people. I assume it's my attitude and emotions and not them because there is a whole list of things that are bugging me at the moment. Ha!

2. Kenny leaves Friday for the weekend to head out of state to a truck show. I asked when he was planning to leave and he said he will be leaving at 3am on Friday who was he planning to get Hailey on the bus since I leave for work at 5am?

3. I have an appointment on Thursday with my OB and then the dog has a way over due groomers appointment (thank goodness for half price deals!) that afternoon. So I guess I will be teleworking one day and will have to have off the next? #2 is not helping my leave situation come June!

4. I had a really rough day Saturday mentally, not to mention my stomach wasn't agreeing with me the entire day! I started cleaning in the foyer and got that done and then went to the basement and the only thing I could manage to do is sit and cry. Like for real ugly cry for a couple hours! I have so much that needs to be done and so much going on in my head. It's was all just too much at the moment and I became very overwhelmed.

5. I am hoping this Saturday will be productive and I can actually do more then just cry in the basement. Ha! I have a feeling Hailey will be doing most the crying when I send her to start working on cleaning her room. She HATES cleaning!

6. I am broke as a joke this month! Not sure what's going on. Maybe because the electric bills have been so high with winter? Also it didn't help I had to scrape together that money to pay on Hailey's dental bill that was due at the end of March. As much as I am trying to budget and spend  no extras, little things keep popping up! For example, the check I had to write for the year book last week, and class pictures last night. The $30 bill that came Saturday to pay the administrative fees that came with transferring Hailey's doctor records and the $82 bill towards my insurance deductible at the Perinatologist that came last night. When will I catch a break?! Hopefully before June because my $400 personal property taxes will be due in the beginning of the month! I am already starting to get nervous about that.

7. I took Hailey to a Sibling Class on Sunday. At first she was nervous, but she seemed to have a really good time. It was a one hour session that the hospital offers for free. It's part of the whole labor and delivery classes. There was 5 little girls in there all different ages, but they all did so well! They learned how to hold the baby and  to do things like change a diaper and wrap the baby in a blanket. When we left she asked when we were coming back! I told her that it was only one class. She seemed disappointed by my answer. She must have really liked it! She spent the evening properly carrying her baby doll around in a wrapped blanket. She's so silly.

8. Today was picture day. I tried to pick out a cute shirt and some jeans for Hailey. I also attempted to do her hair in a partial ponytail before bed time. Kenny does not do hair so I hope it looked alright this morning. I stressed the importance of making sure she looked nice and helping her with her hair. Hopefully her pictures turn out good. Those bad boys are NOT cheap!

9. Tonight is Art Night at school from 4pm until 6. I am kind of upset about the time frame of the event. I have to hope the traffic is good since the earliest I ever get to school is between 5:30, usually it's closer to 6 or after. Luckily I pick her up from the school so we might just have enough time to run and see her picture. The whole school is supposed to be lined with all the children's artwork. I wish it would have gone to 7pm because I would really like to take her to look around.

10. I think I need a day of sunshine and warm weather because I just realized that most of my list contains negative thinking. I typically try to look at the bright side of things, but at this moment it's just not working. I have been really down lately and having a hard time seeing the positives. I really hope this can change here soon. I'm just having a really rough time lately and have so much on my mind.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday! What ten things would you like to share?!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts!

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Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
- My day has been.....interesting. For starters, I was using my flat iron this morning as always, and it started to smell really bad. I noticed a little bit of product build up on it and thought it maybe was that. Then I noticed my hair wasn't going flat so I looked and the light was off. I tried to turn it back on and reset it but nothing worked! So my hair is half done today. And to think, with my hair shorter now, I need my flat iron more than ever! Chi warranty department you will be hearing from me shortly! 3 months of use is unacceptable considering this was my first ever nicer brand flat iron!
- On the bright side I found my missing credit card! Woooo! What a relief!
- Yesterday was full of appointments (I'll mention that later), but I made a stop by Target to grab a couple things. First off, I scanned every item in my cart making sure it was on cartwheel. I got to the register and they scanned my cartwheel and nothing came off! So they suspended my order and sent me to the customer service. Cartwheel apparently wasn't working for them yesterday so he told me he would have to manually input all of them. Then he just kind of starred at me after saying that. Luckily I told him I had time! Haha! He wasn't happy, but my bill was $132 and it got it down to $107 using cartwheel. Then I used gift cards that I had either been saving, had gotten on promotions, or had recently found while cleaning. I walked out of there spending less then $50 and now I have everything for Easter, Allergy medicine for Hailey and I, a stock up on Pepsi ($2.25 each pack) and juice boxes ($1.06 a box) and a couple things I needed to continue cleaning in my room and closet (including two hampers to get our clothes off the floor!) I was pretty proud of my success!
- Yesterday was an appointment with my high risk doctor. Everything seemed good with baby. She is now 3lbs 2 ounces. We got some pretty amazing pictures of her! She was asleep for most of it and didn't want to be bothered. I was concerned because her heart rate has dropped from 160s to 129, but doctor said that it was fine and he was not concerned at all. Also now the concern is that my high blood pressure is now too low for this far along in pregnancy. We dropped my medicine down again to 400mg twice a day, but he said that we will need to probably go back up here soon, so don't get used to it. Apparently if my BP is too high she won't grow right, but if my BP is too lows she also won't grow right either. He said they are "picky little buggers" ha! We are going to start adding to our growth scans a biophysical and a non-stress test. Lot's of seeing the baby coming up!
- I passed my glucose test, but he said I was right on the dot of borderline which he doesn't like. He's going to order a redo with the 3 hour test. Ugh! Whyyyyy, but I passssssed it!!! Luckily the drink isn't too too bad, especially when cold, but then again I have never had the 3 hour test. I would rather not add that to my list of issues.
- I also spent yesterday doing my third 24 hour catch. I had a harder time with it this go around. I always feel like I have to go, but then I can't! Then when I stand back up the feeling is right back again! I forgot about all these wonderful things while pregnant with Hailey. Let's just say I spent a lot of effort trying to fill their bottle that 24 hours. And of course Kenny and Hailey threw a fit because I have to keep the bottle in the fridge. 
- The change of weather allergies have hit and Hailey is dealing with them for the first time. After much fuss I got her to take a children's Claritin. Funny thing is I read what the box said it was for, "sneezing, coughing, itchy watery eyes, and itchy throat" and her eyes got all wide and she said very seriously "those are all my symptoms!" haha goof ball! Of course they are that's why I am giving you allergy medicine!
- I'm excited for lunch break today! Not only do I have a Boston Market frozen dinner meal, but I also have a brand new episode of Teen Mom waiting for me! This one should be good!

So those are my many thoughts for today! What are your Thursday Thoughts?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. My boss "retired" yesterday without anyone knowing. She was ready to retire but due to some issues at work it ended up being sooner then later. So something that should of taken a while to process was quietly done in the matter of two days. I'm really sad about it and worried about the future of our office. This is not a welcomed change at all.

2.  I got my hair cut tonight. It's a little shorter then I wanted originally, but I liked it when I left. Then I got home and realized it didn't help my chubby face and my big round belly. It added to my blimpieness.

3. Tomorrow is another perinatal appointment for growth scan on baby! I typed up all my blood pressures for the month, but I have a feeling he's not going to be too pleased with the lack of missing information. Oh well he gets the point.

4. Speaking of perinatal appointments, guess how much one of those bad boys run?!? $1909 each appointment!!!! Thank god for insurance and being in network this time with doctors!

5. I was told to complete my preregistration for the hospital this week and contact a pediatrician for the baby. Shit just got real.

6. I've been super hormonal lately! For example, as I was getting ready for work today, I saw my slippers sitting there and got very emotional over the fact I wanted to wear them today. I don't even wear them that often at home! Luckily I pulled it together and put some real shoes on!

7. My credit card is MIA right now. Fingers crossed I find it! Wawa was the last place I used it and I came straight home. I called Wawa and they have no credit cards turned in and it has not been used. Either it's hiding at home or I could have possibly trashed it while cleaning out the trash in the car at the gas pump.

8. Kenny and I have been arguing ALOT lately. Sometimes I just want to beat him with a broom or a small chair. We just have not been seeing eye to eye on priorities and things we need to be taking into  consideration. He says I'm being mean, nope just being an adult.

9. Tonight is a new Teen Mom. Looks like it's about to get interesting with just three episodes left. These chicks are crazy!

10. I currently only have nail polish on one hand because I knew it takes a while to dry and I always mess it up trying to do something when I paint both hands, so I left one hand free. I better put that on my list of things to do before I leave the house tomorrow.