Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday!

Today I am linking up with The Good Life for five things on Friday!
1. I think the most obvious and most important fact of the day is that it's FRIDAY! This means it's the weekend! Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so we will be celebrating the afternoon with her! In the morning we have cheerleading. Sunday is the PTA Fall Festival so we are looking forward to that! It should be a pretty easy weekend and hopefully relaxing! I need it after this week I had!
2. Tonight I have my first Scentsy party since.......ummmm...... like at least a year. I usually just collect orders and have done some basket parties and vendor fairs. I spent forever last night going through all my scents from the last four seasons and getting it all organized. I am still missing like 4 of the testers. Bummer! I am excited for the party though! It's local to me which is really good to meet new people and establish some connections in my community since all my clients are now over an hour away. Also I am excited to share all the new stuff including the all the holiday warmers!
3. I have been the supervisor in the office this week. I am filling in for my boss since she and a few others were out for training. Let's just say it's been a busy week. It's the end of closeout so everyone had last minute things that needed to be done. I have a general idea how to do most things and was trained on some things before she left. It did cause a little tension in the office though because I am the youngest and have been here less time then the rest. I could tell there was hurt feelings and attitudes. Oh well! I also realized how many mistakes some of these people make. I make mistakes from time to time, no ones perfect, but when they have been here 20 plus years they shouldn't be making the mistakes they are. They are lucky I am only temporary. Let's just leave it at that.
4. I was given my verbal briefing on the possibilities of a furlough next weekend for the federal government. I have a feeling it won't happen, but I am just not sure. This group in Congress right now isn't budging over things. I wish they would realize that not all of the feds are making six figures. Unless you are on the top of the GS scale, which most of us are not, we are all going paycheck to paycheck. Furloughing us would devastate a lot of people, including myself, especially since there is certainty when we would return to work. Yeah, the time off would be nice, but not when it's unpaid.
5. I am excited for October! I have a couple of fun things planned and have more things I want to fit in, like a trip to the pumpkin patch! As I have said a million and one times before, this is my all time favorite year!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. Tonight is back to school night for elementary schools in the county! I can't wait to go see everything that Hailey has been working on this month!
2. Week four started this week for school and Hailey has already misplaced her agenda book. I am pretty sure she didn't bring it home on Friday, but she said she was pretty sure it wasn't in her desk. We looked around the living room and dining room last night, but didn't see it. I'm going to be upset if I have to buy a new one. Fingers crossed it's at school.
3. We went to a Build a Bear birthday party for one of Hailey's longest friends. I was highly impressed with how smooth the party went and how much fun all the kids had. Hailey had a blast and is in love her her black Halloween cat she made!
4. I am loving my curtains in my living room. They are nothing special just brown sheers, but they look really nice! I have had them up for like 3 weeks now and every day I evening I come home and smile because it just adds an extra cozy feel to my living room. Now I just got to pay that Kohl's bill off!
5. I hosted craft night last Thursday with one of my best friends. We made burgers on the grill and I cut everything out Wednesday night to create a Halloween banner! It came out great!! And catching up with her was nice since it had been three weeks since we had last talked. That's just kind of how our relationship has always been. We are suppose to alternate craft night every other week. So next week we will be doing dinner at her house and making something crafty of her choice.
6. I have been so so sooooo tired lately. The thing about it is that when I crawl into bed I just can't fall asleep and I seem to wake up a lot once I do finally fall asleep. I hate when this happens!
7. The PTA's Fall Festival is this Sunday! We missed last years festival so I am glad we can make it this year. I am also donating a cake for the cake walk. I wish I could donate more time throughout the year to do things with the PTA, but I am happy to help when I can.
8. My Mom's birthday is Saturday. She has been having a rough couple of weeks, so I am hoping that she will have a good day on Saturday. I plan on making her a cake and having dinner with her. I also am excited for her gift that I ordered for her off of Etsy. It was actually a saying she had pinned on Pinterest and had told me she loved. I went to her boards and found it and searched for it on Etsy and there it was! I found a nice black frame to put it in last night while we were at Walmart. I'm excited!
9. The house has been looking fairly decent lately. I have even been keeping up with the dishes! If I could just get our rooms straight, then we would be in good shape! I'm just going to leave out the part about the basement with tons of boxes......yup lets just not mention anything about that!
10. I am patiently waiting to see pictures of Hailey's 6 year old shoot! My best friend took them for me and has been teasing me with little sneak peeks! She doesn't give herself enough credit, but she is amazing with the camera and really knows how to catch the perfect pictures so it makes me super excited to see them!
Those are my ten things for the day! What would you like to share?!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WW: My Little Cheerleader!

Oh my! What am I going to do with this little girl?!?
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So What Wednesdays!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with the lovely Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of
So What Wednesday!

Today I am saying "So What" to:
Things have been going great, but the past two days I feel like I have a little black cloud over my head making me feel so sad. Oh Poo!
I only lost 3 ounces this week! I am still celebrating 3 ounces gone and not gained!
My paycheck finally appreared in my account yesterday morning. Paycheck delays are not fun especially when you are counting on it on Friday to pay the bills that are due and to cover the checks you have written!
I guess the doctor's office I had a pretty high bill for wasn't impressed with me sending $50 a month to them. They sent me to collections instead. Jerks!
Every night I get in bed exhausted and ready to go to bed on time, but somehow I still manage to get lost in the book I am reading. I read the first one in two sittings and this one is almost done. There is a third to the series waiting for me when I finish the last 75 pages of this one tonight!
Somehow all the books I read fall under the "young adult" catagory! Embarassing! Haha!
I lost the last week of my Giant coupons. This week included a free thing of Ragu and also the $5 off of $50. I feel like I have lost something really special! I have been using these weekly coupons for the past 7 weeks! Each week I get my $5 off and then two free things! Yes, I am talking free things like cheese, eggs, oreos, chips ahoy cookies, Viva paper towels, paper plates, a pack of water, and the list goes on an on. I feel like I have a special relationship with Giant because of it and now just like that I feel like it's gone! How could I lose those coupons?!
Kenny doesn't understand my need for coupons and to buy things on sale. He wasn't even impressed that I saved $15 at Target the other night! What's wrong with men?!? PS: Don't even get me started on my need to use ebates!
What are you saying "so what" to this Wednesday??

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Seasons Are Changing!

It's almost here! It's almost hereeeeee!

As you can see, I am very excited to see that fall time is coming! The leaves are starting to change, the nights have been cooler, and we even got a nice little cold front to remind us that the change is coming!

I have always been a lover of fall! Even as long as I can remember, I have always loved all the beauty of the changes of leaves. As I have gotten older I have really began to take in and appreciate everything fall brings. Being that we live in the "sticks", I spend most my trips home on back roads. You know, those windy backroads where the tree branches hover and the leaves make it look like you are going through a tunnel. I love the summer when it's all green, but nothing beats when the leaves begin to change and the tunnel is now full of different colors! Sometimes I get overwelmed by the beauty of it all! Can you tell I am pasionate about fall yet?

Another favorite of mine is decorating! I am a huge fanatic when it comes to fall and Halloween stuff! I have collected so much over the years! I love getting it all out and standing back and looking at everything I have done! I love the way Hailey's face lights up when she sees it! She gets just as excited looking at it all as I do! I have everything to do the bathroom in and also most of my kitchen is as well! Last year with the move, we didn't get to decorate as much since my boxes were hard to get to! This year will be different and I have already started putting the new things that I have grabbed out and I am hoping to really start digging into my old things any day now! And Hailey has asked me at least three times when our scarecrow family is going outside and reminds me that she wants to help! Once I place my family of three scarecrows in the yard, it will mean that I will also need to go take down my little froggie flags and replace them with my halloween ones! And I already replaced my summer door wreath with a Halloween one this past weekend (I'll share in another post)!

Everyone who knows me knows my love for Scentsy! I mean come on, I love it so much I sell it! Well as much as I love my fall scentsy scents, I couldn't help but smell the bath and bodyworks candle called Pumpkin Cupcake! HOOKED! Yes, you read that right! I am hooked and I have already burned through a whole mason jar candle and am half way through another one! Mmmm it smells amazing! I also am a sucker for sales, so I marched my butt over there when I got an email for a one day only sale on the scent bulbs! Who wouldn't want their room to smell like that! Especially for just $2.50! So I grabbed a handful of those and then I got suckered into the handsoap deal so now I have pumpkin cupcake handsoap in my kitchen and plenty of backup for when I use it all up!

We established that pumpkin everything is in full swing! As much as I have been cutting out coffee and the extra calories, I could not make it through the season without a Pumpkin Spice Latte! I grabbed one on my drive home from Maryland last Sunday and it was just as amazing as I have remembered! Besides that one moment to induldge, I have been trying to stay away from most of the ever so tempting pmpkin sweets!

Since fall is here, it is time to start making plans for weekends of fun celebrating the arrival of my favorite season! I LOVE haunted houses and attractions! Before I had Hailey, literally every weekend was spent going somewhere to a haunted attraction! We did pretty much every corn maze in Southern Maryland and went to any fall events I could find! Since we had Hailey we haven't been able to do as much, but we still do a lot! This year I'm hoping to hit a couple pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Also go to some of the Halloween and fall festivals in the area. I also have always wanted to go to Skyline Drive up in the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can really do some sight seeing and take in the colors of the changing leaves, especially since its so close now to where we live! I'd love to take Hailey to down town Fredericksburg to the trick or treating event We did last year! And not to mention carve a pumpkin!

Ahhhhh! Its almost here!!! As much as I love summer, I can't wait for hoodie weather and all the amazing things that comes along with the fall season!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. I had to restart my healthy eating! I was feeling like crap from all the junk I had been eating. Luckily I hopped back in yesterday and did great both yesterday and today! Hoping that I continue on this path!
2. I really need to get to the gym. I quit curves so the only time I can go is at work at lunch. You would think that would be more convenient......nope I still am not motivated!
3. Blogger has made some updates and it is messing with the template on my blog. I had the designer I got it from working on it yesterday and she said all the templates on her test sites were also having issues. She is suppose to get back to me when she figures it out. Until them my title of my page will have to be all one word, if it isn't it put one word on each line and runs into my posts.
4. I need to redo my blog. I always am thinking of stuff to talk about and post, but I either start and don't finish or I don't start at all. I want to kind of change the direction of my blog. I typically do link ups and I think I want to make it a little more personal and share some of my thoughts.
5. Cheer is going good! It's actually going by pretty fast now! I can't believe that we already on the second week of September. We have 6 games left and like 7 practices. I just got a practice schedule last night, so now I can plan a little bit better.
7. Tonight is my grocery store night and I haven't figured out exactly what we need. I will have to make my list on the way home, if not then I wander around aimlessly and end up forgetting things!
8. Kenny and I had a serious talk last night. We have been having some minor issues that would eventually turn into bigger ones if they went the way they were heading. I feel like we both calmy talked it out and listened to each other sides and thoughts. The whole conversation turned out pretty good and made me realize how far we have come over the years.
9. I got a bill from a doctors office from a procedure I had in February. Apparently the insurance company did not pay anything on it. They are kindly asking for $928 by Oct. 3rd.......ummmm I don't think so! Now the fun is going to begin with having to contact the insurance company. I just didn't have the energy last night.
10. I have really tightened down on my spending and where my money goes. I have make sure that every transaction is categorized and is put towards my budget. Though I haven't been saving anything, I haven't been really over spending either. It makes me much happier knowing exactly where every penny is going. 
Well those are my thoughts for today! What would you like to share this Tuesday? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Thursday Thoughts
Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom! And since I didn't do my 10 things on Tuesday post (again), I have lots of thoughts to share!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
- I am getting more and more excited that it's September and the holidays are coming. I LOVE decorating, especially for Halloween. I have collected so many cool things over the years and love setting them all up! Last year I didn't do much decorating, which was a bummer, but this year I am going to get back in the grove! This weekend (the weekend after labor day) is always when I start so it sounds like a plan for our planless Saturday plus Kenny will be working so less mouth I will have to hear about it! Ha!
- I have been having the worse time making good choices when it comes to eating. I have been tracking every calorie, but I still have been slacking a lot with healthy foods.
- My new medicine was a fail and ended up raising my blood pressure to crazy rates, which is the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. So now I am back on my old one and we will have to play with it again in a couple weeks after I stable out. And thanks to my awesome insurance company who will not cover any less than 90 days worth of pills, I now have 84 pills left of a medicine I can't use. Makes a lot of sense right?!
- Today is my first day back to work since school started and it sucks. Again, I am having an issue with having to work and be so far away from Hailey. I hate the fact I don't get to get her ready for school in the mornings. I hate the fact I don't get her on the bus. And even more I hate the fact that she is stuck at aftercare and can't just come home after school. It really bums me out and there is nothing I can do about it right now.
- I pretty much want everything at the moment. Thirty one came out with their new stuff so of course I want some new organizing bags. And Scentsy has their new stuff and I am in love with one of the Halloween warmers. Also not to mention all the different things I see online that I want! I am just lucky that I have control because if not, I would be in a lot of trouble!
- My best friend was kind enough to agree to take pictures of Hailey for her 6th Birthday! I can't wait to see them! She has been teasing me with little sneek peeks which makes me even more excited! Ekkkkk!
- I found my federal id this morning! This is good news because now there isn't a breech in security and I won't have to go through that whole mess. No need to sound the alarms anymore!
- I rely on Kenny helping me with cheerleading on Thursday's since that is a terrible traffic day and I get to the parking lot late. Tonight is a game at 6pm over at Patriot Park which is about 20 minutes from the park and ride. The bad thing is he has to work now so that means I need to drive 20 minutes in the other direction once I get off the van, sign her out from YMCA, get her dressed in her unifrom, and then get her to the game by 6. That's not going to happen, but hopefully we won't be too far behind! Fingers crossed for a good traffic day!
- I had a pinterest success this past weekend and a pinterest fail last night.
Meatloaf made with stove top stuffing. Gets rave reviews and SUPER easy. 1 Pound Ground Meat (Beef or Turkey) 1 Egg 1 Box Stuffing Mix 1 Cup Water Mix everything together, smoosh it into a loaf pan, and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.
Meatloaf using stove top stuffing mix......SUCCESS! It was very good, easy, and got thumbs up!
and Crockpot Chicken Tacos
was a major FAIL! The little bit I could get to come off the bottom of the pot was hard and the rest was burnt stuck. Not sure where I went wrong, but it def turned into a McDonald's night!
 PS: Anyone have good tips for removing burntness? Soaking and scrubbing isn't working!
- And since the above happened last night which meant no left overs, I had to bring a frozen dinner for my lunch. But I am not going to lie, I am pretty pumped about this meal! Yummmm, roasted chicken, potatoes, and corn!
So I think that's enough thinking for me this Thursday! Any thoughts you want to share?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WW: First Day of First Grade!

Well yesterday was the day! You know the one that I have been anxiously waiting for, being excited about and worrying about all at the same......yup you know what day it was......THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Let's just say that the first day and even six weeks of Kindergarten last year did not go so well for Hailey! By the end of the year she was happy and loving life with a classroom full of new friends and an amazing teacher, so we were sad to see that school year end. This year with a new teacher and a new classroom full of people, I just was not sure how it would go! I knew she would either love it and pick up where she left off last year or it would be last years nightmare all over again!

So the verdict is in.......... SHE LOVED IT! She like she her new teacher, was able to find the classroom, and really was able to get in the swing of things. The best part of all was there was no tears on her first day of school! Wahoo!

So now with that being all said and done with I am sure you are only interested in the "Wordless" part of this Wednesday! So here are the pictures from yesterday's first day of school!



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