Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday

1. I'm having a real hard time being a working mom today. I'm just super sad today and hate knowing my baby is with someone else.

2. I made a rule not to check the scale daily, but if course I've been checking daily recently. I was down yesterday but now I'm back up today even after a very good food day.

3. I need to work out but seriously don't have the energy today.

4. I was home sick yesterday and it was so nice even though my stomach was sick!

5. I am almost done with Hailey for Christmas except for her zoomer zuppie she wants. Of course that's the main thing she wants but it's sold out everywhere at the 29.99 price. I'm not going to stress, I've done this the last couple years and by Christmas time they are everywhere.

6. It took sheer willpower to eat my lunch today and not get Chinese. I wanted it so bad and this place a couple blocks from work makes it so good and cheap!

7. Only Kenny can make a Facebook page for his garage and within an hour have 139 followers and 3 people who have checked in there.

8. I have to do a 10 day heart monitor and they are using a different company. Bad news is the little blackberry monitor died on me around 1pm. So that will be at least 6 hours not recording. Plus my little sticky circles are sticky enough to burn my skin but not to stay on.

9. Christmas cards will be here today! I can't wait to see them!

10. I need to decide, do I go out in the rain and get what I need or do I wait until tomorrow?  Hmmmmm. I know I'll regret not going but I just don't feel like it with the rain.  Decisions decisions!

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  1. Just get your stuff done now so you don't have to do it tomorrow... Can Kenny please take over my Beachbody fb page. I don't think I even have 100.