Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Back On Track With A Knee Lift and a Grapevine?

There is not very many people, but one maybe two, that read my blog and I am okay with that. I have never posted it anywhere, because though I don't talk about much, I don't want it to get into the wrong hands and assumptions made. Facebook is a perfect example. So on with my story, I think to tell people things yet then I forget, or I go to text it and realize it's kind of long so I decided I can just blog about. So if you are wondering why I didn't tell you this already, then hopefully you will know it's because it was kind of long to text, or I just haven't talked to you, seen you in person, or thought about it when I was talking to you. Make sense? haha. I guess I can see where blogging helps people stay in touch. I only read a small amount of blogs, but that is where I find out the small things that's matter a lot, but just weren't topics of conversations. So I am understanding the whole "following" of blogs and stuff. Be proud, I have made a blogger theory! :)


So I have talked in the past about last year and losing weight. Weight is a sensitive subject with me for many reasons, not just because I need to lose weight or want to lose weight, but there is more. So I have always been insecure about myself and my body. Last year I followed Weight Watchers and busted my butt in the gym. I lost a total of 39.6lbs! Go me! The problem is that I hit some bumps in the road and really had a hard time keeping on track from October through January. I almost always went to the meetings, but a lot of times came out with gains or a loss that compensated what I had gained the previous week. After I fell and hurt my butt back in October I also lost my gym motivation. I went here and there, but nothing like I had been doing.

So here I am sitting at the kitchen table last week. I play field hockey and do get some physical activity, but no where what I should be doing. I bounce back and forth between eating correctly and eating very badly. I have had a hard time following the point system of Weight Watchers, but I really am determined to get back in a routine of everything. Not only are my clothes getting tighter, but I have put on 14.8lbs that I had worked so hard to lose! What could I do to get myself back in a routine that I could stay with! Sitting in the mail on the table was a sign, or a junk postcard (you can call it what you want to), and on it read "Now accepting 25 determined women in your area that needs to lose 15+ pounds" (maybe not those exact words, but you get the picture). At the bottom of the card was the Jazzercise logo and that there was a 12 week program beginning. The next morning I called to see if I qualified, and I DO! What's the catch, right? Yeah, there is always a catch, and as with this offer there is a something about it. So here is the deal, with this 12 week plan you get a personal coach who will check in with you weekly, a beginning assessment to take weight and measurements, a ending assessment to check your progress, and also seminars and ways to help you on track. You just have to commit to the 12 weeks and doing the amount of classes they say. So for example week 1, I need to go to 1-3 classes, doesn't matter which ones or when (They have them throughout the whole day and on weekends too), and then you work your way to 3-5 classes. You still have to pay for the month for unlimited classes, but you have no fee for joining and also no contract. So after the 12 weeks, I am not committed to keep going for the full 12 months. There is no fee for dropping out early. I already pay for a gym membership in Waldorf that is up in April. I love the gym, but it is hard to get motivated to go especially with me getting home late and having to drive even further to get there. The nice thing about this is that Jazzercise is at the end of my road. They have classes that fit my schedule each night of the week and those classes have the childcare. So I will give it the try for the 12 weeks. If it doesn't work then I will not continue on with it. If I do decide I love it, then I will go ahead and put in my notice to the gym to end my membership. I am still doing something to better myself and work towards my weight loss goals

The timing of the whole thing is kind of right with my gym contract about to end and also the way the classes fit into my schedule. I will pass this on my way to work, on my way back to the park and ride, on my way to get Hailey, and if I don't go, I will pass it on my way home. There will be no excuse of why I can't go or because it is to far away. I am bad about convincing myself to believe my excuses at times. So no excuse! And also I have the accountability, but don't have to pay for a trainer. I am hoping this will get me into the swing of working out and getting back on Weight Watchers! Hopefully that postcard was "sign" and just what I needed to push me into the right direction for 2012, and not a piece of junk mail that won't get me anywhere. I am the one that controls that destiny though. Just me!

I got up early yesterday morning (yup they have one Sunday class, no childcare though) and went to my first Jazzercice class! It was a lot of fun, but boy was I not coordinated! The place is small, but I guess that is what gives it the welcoming and friendly feeling. I also thought it was neat when I was getting my paperwork filled out that I saw 4 Lifetime members of Weight Watchers there. The deal with Weight Watchers is that you are a member until you hit your goal weight or in the suggested goal based on your body mass index. You then spend 6 weeks on maintenance to help you figure out the perfect mix so that you are not gaining or losing. Then if you still stay with in 5 pounds of your goal weight after those 6 weeks you become a Lifetime member. These people will be allowed to remain with Weight Watchers for free and can attend as many weigh ins or meetings as they would like, as long as they continue to weigh in once a month to make sure they are staying in that goal area. I think it is pretty great and a good incentive to lose weight and then keep it off. It was nice though seeing these people who have been in this Lifetime group working out at jazzercice. This just proved to me that if you really want it, then this something that will help you achieve! They had to get to Lifetime somehow! Plus most of them said they have been members for years!

So I will continue to keep you updated on my progress. Maybe by sharing everything here, it will help me keep up with my goals! Plus it will allow me to share something on my blog with my friends, that matters to me, but wouldn't be the first thing I would think to talk about with my friends! (Seen this can support my blog theory from way up top haha)

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  1. Im so excited for you! I would love to jump in on this jazzicise class! Esp with the babysitting and no contract!