Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Bye First Baby Tooth!

I have lots of blogging to catch up on, but I wanted to share this quick post! Today my little tootsie turned into a big girl! Her first baby tooth came out! She came home about a month ago saying her tooth was a little wiggly. I immediately ordered a cute tooth fairy pillow for her! She found last week that she can wiggle it with her tongue. She even showed her classmates who all gathered around to watch. I knew it was coming soon!
Hailey came to work with me this morning and she was sitting there coloring. She never has really let me look at her tooth in fear that I would touch it. I looked over at her and noticed it was missing. Of course I panicked that she had lost it and possibly swallowed it. When I had her come over so she could look at it, I saw that it was laying flat, just hanging on by one front thread. She immediately began to panic and when I went to touch it she started crying. We headed to the bathroom since there was other people working around me and I am sure they didn't appreciate the added noise. In the bathroom I basically just touched it and it fell off. She looked in the mirror and saw the little red blood clot (I guess that's what it is?) and she freaked. I had to get her a paper towel with cold water. Of course I was excited, while she was shaking and half way crying. She didn't want to touch her tooth until it was in a baggie. Now she is super excited! We made some phone calls and shared the news!
Here are some pictures of the missing tooth!

And tonight we will leave the tooth in thissss!
Tooth Fairy Pillows Your choice of color
It was my super cute find on Etsy and she can even make it in any thread color!
You can find yours here:
Just the other night I was playing Santa, and now tonight I am the tooth fairy!
Wish me luck!

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