Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Semi Wordless Wednesday!

Here is the not wordless part:

I have always had an elf for Hailey since she was probably about 2. There is actually 3 elves! One at my Aunt's who used to babysit her, one at my Mom's, and one at our house. They were actually a set of three little Cabbage Patch elves my Mom had ordered for Hailey. Well since the move, her elf has been packed up and for the life of me, I can't figure out which box! Bad Momma!

She has been kind of naughty the past few weeks and she has been looking for her elf to come out since it always comes around Christmas. I have been telling her that if she keeps up with the attitudes and the bad things shes been doing, that Santa isn't going to come this year. She never let it bother her until she realized her elf hadn't come back. I have seen the Elf on a Shelf everywhere in the stores and my Instagram feeds are full of fun things people have been doing with their elves. The CP elves are a little bit bigger, so you really can't do much besides hide them. So I thought to throw a twist in things this year that we would adopt a new scout elf (Elf on the Shelf) as a "second chance" elf so that it can tell Santa if Hailey has been good. She was soooooo excited about it when I picked her up from school. She said that she will be so good now since this is her second chance. So we talked about how elves have different jobs and all look different. It might seem a little elaborate, but when dealing with a five year old there is TONS of questions, plus I didn't want her wondering why it didn't look like the elves she is used to! She told me how elves are like people and all look different and are different sizes and wear different clothes. It was actually a really cute conversation!

We decided to read the book as a family last night and we put the elf on the shelf. Hailey decided to name her Molly, so she told her the name she picked out for her and went to bed hoping that it would get it's magic and come to life last night! She also found a little elf toy from a Happy Meal and put it in a special place to specifically watch Kenny. She said he's been really bad this year and the elf would tell Santa if he was yelling at the cat! Silly girl!

Molly decided to hide in the lamp last night and she is holding the elf that Hailey put out to watch Kenny! I thought she would get a kick out of that! I can't wait to see what she thought about it this morning when she woke up!

PS: She told me that she hopes her other elf comes back also so that she can have two elves around the house! We will have to see how unpacked I get before Christmas! Hehehe!

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