Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 things on Tuesday!

It's that time again! It's Tuesdayyyyyyy!

1. I'm going to try to get back into blogging regular. There's so much to share with Emily and Hailey! Plus it's good to get my thoughts out! I'll need that more than ever as I approach my 8 week mark and returning to work! I can't believe Emily will be 5 weeks tomorrow already!

2. My Ergobaby carrier that I won off ebay finally came today! I couldn't wait to put it on and get Emily in it! A friend of mine let me borrow the Moby wrap and it's come in handy so hopefully Emily will love this one too!

3. Yesterday was a picnic with Hailey's first grade teacher at one of the manors on the battle fields. It was pretty neat and I took a lot of pictures to post with my big girl camera!

4. I want a vacation at the beach sooooo bad! We haven't gone anywhere in 4 years and that last one was the trip to FL to attend my grandmother's funeral. Seeing everyone's beach and pool pictures has gotten me so bummed, but we can't afford anything this year, that's for sure!

5. We NEVER went on vacation when I was little. In fact the first time I saw a beach was when I was 18 for a weekend and the first week long vacation I had was when Hailey was 1. It might not happen this year, but I hope the girls will have many memories of vacations growing up!

6. I am addicted to Papa John's bread sticks and garlic butter!

7. My Fitness Pal diary does not like the breadsticks as much as me! Ekkkkk way too many calories!

8. I have been tracking all my calories using MFP. I'm so proud of myself! And yes I am patting myself on the back!

9. I spent over 5 hours applying for a job in the county government. I am praying that I get it! Not only is it in social services, which is an interest of mine, but it's close to home! It's a pay cut and basically will just barely cover my bills, but it would save me so much time and my sanity!

10. I wish so many things were different, but I truly have been trying to stay positive. It's not always the easiest and tonight is one of those nights!

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  1. Life definitely has a way of dragging us down if we let it. Hang in there girl, better easier days are ahead :)