Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

I have to hurry up with this since it's already after midnight! But shhhh don't tell anyone!

1. It's hard to believe tomorrow Emily will be 7 weeks old! I'm still not over how fast the pregnancy went so this is nuts to me!

2. Speaking of time flying by, I took Emily's 1 month pictures and hope to have a post tomorrow for you! So come back on Wednesday!

3. I went to my postpartum appointment today! I took my OB a card with a handwritten note and $5 gift card for starbucks! After keeping her on call for 3 days plus a 4:45 am wake up call to deliver me, she deserves a cup of coffee from me! Plus I truly appreciate how caring and nice she was all pregnancy.

4. It's time to think about birth control and since I can't have hormones with my heart, she recommends the paragaurd IUD. I called the insurance company and they pay for it to be put in and removed, but not the $500 device. Since its just a copper T, I asked if we could just shove a penny up there since it's also copper. That was a negative! Ha!

5. Went to target today and left with NOTHING!

6. Went to BJs afterwards and stocked up on a good amount of stuff and between club coupons and manufactured coupons,  I saved $40. In fact with the way I paired lysol coupons they PAID me $4 to buy a 6 pack of lysol toilet cleaner! And paid $.99 for a 4 box pack of caprice suns! Woot woot!

7. Tax free weekend in VA starts Friday so I def need to get to target to school supply shop!

8. I can not believe August starts on Friday! Where did July go?!

9. Hailey's birthday is on the 16th and I am so behind this year! I need to figure out our family party and the small one I do with her friends. I'm thinking build a bear? Or Michaels for a craft?

10. Less then 2 weeks until I return to work, but we won't talk about that because I'll spend the rest of the night crying! Ekkkk I already cried in the OB office about it. Ps: she decided after that to up my anxiety meds ha!

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  1. I wish I could master coupons- they confuse me so bad!
    Yay for Tax Free Weekend- Hubby and I was talking about it earlier. No such thing here in Kentucky :(