Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!


This is one of my favorite posts and it's been a while since I've done one! So here it is for today!

1. I definitely just thought today was Thursday. Not exactly sure why, but it made this long week even longer for me!

2. It's hard to believe that Friday is Halloween and that Saturday begins a whole knew month! That's just crazy to me!

3. I have been walking most days on my lunch break. Each day I try to break my record. It pushes me that extra bit!

4. I have taken a ton of pictures, but just need to upload them so I can post about them! Let's see there is Emily's 2 month, 3 month, and 4 month pictures, there are pictures from Niagara Falls, pictures from the pumpkin patch 2 weeks ago, pictures from trick or treating in downtown Fredericksburg, there are pictures from pumpkin picking and carving this past weekend! And I am sure I will be adding a lot more this week! I am so glad that I started really bringing my camera along. I can't wait to see what I have captured!

5. Tonight is the 2nd grade musical for Rocktober! I am excited to go see Hailey all dressed up as a rockstar performing on stage. I am kind of confused by the whole thing, but she is excited so I am super excited right there with her! I am just sad Kenny can't be there to see it.

6. I haven't figured out what I am doing or where I am going as far as trick or treating goes! I like that it's on a Friday so we don't have work or school the next day, but Kenny might be missing out on another thing again. He is going to try to leave early, but with such little leave left until he gets new leave in March, he really has to pick and choose what he does. But it'll be Emily's first Halloween so I am looking forward to that!

7. I didn't really decorate this year for Halloween. I put a table cloth out inside and put little garden flags and my scarecrow family outside. I am kind of disappointed in myself though! Ugh! I have gone through most of the boxes so I actually had an idea where everything was this year!

8. This conversation with Kenny cracks me up! Thank you Target for these wonderful suggestions!

9. I have been working so hard to pay on the air conditioner. The only thing is that it leaves me with virtually no money for even gas or groceries. I am trying not to stress too much about it, but with Christmas and my personal property taxes right around, I am stressed to the max at the thought of money. So I reallllllly need to be on the hunt for this money tree or find a way to earn a lot of extra cash quickly! Good news is that I will hopefully have it paid off by the new year!

10. I have 4 pairs of glasses, yup you read that right! I now have only one until later this week because the other 3 pairs are at the eye doctors getting new lenses. The reason I have so many pairs is because I can not keep track of them! So I have been extra cautious with this last pair since all my back ups are gone! On the bright side I can not wait for new lenses! My prescription is 3 years old and my eyes took a hard hit during my pregnancy. The prescription changed quite a bit so I can't wait to be able to see again!

Welp that is all for me today! Hopefully you can look forward to some pictures in the near future! Maybe tomorrow, but I can't promise!

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