Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Weightloss Update and some goals!


So I have been really struggling with myself and my weight. I'm stuck in this terrible cycle and I am truly trying to break it. I have really stepped up my tracking and my exercise and though I keep falling off the wagon I have been getting right back up.

This past weekend a picture was taken with me in it and really made me break down. I literally had to pull over on the side of the road to hide it from my Facebook timeline. It made for a very lonnnnnnnng ride home with me thinking.

I'm not down any weight in October, but I am down a couple of inches around my waist and hips. I was pretty excited about that. I am hoping that when Nov. is over with, I will have more progress to report. I have a goal for Christmas eve and even though I seem to not be making that goal, I am going to continue to work on it.

I've been thinking about some different things I could do to keep me motivated and focused. There have been different things I have wanted lately that I have been adding to a list that one day I would like to get. It would be an awesome incentive if I could earn them. Then maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty about getting them.

So here are some things I have on my "want" list.

*The famous polar watch! I LOVE my Fitbit and wear it non stop. It's been great on my walks and to motivate me to keep moving during the day. Now that I have been working out more, it would be great to have a better reading on my calories burned and also where my heart rate is!*

*How cute are these shoes?! I have been eyeing them for months!*

FOCUS T25<sup>®</sup>

Turbo Jam<sup>®</sup>
 * I desperately want to try the T25, and have also head awesome things about Turbo Jam!*

Women's Plus Old Navy Active Sports BrasWomen's Plus Wide-Leg Yoga Pants

*New work out clothes, especially a sports bra, since I don't really have any clothes to work out in*

And I would like to find a nice water bottle. I do drink a ton of water a day so it would be nice to have a refillable bottle that wouldn't leak on me!

So there you have it! In no particular order! These are all things I really would like to have and hope to own! Hopefully just putting my thoughts into words I can read will help me get off my butt and keep going so maybe I can buy some of these things!

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  1. I love my polar and T25. Reach that goal girl so you can reward yourself.... and new and cute exercise clothes always make you want to workout (or at least feel better).