Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts!

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Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
We have 95 days until baby girl's due date! We have finally reached the below 100 mark! It's insane to think about! I am not ready, but it is coming full force at us! So much to do!
So I have been "scheduling" tasks for me to do each night, small things for the most part, but they are making a dent in the huge amount of things that I need to be doing. While working on the basement, we brought up 15 black trashbags full of clothes that needed to be sorted. I made three piles, a pile for washing and keeping, a pile for Goodwill, and a pile to take to the consignment shop and see if I can get some money for. I have done 3 loads of the keep one so far, 1 load a night of new laundry and folding the load from the previous night, and I made one trip to the consignment shop and have one more less, and tonight will consist of bagging up the Goodwill things! Slowly getting my living room floor back!!!!
Guess what?! If you follow my blog, you know I have mentioned more times the necessary about my hate for dishes! They just are always filling my sink! Well guess who finally has an empty sink!
I have become a "list master"! I have always had lists for everything, but now I have them everywhere for all aspects of my life. I have a list for things I need to do each day. I have a list for work. I have a list for the grocery store. I have a list for weekly tasks. I have a list for my bills. I have a list for things to do before Emily arrives. Lots and lots of lists! But on the bright side, nothing slips through the cracks!
Starting Monday we add 25 minutes to the school days for the rest of the year. This is due to the 14 snow days we have had so far this school year. This will ensure that our kids still get Spring break. They were really pressed on not touching spring break for some reason. Someone high up must have had non refundable plans, because it seems like most other counties had no problem taking it away.
Has anyone been following the missing Malaysia flight? It just vanished! No clue where it went with it 230 some passengers. The radios and transponders were turned off and that was the last thing they know about it. They have no clue if it crashed or what. They said it appeared to be turning off course when the transponders were shut off. Like not to long after the military picked up an unidentified flying object 200 miles away from where it was last seen that they are trying to figure out if that was it. They have searched everywhere and nothing. No debris or anything! They have a ton of countries and experts over there helping them. They said it could have flown on for hours. There is just no clue on what happen! I have been obsessed with the story since someone told me about it Monday! Oh and to make matters weirder there was two young guys from Iran that had stolen passports on the plane. Like passports stolen reported missing a long time ago. So many possibilities! They are completely baffled! I'm baffled!
Last night while I was telling Kenny this story, he started making fun of me because apparently I used the word "baffled" like ten times! But hey, it is baffling!
Amazon Prime is raising the rate from $79 annually to $99 on April 17th. I keep trying to decide if it is worth it, and based on the mass amount of people who LOVE it, I know it is! I def will have to do it by March 20th (the cut off for new members) so I can be locked in at that rate. I was having a hard time with the $79, and now $99?! I will take the $79! (The only reason I know this is because I was looking up how to spell Malaysia on a new site ha!)
Monday we have a "Communications" retreat/intervention for work over in Alexandria. First off, now I got to Metro on my own dime over there. Secondly this is ridiculous! They want us to have a deeper relationship with one another. But here is my theory, we all work well together. It doesn't mean we all like each other, but we all work towards the common goal to get our work done. So why do we have to go to this communications workshop to learn how to interact with each other. As I have said many times, I am here for a paycheck. I am not here to make friends. My work moto is:
Go to work. Punch in. Do your own job. Mind your own business. Punch out. Go home. Simple.
I actually have that posted on my sticky board in my cube and that is simply what I do. I am like a super nice person and try to really praise people and not step on any toes, but when it comes to work, I am here to get my job done so I can continue my career and move up. I don't need to be any of these people's friends. I don't think they care about my life outside of work and I don't have time to really care about theirs. I mean I am the baby and am like 25 years younger then most people here. I doubt that we all will be going to lunch and calling each other on the phone during the weekend to hang out after this retreat.
So that's enough Thursday thinking for me! What are your thoughts today?!


  1. I am a total list maker too. I have lists for everything in my life and then I have lists for my lists! It's somewhat of an addiction but it really does help me keep everything together!

    They took my kids Spring Break, no problem! Our estimated date to get out is now up to like June 29th or something. Poor kids are going to have no summer!

    I like you work motto! My husband's work did a class like that not too long ago. I had to laugh seeing as how he is a coal miner. I highly doubt they are going to teach a bunch of redneck men how to communicate. Let's face it, men for the most part suck at communicating anyway!

    Enjoy your weekend girlie!!

  2. I talked about the Amazon Prime price rise too. I guess when you think about it, it's still a great value.