Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We have a Graduate!

I have a graduate on my hands........a Doc Band Graduate that is!

Emily graduated from her Doc Band on April 28th! I was so excited for her appointment. The night before we went to Build a Bear and made a new special friend for her to give her Doc Band to! We named him Doc, how clever are we (ha)! I also ordered her fourteen a couple bows for her full head of hair she has grown! The day of her graduation I got her all dressed up, including her new head band with bow! I was so excited that we had made it so far and that it was finally time! I also scheduled it on a day so that Kenny could go with us! So I was pretty excited about having his company for the trip!

For our exit appointment we had more scans done and met with our clinician Kelly to go over the results! The changes were amazing and I was very pleased for the most part. There is still some flatness to her head and Kelly said that if I had not of said that this was our one and only band, they would have recommended another one. Of course I was second guessing my decision, but Kenny said that we are done, so I am now at peace with that. Emily got to put her band on Doc and she also received an official diploma! We are officially done with her band! Wahoo!




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