Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letters!

Dear Spring, You are finally here and pretty much are acting like summer, which I am okay with! We have had most of the week full of warm weather, nice breezes and much sun! I love it! Dear Flowers, I am excited to see what is planted and is starting to pop up! We moved in at the end in the late summer/early fall and I can't remember what was planted already. It has been a nice surprise seeing all the spring flowers poping up around the yard! Dear Hailey, I am glad you loved your field trip yesterday! I have never seen a play so you are one above me! Dear Hubby, I am excited for your new schedule to start! It will be nice to see you an extra day! PS: I've already scheduled parent conferences so you can attend! Dear Soccer, Tomorrow is the big day! Please be nice to Hailey and let her have lots of fun and no injuries please! Dear Scentsy, You have some promising leads going on! Hopefully we can pick up the extra business! Dear Amazon Seller, I would really really realllllly like you to send my book. I have two weeks to read the entire thing and do a huge case study on it. It's pretty I can't graduate with out it! So hurry! Dear Self, Stop beating yourself up! You know in your heart that you mean well with everything you do. Keep your chin up and give yourself more credit. Dear Weekend, Thank you so much for finally getting here!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Linked up with you over at Five Minute Fridays! I've been following for awhile, but today's word was a lot easier to write about that others! Have a great weekend!