Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Pre K Grad!

So today was the day! My baby girl graduated from Pre K. The funny thing is they still have two days left of school, but that's beside the point!  I took her Saturday to JC Penny's and let her pick out a dress, matching bracelet and necklace set, and hair bows! Lucky for me it was all under $20! That's my kind of shopping right there! I also sat with her last night and painted and decorated each nail and her toe nails to match her dress.

The ceremony was at school this morning at 9:45. Hailey had really been looking forward to it and had been working on a song that they were going to be singing. They came in and sang the song. Then the teachers played a slide show of pictures from the whole school year. It cracked me up listening to the kids getting so excited when they saw themselves. After that they did the awards. Hailey received a gold medal for having her Dent Dolphin Reader done for each month! She was very excited about that! Then the teachers handed out special candy awards to all the students. Each child got their own special candy bar and award. Hailey's got an award for having the best quality in a friend. That really made me smile! That's a great award to receive!

Next came the graduation folders. Inside was a certificate, a book from the teachers, a summer packet of work we should work on, and then a preparing for Kindergarten packet to work on also over the summer. It was a really nice folder and I am glad they included the work packets so I could continue to work with Hailey this summer! After that it was over and we could take the kids home.

We left school and got a happy meal! Then I gave her a special surprise of a graduation balloon and her own bouquet of pink glittery flowers. I also gave her a graduation card with a $10 Build A Bear gift card that I had gotten months back. Hailey has been BEGGING me to go to Build A Bear, so she was super excited to get it!

After eating I received a phone call from the dentist saying they had a cancellation and that they could get Hailey in. Hailey has been waiting since January to get work done on her mouth. She has a total of 8 cavities and some are very severe. She will need 3 crowns on her teeth and the rest are fillings. The soonest they could get me in was the end of June and July. I had to make an emergency appointment in April because her mouth was becoming very painful when she ate, so we have been on an emergency appointment list for cancellations. I have always been at work when they called, so this worked out great. The appointment went well. They crowned a tooth and filled another one. She still has more work to go, but they split it up into appointments. It took about an hour, but by the time they were done Hailey was over the whole thing. She cried hysterically for two hours because she said her mouth hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and laid her in bed with me and we watched My Little Pony. Luckily she fell asleep and woke up much happier.

We had slept for 2 hours, so at this point it was 6pm. We got in the car and rushed to a farm for some strawberry picking before they closed. That was a lot of fun and we got lots of berries. I couldn't wait to put them in my new Tupperware container! After that we ran to the  mall to do Build A Bear. Hailey picked out a horse and a hat to go on the horse. Luckily I came prepared with a coupon! So we ended up with a horse, a hat for the horse, and a beach towel and bear tee shirt for free! Can't beat that!

After that we went and had dinner at Mimi's cafe. I figured it was a quiet place with lots of choices. She really wants to go to Japanese Steak House, but that will have to wait until I can save up a little money! This little girl has expensive taste!

So besides for the 3 hours of not so fun time today, Hailey seemed to have a very good day! She was so happy when she went to sleep with her new horse! I love when I can tell she is super excited about stuff! I am so proud of her and how far she has come this past year! I can see a huge difference! She is so smart and so sweet. She may be a pain in my butt sometimes with her little attitudes, but she truly is a good little girl! There is nothing I would change about her! She amazes me every day and reminds me how lucky I am to have her in my life! I can't believe she is growing up, but she will ALWAYS be my little baby girl!

Now for some pictures! (Yup, a blog post, uploading pictures, and using Tupperware all in the same day! Heather should be so proud of me!)

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  1. Hahahh! You've really got the hang of blogging! Hailey looked so pretty for her promotion! Love all the pictures!