Monday, June 11, 2012


So I got good news........

Saturday we put an offer on a house and today we got word that they accepted the offer! Wahoo! That's great news considering we offered them $10,000 less then what they were asking for. We now have to have the home inspection done by next Monday, and then we can get everything rolling!

So that leads to me stressing......

I am excited about moving and think this will be a great fresh start to my life. It has been up and down for the past year or more. Things are finally starting to look up and I think this will be a great move for not only me, but my family. The only bad part now is the actual moving!

I am sad to be moving away from the only place I have really ever known. My friends are here and my family are here! I moved away to Baltimore without even looking back, but this time its different. This time it is hard. Maybe its because I am older and wiser now or maybe it's because I have a child and this is the only place she knows. The good part about the move is that we are doing it now before she goes into Kindergarten so that she won't have to move away mid year or leave friends she has gone to school years with. Hopefully this new area will be where she will grow up and she will be able to go to school with all her friends like I did. I graduated with kids who I have gone to Pre-K and up with. My best friends husband is one of them in fact!

I am sad about leaving my Mom, my Aunt and Jaime. I know I will still see them, but its different. I am not used to change. I don't see my Mom very often as it is, but I just feel sad knowing she won't be just 20 minutes down the road. And Hailey wasn't going to be able to go to my aunt's any more once she started school full day anyways. There would be no one to get her off the bus, so she would have to go to an after school program. And then there are my friends. I am sad about leaving Heather. I know I will still see her and our kids will still grow up together and attend all the Birthday parties and fun events, but I just feel sad about the whole thing. She expressed her feelings about me moving and how our friendship would change and I have reassured her over and over that it won't, which I honestly believe that it won't, it will just take a little more planning to get together and she will be stuck with me a little longer when she does get to see me! I know it will be okay, but then again I am just sad......

I like being able to know where I am going and I like being able to wave to people while driving and bumping into people I know when I am at the store. All that is going to change. I am not going to know anyone but Meagan and David over there and me being a social butterfly, I like to have friends! Where do I meet people?!?

Let me now put it out there that where I am moving is only an hour and a half away from Waldorf, if that. When I express how I feel to people they think I am moving hours away! I am not that far away! I drive further to work each day then it will take me to get to my family and friends. In fact I drive 2+ hours once a week one way to play field hockey. So I know I am not disapearing! And I know I will still see people! It's just hard the thought of moving. I am not a big person when it comes to change so this is a huge change to me!

I guess you can say its bittersweet! I am so happy, but so sad at the same time!

And then the thought of moving.......geeze! Where would I even begin?!? The good thing about this is that it will allow me to go through my stuff. To get rid of stuff! There is a lot to be gone though and so this is a good time to work on getting rid of stuff.

I know everything will work out, but it's just the fear of change! I know I will still see my family and I know (despite what she thinks :) ) I won't lose my best friend. I am just an hop and a skip and a tiny toll bridge away. It's not that far and everything will be okay! I just need to take a couple deep breaths and focus on the postive things! It will all be okay!

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