Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
It was hot as hell last night in the house! The air conditioning is not working. I tried to tough it out and say we would be fine and that it was no big deal, but damn was it hard trying to fall asleep when it's 85 degrees in my room!
I ate way to much these past few days and it showed on the scale big time!
I need to save up leave at my job, especially when I plan on having a baby in the future (no maternity leave! Ugh), but it is so hard trying not to take a day off!
Kenny broke a part of his truck over the weekend and then this morning on the way home he wreaked his car after falling asleep. He was okay, but the car needs a good amount of work done too it. This is two vehicles in one week people! I already made him promise to be careful with my car since he is now borrowing that!
I got in a tiff with my mother yesterday. Then of course I felt bad.
I am using a new system to monitor my budget and spending. So far I am over on most of the categories. Opps! Hopefully July will be a little bit better.
The company I did most of my side work for has closed, which now makes me feel like I am out of a job too! Darn! But it was good while it lasted!
I need to make a Birthday card tonight for sure, and then I also have another birthday card and bridal card left to make this week! It would be so much easier to buy a card, but I refuse!
I had a watermelon I bought a month ago that just sat on my kitchen floor. I finally cut it up the other night and it tastes fine to me!
I need to go to the grocery store tonight.......enough said.


  1. Visiting from So What Wednesday!

    Whoa! Glad Kenny is ok!! That's scary!

    Do you use an app to monitor your budget and spending? I need to do something...spending way too much these days and I want to save up for a car!

  2. I wanna know this budget thing your using. Really sucks about all the car/truck things happening ugh! I'm so mad at the grocery store right now after what was spent last week