Monday, June 25, 2012

New Home Coming Soon!

So I figured while I had a second, I would tell you a little about my new home, or maybe I should start with the fact that we are getting a new home!

It's funny how things work out. The first weekend out we went and looked at this house. It was actually the first house we went too. It was perfect, but we weren't sure about the location. It was a flipped house. So a company bought it as a foreclosure in April and "flipped" it and put it back on the market. It was quickly snatched up and had a contract on it within days of being listed.

So I have mentioned about our issues of being outbid, so we continued our house hunting. What we got qualified for isn't the biggest budget out there, so we are limited on what we can look at. While looking at the listing one night, this house popped back on there. Apparently the contract fell through three weeks later. Kenny was very interested in it and thought we should take another look. We went that Saturday and looked at the house again, along with four other houses. There is just something about this house we really liked! Maybe it's the fact that its further out, so it's quieter. Our neighborhood we are currently in, isn't the best for peacefulness and quiet. Between the constant burnouts at all times of the night, the crazy parties almost every night, and the fireworks being set off pretty regularly now, it's not peaceful at all!

We decided to put an offer on it. They wanted $10,000 more then we were preapproved for, so we offered them what we could. I am a "if it's meant to be, then it will be" type a person. To our surprise they hadn't had any offers on the house that weekend and they accepted our offer. We did the home inspection last Saturday and everything turned out great. We have to fix a shower head, but no big deal. So we officially have a contract and we are scheduled to settle on July 16th!

This house is about three times the size on my house now. It has three bathrooms and three bedrooms. The bedrooms aren't much bigger then what we have now, but I must add that it will be sooooooo NICE to have more then one bathroom! It's a split foyer and the basement is finished into a family room. It also has a two car garage attached to the house. It is located on 4 acres which is a mix between grass and trees. It also has a big deck off the dining room. It has new carpet and hardwood floors, the kitchen has been remodeled with new appliances, and the windows have been replaced. There is a few minor fixes that need to be done, but nothing major.

There are a couple tiny negatives about the house.  For starters it is on a very bumpy dirt road that is not maintained by the county. Kenny said that we will have to get some recycled asphalt and just go out there and fill the holes one weekend. It also is a bit further away from everything then I like, but it's no further then where I am now from everything. I think in the long run having the space and land will be worth the distance. Privacy and peace and quiet is something to appreciate!

The best part about this whole thing is that we will be saving about $500 (and over a grand come what our mortgage would be upped to in 2017) on just our mortgage monthly for something with more space for us to grow in!

So besides those tiny two concerns, I am so excited! It's scary! And like I said in a past post, it's very bittersweet. I hate to leave everyone and everything I know, but I am still just around the corner! I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. I am supposed to be packing some stuff, but I don't have one thing in a box yet. I have about 40 boxes ready, I just haven't mentally gotten there. Somewhere I read said that the first and best spot to start is with the pictures on the wall. They said once those are gone, you lose the comfort feeling of "home" and it's a little easier to continue with the packing. Plus, it's not like we "use" them on a daily basis!

So are you ready for a sneak peak?!? I have some other pictures, but this will be a starter!



Living Room

Dining Room

Family room (basement)

And here is where Kenny will be living (he has picked out all the colors he wants and everything he wants to do. He said this is his space, he doesn't care what I do with the whole house, but this is one place I have no say so in. haha)

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