Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuesday, which means another round of 10 things on Tuesday!

1. This year had an emotional start, but things have slowly fallen into place.

2. Work has been wearing me super thin these past couple weeks! 

3. My grandmother had a heart attack last Sunday! Thankfully she is doing much better and was released last Wednesday. They also found she had had at least three recent strokes. She's one lucky lady that's for sure! She had been having some severe issues with memory and her vision before the holidays, so even though the heart attack didn't help her situation, it at least allowed doctors to get to the bottom of the problem and run all the tests while she was at the hospital! Her small arteries in her brain are closing up which are causing the strokes which the damage effects memory and vision. Luckily they can treat with medicine to stop the process, but they can't fix what has already been done. So we will go from there, but it definitely isn't the worse case scenario.

4. I start seeing the perinatal specialist at the end of the month. They will be doing the baby's anatomy scan. My OB office had to call and make my appointment which will be roughly 3 hours total. When they called with the date, I got nervous because I have a big meeting at work. So I had to call and reschedule that appointment. Luckily they could get me in later that week. Well I found out Thursday I have more meetings that day. I refuse to reschedule again.

5. Because Im stressed, I have been having these crazy constant headaches which the tension has also caused a pinched nerve in my sholder. Thank goodness for Bengay and Tylenol!

6. My husband is on my shit list right now! Grrrr.

7. As revenge I may have drank his last Pepsi! 

8. I'm sitting here coloring my hair (in a well ventilated area) and I am crossing both my fingers and toes it comes out decent!

9. I hate tax time! It's stressful and we never get back big refunds like everyone else. 

10. I need more hours in a day because I need money. So if we could just add 4 hours extra to each day, then I can fit in a part time job! You know, somewhere like Sephora or AC Moore where I can look at all the cool things while I am working! 

So those are my ten things this Tuesday! What are yours?!

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