Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WW: (Far From) Wordless Wednesday

Since probably 8th grade I have always dyed my hair, most of the time by myself. I have had different outcomes, but nothing to unbearable! I have even let untrained friends do my hair, some that have come out great and others not so much! My roots were getting pretty wild and it had been a while since I had colored my hair! I desperately have been wanting to go get it colored and high lighted professionally, but face it, that is far from in my budget currently. Last night while I ran into CVS I decided to grab a box of dye. I typically have good results with the Feria colors and I really liked the light colored blonde I got last time. So I hurried up and picked out a light blonde hoping it was the same one as before...........let's just say it was far from it!

Exhibit A:

This picture doesn't even say the half of it. What was worse was that it turned so many different blotchy colors from pure white to neon yellow. Also there were places where my roots didn't even take so there were dark brown patches throughout! It was too the point where I either had to run to the store for another box of something or call out of work. Not even throwing it up in a pony tail was going to get me through one day. It was seriously that bad!
I called out to Hailey who was watching TV and asked her if she still had her shoes on. She came down the hall telling me "no" and questioning why I was asking. She stop dead in her tracks when she saw me and said "WOAH" and I told said "what do you think? Should I go get another box?" and her answer was "I think I'll go get my shoes on!" (haha got to love her!) So we ran out to Rite Aid at 9 last night in the crazy fog to grab another box. I knew another blonde would be to hard on my already processed hair so I had to go with something dark. Not exactly what I wanted, but on the bright side, my hair didn't all fall out from back to back dyeing and I am able to leave my house today!
The end product:

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