Monday, January 30, 2012

Adding a little excitement into the mix!

I have been down and out the past week dealing with depression and my medication not working anymore. So after going to the doctors and getting something new to start on, I decided this may also be a good time to find a craft or hobby to do. I went to A.C. Moore and came across this little display. It was a book called a "SMASHbook". It had different accesories that went with it and it got me really interested! So I decided to buy it! (With a coupon of course)!

So heres the deal with my smashbook...........

I am a girl who loves little things! I hold on to ticket stubs and cards and just little things that make me laugh. I clip out magazine articles and save pictures of things. I love quotes, but never know where to store them! This stuff all ends up around my house and makes its way into a drawer where it gets left and ignored or eventally thrown away. So this book just offers a place where I can "SMASH" all my little things into! The book has colorful pages and comes with a pen/glue stick that allows me to just glue them right in. So I started with some stuff from 2012! For example, I glued in my cards I got from graduation, the program and some of the things I got. I even picked up some scrapbooking stickers and cut outs to glue on some pages! I had a blast the other night putting it all together. I ended up using 4 pages. I have so many pictures on my phone and of my friends that I want to put in the book! Now I just need to print them out so I can smash even more special memories into it!

Such a simple idea! But it brought excitement and happiness to me! So worth the $10 I spent on the book and stuff for it! And Michael is having a 20% off SMASHbook brand sale this week!  I might be heading there for some extra cute little things to add!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this! I need one of these or many at that cost!