Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WW: The Time We Went to the Circus!

For the past maybe 8 years, I have gone to the circus with my cousins. This was even before we had kids! It was something we just enjoyed doing together every March. Last year I declared that it would be our last time going since the ticket prices have gotten so high over the years and it was hard on us buying 3 full priced tickets. So this year my cousin messaged me asking what we were doing on March 22nd, and asked if we would be interested in joining them to the circus, her treat! I accepted and we had a really nice time! The girls loved it and we all had a blast! It was just an overall good experience. I know Hailey was a little disappointed that we couldn't get food, snacks, and or souvenirs there, but everything is always so expensive there so we didn't even look this time. I told her it was about the show and not about buying stuff. I also made sure we ate at home before we left the house to avoid being hungry while we were there. And afterwards we all went out to dinner together! She did get lucky and was given a hat off some cotton candy that one of my cousins had bought. So both the girls got cute clown hats! It was just a really great day with family!
I did get a chance to snap some pictures on my cell phone! So here they are!



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  1. Awww, we love the circus. Your right though, everything is SO expensive. It's a total money racket. Glad the girls got to go. I'm sure they had a blast!