Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oh April!

It's the end of April and you may have noticed I haven't blogged much lately! Believe me April had some really trying times and I am hoping that May will go a lot smoother.

The baby is doing good and getting big. She's stubborn and hates being monitored. As soon as they find her heart beat she pushed it away. She doesn't stay still in sonogram sessions which take almost an hour since they are trying to measure her. When we last looked she was 3.2lbs and was looking great growth wise! 8 weeks ago she was breached, 4 weeks ago she was head down, and a couple days ago she was breached again. I go tomorrow to see her and do another scan on her so I am interested to see where she is! I have a feeling based on the amount of pain and pressure I had yesterday that she turned herself back around or is laying sideways. Girl friend better get head down because she is losing room to be able to turn! It amazes me that she will be here in less then 7 weeks! Where has the time gone?!? I asked my OB if I could just keep her in there for another year when I was more ready, had more leave saved up, and could have everything figured out for her. The answer was that she didn't think it was a good idea because she would end up crawling out and be talking by that time! Ha! At least she humored me!

This past Thursday I had a good OB visit. Everything looked good and my BP was looking great. I was told to come back in 2 weeks and make my appointment up front like normal. There was already someone standing there making an appointment so we had to wait just a second. That's when it hit me, I got extremely dizzy and fuzzy feeling. I told Kenny that I was dizzy and he was like "oh" just kind of brushed it off and the next thing I remember is sitting on the floor with him in my face, a nurse at my side, and them shoving water at me asking if I was okay. He said my eyes stayed open the entire time and my chin slumped down and then I started leaning sideways when he grabbed me and got me to the floor. When that happens everything goes black and all I can hear is stuff in a very far distance. It takes me a minute for my vision to come back and then my hearing comes back and is very staticed like. This was the same thing that happened to me back in February. I knew I wasn't dehydrated because it was only 10am and I had already drank 40 ounces of water. I had eaten and didn't have any blood work or anything. I could hear them on the phone giving my information over to the hospital and I was handed copies of my charts and sent on my way to labor and delivery.

The first thing they did was check out the baby and put her on the monitors. She was happy and healthy and apparently sleeping because she had stayed pretty still. After about an hour I was sent down to the ER to be checked out. I knew I was having pretty bad palpitations, which is something pretty common for me, but my heart was racing and my chest was tight. I was hooked up to the monitors and an IV right away. They also said my oxygen was very low so I was put on oxygen. I stayed there for about 3 hours with people coming in and checking on me and running little tests and taking blood. They decided to discharge me back to L&D to watch the baby for a little longer. While I was signing the papers I could see the nurse watching my heart rhythms and emergency tech stepped in and said there was a problem. My heart seems to palpitate every 5-7 beats which is irritating, but I am kind of used to it, but then at completely random times I go into "Bi-Gemini" which is skipping every other beat. So my heart can't keep up and it's effecting the blood flow and oxygen which causing your body to basically shut down and that's when I pass out. I was told I could not go home anymore and I was being admitted.

I wasn't moved to a room until 10:30pm. We hadn't eaten all day. We were exhausted and irritated from just sitting in triage all day. When they moved me, Kenny went out and got us our phone chargers and some food. He also let the dog out and grabbed stuff from the house. As frustrated as he was at the situation, he was pretty awesome! That night was the worse sleep ever! I had people checking on my vitals all night. I had a NST on the baby at 4am and then blood work right after. Breakfast came at 5:30am and the newspaper guy was there at 6am. Then I had an echo on my heart done at 7am which took forever. Not to mention vitals every other hour and the doctors who came in and out all throughout the night! Ahhhhh! Believe me I was grumpy! I also knew how much we had to do that weekend with a wedding and my baby shower at my house this weekend. I spent all day there waiting to be released so we could go to Kohls and get clothes for the wedding. 2pm came and went, then 4pm, then 6pm, and then there was a sono on the baby and another NST. Then 8pm and FINALLY AT 9PM they decided that I could go home and be treated out patient with a heart monitor. So at 10:30 on Friday night I was finally set free! And just in time to make it to Kohls before they closed at 11!

I was originally supposed to have a monitor on for 5 days, but after reviewing my records she wants it on for 10 days. It's a pain in my butt, but maybe they will figure out what's wrong and how to treat it. They have to be careful with medicines to control it with me being pregnant so that's why they really want to look into where the skipped beats are coming from. Luckily everything is okay for the most part with me and pretty perfect with Emily! And really that is all that matters! So that's just a sneak peak of my April! I have a lot more to share, so stay tuned!

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