Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

So it's finally here! The moment we have all been waiting for...........SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

I have made mention about working on the flower beds and not knowing what to do! This is our first spring in this house and I really would like to make the yard look nice! Sunday is was supposed be 70 degrees and Sunday so I figured that would be a perfect time to start! I made a trip to Lowes on Saturday and picked up everything we needed!

Ever since we moved into the our old house, I have always wanted to plant flowers around the mailbox and make it look nice. The problem there was that our mailboxes were grouped together and Kenny said that was a no go in that are. Our mailbox at this house sits by it's self. Let me tell you about this mailbox a little. It was there when we moved in. It was nasty and had black all over it and rust. Even the post looked like it had mildew on it. I had planned on painting it, but after going out there yesterday and working for over an hour putting some scrubbing into action. I was able to get it looking brand new again! I also scrapped off all the nasty old letters and cut myself some new one! So no spray paint was needed! I also bought some little pavers at Lowes and made a little circle that kind of matches the one in the middle of the yard. I then planted and mulched a new little flower bed in the circle! I am sooooo excited and pleased with it. Not to mention proud of my hard work! Like I mentioned before, I am not a green thumb at all!

Now the next section I worked on was this odd little circlish things in the yard. It's kind of more an oval I guess. There didn't appear to be anything planted in it. And when I got digging there seemed to be about 4" of old mulch and then black plastic underneath. So I am thinking that someone just mulched over it and called it a day. For this one I picked perennials plants and flowers that will come back all year long. I also picked spring and summer bloomers so we will have flowers all summer long there. And in the middle I put some fountain grass which will bush out and become taller and more of a center piece! In order to garden this one, I had to first rake out a lot of old mulch. I then tried to straighten up some of the brick things that were out of place. Once I planted everything, then I mulched it again with some new fresh mulch! I can't wait to see it once things really start growing! And I am excited that all these will come back year after year! I will just have to freshen things up and trim the grass up!
So here is the before......

And here is the after!

Not only was it warm out, but it was sunny! My cheeks go a little touch of color on them and I have the start of a flip flop tan! Wahoo! Most this week is supposed to be beautiful and in the 70's and 80's! So I think it is official! Spring is here to stay!

My next project will be figuring out those crazy flower beds by the house! What a random mess! Stay tuned!