Thursday, November 20, 2014

Down Town Trick of Treating!

The Saturday before Halloween I decided to load the girls up and take them to downtown Fredericksburg. I have only really walked around there once and never by myself so I was a little anxious. It's the historic city and has a lot of shops and boutiques and eateries. It's actually pretty nice and I am glad it's so close because we will be going back (well to be exact we will be back there in 2 weeks for the Christmas parade, but let's focus on Halloween still!). Anyways, all the shops on the road were doing their annual trick or treating for the kids. I am pretty sure we can call it organized chaos, but it is actually super nice. It was a beautiful day and perfect for walking around with the girls. Hailey loved being a witch and going into all the stores trick or treating! And Emily......well Emily enjoyed being dressed as a pumpkin and just smiling at people!

Before heading home we stopped off at a new little pizza shop that opened! Let's just say these slices were ginormous! Hailey and I shared a piece and it was like we both had two pieces of pizza! It was huge and delicious and CHEAP! $5 for the slice and $1 for a can soda! We will definitely be going back there!

So now for some pictures!

 We thought these were pretty neat! They were made out of the bottom of bottles!

Yup that's two paper plates it's sitting on!
This event is something we will defiantly keep looking forward to each year!

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  1. That pizza is bigger then her head. Your pumpkin and witch are getting so big... time passes too fast.