Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!


1. I am highly bugged by multiple people. I assume it's my attitude and emotions and not them because there is a whole list of things that are bugging me at the moment. Ha!

2. Kenny leaves Friday for the weekend to head out of state to a truck show. I asked when he was planning to leave and he said he will be leaving at 3am on Friday who was he planning to get Hailey on the bus since I leave for work at 5am?

3. I have an appointment on Thursday with my OB and then the dog has a way over due groomers appointment (thank goodness for half price deals!) that afternoon. So I guess I will be teleworking one day and will have to have off the next? #2 is not helping my leave situation come June!

4. I had a really rough day Saturday mentally, not to mention my stomach wasn't agreeing with me the entire day! I started cleaning in the foyer and got that done and then went to the basement and the only thing I could manage to do is sit and cry. Like for real ugly cry for a couple hours! I have so much that needs to be done and so much going on in my head. It's was all just too much at the moment and I became very overwhelmed.

5. I am hoping this Saturday will be productive and I can actually do more then just cry in the basement. Ha! I have a feeling Hailey will be doing most the crying when I send her to start working on cleaning her room. She HATES cleaning!

6. I am broke as a joke this month! Not sure what's going on. Maybe because the electric bills have been so high with winter? Also it didn't help I had to scrape together that money to pay on Hailey's dental bill that was due at the end of March. As much as I am trying to budget and spend  no extras, little things keep popping up! For example, the check I had to write for the year book last week, and class pictures last night. The $30 bill that came Saturday to pay the administrative fees that came with transferring Hailey's doctor records and the $82 bill towards my insurance deductible at the Perinatologist that came last night. When will I catch a break?! Hopefully before June because my $400 personal property taxes will be due in the beginning of the month! I am already starting to get nervous about that.

7. I took Hailey to a Sibling Class on Sunday. At first she was nervous, but she seemed to have a really good time. It was a one hour session that the hospital offers for free. It's part of the whole labor and delivery classes. There was 5 little girls in there all different ages, but they all did so well! They learned how to hold the baby and  to do things like change a diaper and wrap the baby in a blanket. When we left she asked when we were coming back! I told her that it was only one class. She seemed disappointed by my answer. She must have really liked it! She spent the evening properly carrying her baby doll around in a wrapped blanket. She's so silly.

8. Today was picture day. I tried to pick out a cute shirt and some jeans for Hailey. I also attempted to do her hair in a partial ponytail before bed time. Kenny does not do hair so I hope it looked alright this morning. I stressed the importance of making sure she looked nice and helping her with her hair. Hopefully her pictures turn out good. Those bad boys are NOT cheap!

9. Tonight is Art Night at school from 4pm until 6. I am kind of upset about the time frame of the event. I have to hope the traffic is good since the earliest I ever get to school is between 5:30, usually it's closer to 6 or after. Luckily I pick her up from the school so we might just have enough time to run and see her picture. The whole school is supposed to be lined with all the children's artwork. I wish it would have gone to 7pm because I would really like to take her to look around.

10. I think I need a day of sunshine and warm weather because I just realized that most of my list contains negative thinking. I typically try to look at the bright side of things, but at this moment it's just not working. I have been really down lately and having a hard time seeing the positives. I really hope this can change here soon. I'm just having a really rough time lately and have so much on my mind.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday! What ten things would you like to share?!

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