Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Bump Update!

Happy 38 weeks Emily!
Time has been flying by since I last updated. As of last Friday, baby girl was 7lbs exactly and passed all her tests for the day. At first she was about to fail the practice breathes portion, but right before she marked it down, Emily took 3 perfect big gulps! She's always borderline on the NSTs, but that could be my medicines, poor thing! I was told to ask perinatology for their recommendations about delivery and they said they would do it between 38 and 39 weeks, not a day over 39 weeks! Kenny and I looked at each other and said "That's this coming week!" So there may be a baby by the end of this week! The doctor said right now she is breathing and doing pretty good so it would be better to deliver now while her placenta is working and she and I are both healthy, then to continue to push me further and have something go wrong and end with no baby or with an emergency on my part. They said even if they do biophysicals and NSTs on her everyday, we would still be taking that chance of something going wrong in the time she decides to come on her own. Ultimately my OB has the final say in this and I go see her tomorrow morning! So I will keep you guys posted! I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that this will be one of my final days of coming to work! I am so ready to begin that 8 week break from work!
I have had some little hiccups along the last month with my pregnancy. One being that my heart is not beating right. It keeps going into these long patterns of skipping every beat (bi-gemini) and my resting pulse rate is 110 and above. I get very dizzy and have felt faint a lot. My blood pressure also keeps dropping which is not good for me or the baby. This is a sign my heart is in distress (most likely from the increase of progesterone) so after the 10 day monitor results came back, I had an emergency appointment with the cardiologist and my medicines were switched. Now of course Emily has to be watched twice a week at perinatolgy because of the possible effects it can have on her. Overall this pregnancy has gone much better then expected, but it's been challenging. I am ready for it to be over with and have my baby in my arms instead of constantly worrying if she is okay. My new medicine slows my heart and tries to regulate it, which makes me feel like crap, so I am just hoping it has no effect on her. 
But as ready as I say I am, I am very nervous and anxious for her to come! I ALMOST have her room ready! I can probably get it finished tonight! And I have two loads of all her new clothes washed. I have one more load of new clothes to do then about 5 loads of all of Hailey's baby clothes to rewash. Then to fold and put it all away But the good news is that she will have clothes to wear when she comes home and not just a diaper! And speaking of diapers and wipes, I am pretty sure I will not need to buy either her entire time in diapers! I unpacked 3 moving boxes full of leftovers from Hailey's and literally have a whole closet top and bottom stacked will all sizes of diapers! I am super excited about that! It's overwhelming looking at it, but it is such an awesome thing! Tonight I plan on starting to wash some bottles and getting our bags packed! I figured I should be ready! Oh and I NEED to remember to have the camera fully charged so I'll have lots of pictures to share! So I think after the past few days of stressing over her soon to be arrival, after tonight I will finally be okay for when she comes!  
Big sister definitely can not wait!

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  1. Momma you look amazing. Take it easy so you can take care of yourself and that little peanut. I can't wait for your introduction.