Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Have To Share!

Yesterday I worked half day so I could meet with Hailey's teacher. I got to get her on the bus which I love doing. I love being able to watch her wave to me as she pulls off. Yesterday was a half day for her school which means her class stays until 1:40pm and gets out with the other grades. I picked her up since I had a 2:15 meeting with Mrs. Edwards. After I picked her up from school we ran and got a quick snack. On our way we had the sweetest conversation.

She told me that there was something special in her folder for me and she wanted me to look at it right away. I opened it up and there was two pieces of paper with squiggles on it. She was like "they are love notes because I just love and care about you soooo much. I tried to draw hearts to show you how much I love you." and then she goes on to say "Did you see how big I was smiling when I was on the bus?" and I responded with yes and she said "Do you know why?" and I responded with "Because you were excited to go to school" and she said "No, because I was just so happy that you were there waving to me!" She brought tears to my eyes! It melted my heart and made me feel so good. She is such a good and sweet little girl.

The meeting with the teacher went very well. We went through her portfolio and Mrs. Edwards said that she is pretty much exactly where she needs to be. We need to continue to work on her writing her name and helping her to identify alaphabet letters. The goal is to know all her letters, the sounds, and to identify what pictures of objects begin with. She also needs to be able to recognize the letters 1-10 and be able to count to 30. She is very close and her name is coming along. Mrs. Edwards said that she is so sweet and quiet. She gets along with all of the children and does everything that she needs to do. She always does everything on the first time she is asked and never questions or talks back. She said she has come very far from the begining of the year. Mrs. Edwards also said that the morning class is a rough bunch, she has a lot of behavior issues in the class and that Hailey is a "god send". She said that Mrs. Wanda, Hailey's bus driver, can not say enough good things about her. She absoluetly loves her.

I was glad to hear such positive feedback from her teacher. Hailey really pushes the limit when she is at home or at TeeTee's house. Her attitude and smart mouth get her in trouble at home, but I am pleased to see that she is polite and good in school. I am very proud of her! Tonight we get to go to Target and get a couple new squinkies since she has been doing so good. I'm glad she loves school and that she is learning so much! I hope she continues to do well!

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