Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today is the day!

Today is the day! I finally graduate CSM! wahoo! It might not seem like a huge accomplishment to many people, but to me it is huge!

I have worked very hard the last few years. I had no interest to go to college when I graduated high school. I already had a job and was content. Then I started thinking and decided I wanted to be a dietitian! So I packed up all my stuff and moved to Baltimore so I could go to Baltimore City Community College and study dietics there! At the time, besides John Hopkins, that was the only other school in MD that was offering the program. So after a full semester there and working full time, I ended up pregnant! Not what I was expecting, but I decided to double up my Spring and Fall semester in the Spring, so I could take Fall off so I could have Hailey! Well that was grueling, but I made it! Except for a week before finals I wreaked my car! I was in the hospital and missed my finals. When I was told I could make them up in the summer session, I ended up having Hailey around that time, so I ended up failing 3 classes. That was enough to get me kicked out of the program and I never looked back.

After having Hailey I decided to go into Graphic Design. Whomp whomp, not to much stuff there that would allow me to work full time and still be a mother. So I switched to business. I got all the way to my last semester of business classes and realized that the only thing I had left was Calculus. And after a lot of stress, I decided to that I wasn't going to kill myself over a course that I wasn't interested in and a major that didn't interest me at all. So now I am one class away from a business degree!

So last Spring I decided to do what made me happy! I decided to switch to social sciences. CSM doesn't have a psychology program, but Social sciences usually goes hand and hand with psych. So I started clicking classes away! Now here I am today! I have a total of 77 college credits. I take on average 3-4 classes a semester and have a 2.75 average (high C). I know it could be better, but considering I work full time, have my daughter, and a hell of a commute, I am proud of myself.

So tonight I will graduate with my an Associates of Arts and Science in Social Sciences! 70 of my credits will transfer over to UMUC where I am already registered for Spring semester. I took one UMUC class last semester and have 3 scheduled currently for spring. I hope to add at least one or two more. I believe I have a total of 18 classes left, so hopefully in 2 or less years you will get to read a post from me saying that its my graduation day again! I am going to continue to push forward. The sky is the limit, and its completely in my hands of what I want to do with my life and who I want to be when I grow up! :)

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