Tuesday, November 19, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!! And what a busy Tuesday it's been!
1. Apparently there is a ton of people (maybe a whole town?) over in Nigeria who have passed away recently and apparently I am related to all of them! They all want to leave me their inheritance! Can you say SCAM SPAM?! I have been getting a ton of it lately!
2. I never fully decorated for Halloween and I haven't done the slightest thing to decorate for Thanksgiving. What is wrong with me?! This is one of my main passions about the holiday season!
3. I spent $90 in the grocery store last night and then realized I forgot tuna fish that was on sale so I ran back in. Five cans of tuna fish, one pineapple, and a sprite later, I made my total out to $100 for the day. Then I couldn't figure out what to have for dinner!
4. I brought my lunch from home today and ended up eating the two hostess cupcakes instead of the meal. That was a healthy choice right there!
5. I am getting nervous about the holidays! I just can't seem to think exactly what I want to get people!
6. I am really excited for the "children's Holiday party" that I throw with my friends! I think the kids will love it once again and also I love how we all work together to make everything. I am doing drinks and dessert this year. I will have to figure out something special to make!
7. I finally uploaded and edited all my pictures! Woot woot! And I went to work on some blog posts and my computer is just not going to let that happen. It's definitely about to take a crap on me. Insert super sad face right here!
8. I did save all the pictures to a jump drive with hopes to do some posts during lunch, but work has been so hectic this week that I haven't been able to get to it! Believe me people, I am one step closer! I promise!
9. Hailey's school is having the children's author Jim Arnosky come to their school this Friday. There was a contest a couple weeks ago that if you wrote a letter to why you wanted to eat lunch with him and his wife, then you could win that chance. They chose two children from each grade. Hailey sat at the table and I helped her spell out exactly what she wanted to say then she drew a bunch of pictures for him. Last night she announced that he picked her letter! She was so excited! I am so proud of her!
10. I made a big announcement this past weekend on Facebook and IG! I will share it on my blog tomorrow! Stay tuned!
And what would you like to share this Tuesday?!

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