Monday, November 25, 2013

You Are Going To Be A Big Sister!

As most of you know, Hailey is six years old and currently an only child. She had asked for a baby brother or sister from time to time, but this year she really started to get interested in being a big sister. She couldn't wait to come home and tell me how Tyler in her class had had a baby that morning and that he wore a big brother shirt that day! She just thought that was too cool! And then a few weeks later Tyler's baby got to visit the classroom. She started really asking when her baby would be here and when she was going to be a big sister.

This helped seal the deal for me when it came to having another one. Kenny was concerned about the age difference because he was an only child for six years and then his brother was born and "ruined his life" (haha dramatic). He said no one ever asked if he wanted a sibling and he definitely did not. We talked to Hailey multiple times before about how she felt about a sibling and she was so excited to say all the things she would do with it and how she would help me out so much and maybe even change a diaper!

When I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to tell Hailey! Since it was a "secret" and I knew she would be seeing different people in the next coming weekends we decided to wait for about two weeks. The day I had my appointment with negative test at the doctors office, I was kind of lost that afternoon. There is a huge Kohls over by the doctors so even though I was concerned that maybe I would jinx myself while waiting for my blood test results, I decided to go in and pick out a big sister shirt for Hailey.

Needless to say, it was so hard to keep the secret, but we managed to! We decided that we would tell her together and give her the shirt wrapped up in a gift bag. We would let her open it and then tell her. I pictured how excited she would be! I could not wait! So we told her we had something for her and let her open it. She looked at it confusingly and then we asked it what it said. She read it and then she had the blankest look on her face and her cheeks turned red. We asked her if she was excited and she shook her head and said yes. Then came a tear rolling down her cheek. I could tell she was upset which opened the flood gates for my tears. We talked about it and in the end she said she was just concerned about being left out in our family. This really pulled at my heart! We told her how important of a part she would play in our family now! She was going to be a big sister and she was going to have a little brother or sister that was going to look up to her. We talked about all the things they could do together and she really calmed down and became much happier. She asked if she could wear her new shirt to school, and of course I let her!

So it's been a while since she first found out and now she can't wait! She is always asking about the baby and kissing my tummy. She teases me and says she's going to give me a kiss and then kisses my tummy instead and tells me how she gave the baby my kiss. It really is sweet! We also have looked at a lot of stuff online and she has been looking at bedding sets that she thinks might be good for the baby.Let's just say we have very different tastes. She really hope that it will be a girl, and even though I keep telling her that it might be a little brother, she still insists that it's her little sister. It makes me nervous to find out the gender, but I am sure in the end she will love it no matter what it is. She has already asked to go to my appointment with the sonogram so she can see it! She is going to be such a good big sister and such a big help! I can't wait to share this new chapter of our lives with her!

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