Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap: Baby Sprinkles!

So if you have been following my blog, you will know what drama came along in the beginning with my baby shower between my family and friends.

Well the past two weekends I had my "sprinkles" which were more like full blown showers! Emily got so much stuff!!!! She is a very loved little girl already and we are super lucky to have the people in our lives who cared and showed in so many ways!

The first shower was a surprise one last Sunday thrown by my Mom. It was small and perfect! There were fresh flowers on the tables in mason jars, and cookies and punch! Plus a pretty awesome cake my Mom made! It included my family on my side and some of my Mom's close friends. I think there was 12 people in all and I got a ton of diapers and essentials! I'm glad my mom got to do her own thing and I am pretty sure she was happy with the outcome.

My second shower was this past weekend and I was completely wowed by it all! Kenny volunteered for it to be at our house so we power cleaned for the past two weeks and nonstop on Friday and Saturday morning to get the house ready and presentable! This shower included all of his family and all of my close friends, work buddies, and van pool pals. It was stressful up until the time they started setting up and I was pushed to my room and told to shower and get ready. My best friends pulled this off. Meagan and her sister in law Jennifer took care of invites, decorations, and the games and my besties, also known as my #bffls, Heather, Kaley, and Michele took care of all the food and the beautiful cake! Everything came out amazing! The house was decorated with the cutest decor and the food was plentiful and so good. I have heard nothing but awesome feedback about everything and how nice a job all of them did.

So many people showed up and made the long drive to my house (or Egypt as some would say!). I know it wasn't convenient for everyone, but they all showed up to share the day with me! The gifts were amazing and besides for some tiny things here and there, we are completely set for baby girl to make her arrival! I sat yesterday and sorted all the gifts and really couldn't believe everything we got! Amazing!

I honestly couldn't of been happier with the outcome. Not only how hard everyone worked to make my day awesome, but also all the people who were right by my side. I can't wait to upload my pictures from both showers, but of course my camera is dead, so that will be added to my "to do" list for tonight!

I do have a few pictures that people took for me to share as a little sneak peek!

Photo: Thank you so much for everyone who was able to make it to my shower yesterday and last Sunday. They were absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier. Emily is definitely a very lucky little girl! ♡

I have never had a "professional" cake ever in my life! This thing was so cute and was delicious. I may have had a slice after bed time so I wouldn't have to share......

Photo: All the girls that made today possible and contributed to @niksynik 's baby sprinkle  including Michele who is attending a church retreat but somehow still made it for pictures  #emilyelizabethg

And this is everyone that made it possible (from left to right: Michele, Kaley, Meagan, and Heather)! Funny thing about this picture is that Michele (all the way on the left) couldn't make it to the shower so Heather (all the way on the right) made sure to include her by adding her in! Haha! It was even better when Kenny asked me when Michele ended up getting there since he saw her in the picture, so I am curious if everyone else wondered the same thing! Pretty impressive!

Thank you so much for everyone who helped out and who was able to make it! It really did mean a lot to me! And there will be more pictures to come, I promise!

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