Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. I can't wait for it to be a long weekend this weekend! Woot woot! It's been a long time since I have had a "holiday" off from work!

2. I am excited for our day trip on Saturday to Massahnutten. It's some timeshare sales pitch we have to listen to, but I am exited to just go and get away even if it's just for the afternoon.

3. Kenny laid a bomb on me last night and completely blew to pieces all our plans that had come together about childcare and the baby. Now I have no clue what we will do, but of course all the details are up in the air still. I ugly cried myself to sleep about it last night. Ugh! And not to mention the arguing over the whole matter didn't help. He had the nerve to say "well you should have had this all planned out before you decided on a baby". Ummmm it wasn't until March that we learned of all the possible changes in his job....... Men are dumb and tend to make invalid points during arguments.

4. Nesting has hit me hard! I have been cleaning and scrubbing everything! Last night after three loads of laundry were all washed, folded, and put away, I decided it would be good to go through Hailey's tee shirts and jeans so we can weed out the ones that don't fit anymore.

5. I wish I could take my nesting into Emily's room since currently it looks like a bomb went off in there. Pretty much I have just gone through the baby shower stuff and they are in piles on the floor. I really need to hit her closet so I can go through the boxes of stuff! She will be here sooner then later and I NEED to get my butt in gear!

6. There is so drama going on at work. It doesn't involve me directly, but I am interested in how this is all playing out. Today they met to decide who will take over my work during my leave. Also we have our performance appraisals dangling over our heads by one of the tougher higher ups so I am curious what my rating will be for the year. I won't get mine until August or September which sucks since it was supposed to be done in May, but because we had no supervisor, now we had to wait for  90 days in order to be rated and mine will have to wait extra long until I come back from leave. Apparently it then screws up our next rating period. It is what it is, I can't keep worrying about it though.

7. I had a long argument over text about why I do not want my Mom to buy Hailey an Alex and Ani bracelet. Number one, a 6 year old doesn't need an expensive little bracelet. She can barely keep track of the rubber ones I buy her. And secondly they are cool little bracelets with meanings behind them, something at this age Hailey wouldn't understand. And lastly my Mom shouldn't be spending her money on things like that. She had the nerve to say "I will buy her whatever I feel she needs". What a slap in the face! It's a nice gesture to Hailey, but she should respect me as a parent and what I say for my children.

8. I got a message from UMUC today saying that my account was cleared and I should have no further problems. I wrote right back and said "is my account cleared with the State of Maryland Central Collections also?" And of course I have seen no response back. So I am guessing that was a big fat no!

9. I submitted paperwork to refinance my Jeep again and to take out a fixed personal loan to pay off all my credit cards. I am waiting to hear what the numbers and payments will be, but I am hoping that it will help me in my current situation. I know the savings in interest will help ALOT if you look at the big picture.

10. I can't wait for this work week to be over. I desperately need to rest and relax a bit. This past weekend was non stop. Friday there was a birthday party, Sunday was the school trip, and Saturday I spent all morning scrubbing the house for a bonfire with Kenny's friends. Even though it turned out great, it still was a chaotic mess with people who don't watch their children. I freaked out twice about it! They were literally destroying my house, all my hard work, and Hailey's stuff, and the worse thing was that my kid wasn't even in there, she was outside playing where everyone else was at. Also they were mostly older kids like 10 years old and older! At one point I told them they had to come outside since that was where everyone else was! Ughhhhhh! Someone even took Hailey's nice remote controlled Barbie's Corvette and ran it all through the mud outside! I need a weekend to recover from just that event!

Hope you are having a good Tuesday! What 10 things do you want to share today?

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  1. Your right about men and their invalid points during arguments. I think they just say whatever because they can't think of anything else to say LOL