Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I am Loving Wednesday!

So I thought since it was Wednesday I could celebrate all the things I have been loving this week/ past couple weeks!

1. I am loving that my Mother's day was spent with Hailey! She started off the morning by giving me a card and presents that she picked out with Kenny the other day! She also made me a coupon book at school and a book of why she loves me! We then had a girls day all afternoon! We finished the evening by planting the last of my flowers that were wilting and begging me to plant them!

My Mother's Day gifts! A rug for in front of the kitchen sink and a K Cup Drawer!

Movies with Hailey to see Bears!

Hailey's first Pedicure!
Matching toes that Hailey picked for us!
2. I am loving special moments shared with best friends!


Michele's wedding!
Benefit event and being there to support the bestie's family!
My baby shower!

Flowers from Meagan's visit while I was in the hospital!
3. I am loving this man. We still argue and fight, but these last few weeks he has been nothing short of amazing to me! Between putting up with my hysterical crying, to doing an amazing job around the house including painting rooms and redoing the deck, to working with my friends on my shower and surprise birthday plans! He even has been going to my appointments with me even though I know he hates sitting there the whole time!
I'm learning to deal with his over usage of his phone. He's become a girl the past few months!
My wedding date!
4. I am loving big girl beds and the start of the baby room!

*More to come once both rooms are finished!*
5. I am loving special Birthday surprises!

My gifts from Kenny and Hailey! (flowers, couch cover and fitbit)
Surprise visit from my #BFFLs!

From Kaley! (jewelry holder!)

From Michele and Heather (cute coffee cup and tickets to the benefit!)

Surprise present from my Mom! (3 Alex and Ani bracelets all with meanings behind them!)
Plus all the cards, messages, and texts I received on my birthday!
So this is what I am loving this Wednesday! How about you?!

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