Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. I have seen a LOT of talk about essential oils and I have no clue what they are. Do you eat them? Do you put them on? I'm kind of confused!
2. I am pretty exhausted, but in much better shape then yesterday! Yesterday I didn't go to work. It just wasn't happening. I heard my alarms go off, but I just seriously couldn't get out of bed. Even Emily was tuckered out from the weekend. She passed out around 8:30pm and I didn't hear a peep from her until around 7:10am.
3. This weekend was pretty amazing! This weekend was his truck clubs big show! I wish I could have spent some more time with Kenny, but he was pretty busy with judging and doing the events. I hardly got to talk to him at all. The show went way better then I thought it would and I think the group thought it would. There was a lot of people who helped put on the show and last minute organizations. We had the whole Sunset VA which is a pretty small chapter, Sunset MD, Sunset NJ, and Sunset NC all came to help out. It was a great event and there was a pretty good crowd. All proceeds went to Cancer Sucks! which is a charity group in honor of the fellow mini truckers who passed away from pancreatic cancer in March. One of the cool things was that Kenny's truck was the design for the shirt. He was super excited about that. Believe me with the amount of shirts he bought he will be wearing one weekly. He even got me them in all the colors and one shirt for Hailey!
4. I sucked at Weight Watchers this weekend. Like completely blew it! I tracked everything, but I am still -66 points! Opps! In return I have had a hard time getting on track and have been extra hungry today. Luckily I have my head in the game and am pushing forward.
5. The girls and I have been walking ALOT lately! We have shaved 3 minutes off of our mile from beginning and actually added an extra half a lap. We typically walk a little over 2 miles. It's not the easiest to be motivated, but I do enjoy it once I am doing it.
6. I caught up on some blogs through BlogLovin. I had 291 unread and I think I am down to 161. It was nice catching up on some people's lives. Now just to catch up on the rest!
7. I am meeting some lady (stranger danger) for coupons tomorrow evening. My friend has me worried that since they are formula coupons that the lady is going to meet me just to kill me and steal my kids. Ummmmm I guess if you don't see anymore posts from me, then I guess we will know she's right. She said she saw something similar on ID Investigation channel, so hopefully my story won't make the news. The lady seems to be big in our local coupon groups so I am hoping she is just another crazy coupon lady like me! Come one $10 off of 2 things of similac?! That's a great deal!
8. I made asked Kenny to go shopping with me last night. He complained the entire time! He complained about where we started in the store, he complained about my coupons, he complained about my Target Cartwheel app, he even complained that he didn't like my reusable bags because he couldn't "stack" them in the car. He didn't acknowledge the fact that I saved $65 or that we can fit so much more in the reusable bags. Noppppeeeee! But that's men for you! He didn't HAVE to go, I just said I wasn't taking the baby with me if he didn't. Ha!
9. The van company I ride on for commuting gave us each fleece blankets with our names embroidered on them. They hyphened my last name which is incorrect, but hey! it was still a really nice surprise for all of us!
10. This evening I just felt grumpy. People were getting on my last nerves. In fact, I did a good deed for the day. It included not telling the very RUDE old woman at the grocery store behind me in line off and a second good deed was not running her over in the parking lot. Look lady, I realize you are old and I probably should of let you go in front of me when we got to the line at the same time, but I'm a sleep deprived momma bear who left my house over 12 hours ago and put in a full 8 hours of work and 4 hours long commute so I win! I think regardless she was just in a nasty mood or had a nasty personality. People these days!

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