Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WW: A "Me Puppet" Project

Hailey brought home her first project for school that is due this Friday. It included a brown paper bag and instructions to create a puppet that looked like her! After some thought, this is what we came up with! She did such a good job with drawing and cutting things out of card stock and gluing everything together. I helped her with figuring out what she wanted, but the majority of it she drew and cut out by herself! She of course wanted earrings and a necklace, and luckily I had stick on pearls for card making she could use! We had a blast working on it together and she can't wait to take it in and show her class! Now she needs to bring 3 of her favorite things in to go with it! She said she is thinking about a Littlest Pet Shop toy, a picture of her and Emily, and a Scentsy bar! Ha! That's my little sales girl! She also thought that me bringing in warm homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone would be a good idea for one of her favorite things, but I had to disagree with that idea!
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